Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ramblings of a Tired Blogger ...

Let's see what not having enough coffee and sitting down at a keyboard does for me today ...

Nothing for nothing but what is up with "Octo Mom" and the way people are acting like complete and total idiots when it comes to her? Did anyone see the mob scene on the news when the first two babies came home? Pathetic! My personal opinion is that the media needs to back off, find something else to talk about, and let these poor kids try to grow up with some semblance of normalcy. Mom has had more than her 15 minutes of fame and this type of thing is just going to encourage other people to try the same thing so that they can get a "free boat", too. Truth be told, I feel bad for all 14 of those kids and think mom needs some serious counseling.

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As for this company ... you have got to be kidding me! These people accepted those bonuses without the slightest twinge of conscience? In today's economy and the financial mess the country is in?? A good chunk of which was brought about by their own company?? I don't care if the bonuses were "contractual" - the company has lost more money in the past year than many, many, many people will ever receive in their entire lifetime and last I knew, you didn't get a bonus for doing a lousy job. Every single one of them ought to hang their heads in shame but I suspect the vast majority are more likely laughing all the way to the bank where they will cash their checks and then take the money home and hide it under the mattress because banks aren't all that reliable these days, are they?

As for unreliable, I heard on the news last night that our own Connecticut State Senator Christopher J. Dodd (who spoke at my high school graduation many, many years ago) is taking some heat for this entire AIG fiasco and rightly so ... I kept wondering why he wasn't taking more heat on all of this to begin with. Oh wait - that's right - everyone was too busy blaming every tiny little thing on former President George W. Bush.

Speaking of Presidents, it is my own personal opinion that "sitting" Presidents have no business going on late night talk shows no matter who is sitting behind the desk be it Leno, Letterman, or anyone else. I believe that Gracie of Echoes of Grace referred to it awhile back as "the trivializing of the Presidency" and I've got to agree with her. I'm certainly not saying that the President shouldn't have a sense of humor as he definitely needs one but I don't think that he should be sitting across from Leno yucking it up, especially this soon into his Presidency. Why is it I get the feeling he'll be making the rounds to Oprah and Ellen soon??

While on the subject of television, I haven't been following American Idol all that closely this season (just like I don't follow any TV show that closely) but I'm glad to see that Adam Lambert is still in the running. I'm not exactly sure why I like him - perhaps it's that Way/Leto/Wentz combination that he has going on. According to my resident teen expert, he has Gerard Way's jacket, Jared Leto's gloves, and Pete Wentz's hair - I suspect he's got some guy-liner going on, too! - but what I really, really like is his vocal range and the fact that he's willing to take chances - something not a lot of the contestants on AI are willing to do. He also looks like he could easily kick Ryan Seacrest's butt but that's just a fantasy for another day (am I possibly the only one who thinks Ryan is completely and totally annoying?!?).

And one final thing ... why do States bother to pass laws if they aren't going to enforce them? Here in Connecticut we have a law that states thou shalt not talk on thy cellphone whilst driving - or something very similar to that - and yet what do I constantly see but people driving down the road talking on their phones and not paying attention to anything around them! Do people think that the law only applies to other people and not to them? It's kind of like drinking and driving ... oh, that's only for people who can't handle their alcohol, right? WRONG! Connecticut is looking to make up a budget deficit so how about the cops start pulling over and ticketing these people who think the cellphone laws don't apply to them? Oh wait, the cops are going to have to get off of their own cellphones first, aren't they? And don't try to tell me that they're "only on them for business", I was a police dispatcher once, remember?

Oh well, I'd best go get some more coffee! Everyone have a great Thursday!
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  1. Linda,I agree that the people of AIG are nothing but gready.They run the company into the ground,we bailed them out and they act if they are intitled to the lavish life style that they have always enjoyed.

  2. I barely watch the news anymore, partly because a) I avoid a lot of negativity and try to stay positive despite all evidence to the contrary and b) because it's not news anymore - it's editorializing and clever repartee which is not-so-clever. I read online.

    I love AI, thanks to my DVR. I could never stay up that late every week! However, I haven't seen any real stand out performances yet this season.

  3. Well with AIG...they gave the most money to let's see - Dodd and Nobama that's who. All of them are a bunch of crooks.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  4. I credit AIG for one thing, you now have Democrats snapping at each other, trying to cover their tracks.

  5. Anonymous9:36 AM EDT

    Here's my take:
    Octomom - quit feeding her need for fame.

    AIG - Don't legislate a huge tax on their bonuses (it sets a scary precedent). Yes, they are greedy... they have to answer for it in this and the next life. The whole things sickens me. Congress brought this mess on themselves.

    President and TV talk shows - It does trivialize the office. Oh yes, He'll be on Oprah and Ellen soon. Bank on that. Folks, President Obama is NOT an entertainer. He's our country's leader...and leader for the free world. He is not a celebrity.... Have respect for yourself and your office, please!

    American Idol - it's a non-entity at our house.

    ...and I had my coffee....

  6. Anonymous9:53 AM EDT

    Hubby Hank says I have it wrong and that Obama is talking to "his constituents" by being on those shows.

    He is speaking to his voters who had no idea about politics (parties and platforms aside) and just voted for him because he was who he was. He is getting down to their level to communicate with them.

    Interesting theory...

  7. hank and lois are right. he is talking to his crowd on the tv shows. i used to like the oprah show but haven't watched it in years now.

    btw i loved this post, your thoughts!

    smiles, bee

  8. LoL...sounds like maybe you *do* need some coffee! (Ya can't let all the negativity and stupidity get to you...stress is a bad thing, especially when you, yourself, have very little control regarding these matters...worry about what you CAN effect, and all that...)

    Anyway, grab your coffee, 'cause I got somethin' for ya over at my place...

  9. Now don't you feel better after a good rant?

    Can't tax those bonuses. It would be a Bill of Attainder and that is forbidden by the Constitution. It's shaming them into giving back or sorry about that.

    This mess has been brewing for the past 30 years and is a marriage of unintended consequences of laws meeting overwhelming greed. No one President or Congress can be blamed. They all had a hand in it.

    Octomom needs a good psychiatrist unless looking at all the money and the new house makes her crazy as a fox. Still media shouldn't encourage this behavior and Papparazzi are animals.

  10. I've had my coffee.

    no matter what you think of Nadya Suleman or her decisions the frenzy at her home was obviously NOT her doing. Any person rushing and crowding toward two infants coming home from the hospital like in the footage we saw are scary lunatics. This kind of thing brings out the crazies and she should arrange for police protection.

    AIG Bonuses. Oh Boy. First these were not performance bonuses. They were retention bonuses and if the employees stayed...they should be paid. Otherwise any money YOU have been promised can be withheld or taken back if someone decides after the fact you didn't deserve it. Second these contracts were in place over a year ago.

    Any tax on this money after the fact is totally unconstitutional and will be overturned. Period.

    The Congress and the Senate knew of these bonuses LAST DECEMBER. This is all just posturing and finger pointing for political theater. To act all shocked and shaken is them lying to you.

    Chris Dodd and President Obama received the highest dollar campaign contributions from AIG. Chris Dodd added the amendment to the bailout bill allowing the bonuses to be paid. He is claiming the treasury department insisted he do so. This morning he said he didn't realize it would apply to AIG. Good Lord. Is he that stupid or is he lying? Either way....I hope his political career is toast.

    Reality is we can not let AIG fail. If you think we should...I beg you to read about what will happen to literally millions of American Taxpayers. did see that the organizations Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae paid bonuses to their execs. And many other bailout recipient companies. Why only go after AIG?

    I'm gonna step off this stack of soap boxes now...or my comment will be longer than your post.

    I think I should have put a bit of Irish into my coffee....

  11. Linda, we have had the equivilant over her, with bankers taking bonuses and huge pensions, not caring what people think.

  12. Breaking the law by talking on cell phones! Have you ever heard adolescents yell "You're not the boss of me!"? I think these drivers have that attitude. People can not be separated from their phones. I once saw a woman come into a super market, do her shopping, go through the checkout and leave while all the time she was yakking on her cell. Go figure!

  13. It is amazing how much we think alike. I'm tired to so now I don't have to rant. I'll just post...what she said!

  14. I feel the angst . . . have to agree with Katherine. Liddy was put in as the head of AIG by our govt to act as a fall guy. They can yell at him, and he'll take it and we'll all think, See, the govt. is doing something. Ha! What they're doing is banking on our stupidity. What's new?

  15. Nice rant! The Senator has some 'splaining to do....

  16. you sure do have interesting posts, even on limited amounts of coffee!

  17. Go, Linda, go!!! You know how I feel. And Katherine is right, too!
    I am so tired of this mess and the fist-pounding ,podium-seeking idiots in D.C.(See my post for Thursday)
    ***Cell phone users: My youngest will call me on her cell and chat me up all the way through the grocery store, the bank, and the drive-thru!
    It drives me batty and is SO rude!Not so much for me but for all of the people around her, and all of the retail folks! I've never said anything to her but have griped indirectly. Other than that, she's very law-abiding and has the "hands-free" blue tooth in her car.
    Brother, what a world, huh?

  18. Ryan Seacrest is hot but he is totally annoying at times. I'm glad Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt snubbed him when he approached the couple. The best part is the couple didn't apologize or anything! They sort of laughed about it!

    I LOVE Adam Lambert. Like I've said many times before, he is the American Idol! For me anyway. He's better than anyone else, I think. He is a real contender. Just talking about him gave me goosebumps! I'll definitely buy his albums.

    People do whatever while driving. Cops just don't go their job. Citizens won't cooperate.

  19. As far as Adam is concerned, I didn't like his performance that much this week. Personally it seemed way too "over the top", but I'll give him credit for his vocal range.

    I have a feeling Dodd is going to take a big hit next election for this "oversight."

    And I totally agree with you about the cellphone thing. Seems like they are just letting it slide lately, although a co-worker's ex-wife got pulled over by Troop H in Hartford and got a $100 fine for it the other week. I can see how the State would make some good money if they enforced it more!

  20. I like it when you tell us what you think. It makes for a damn good post... Ramble on my friend I am listening... :)

  21. OctoMom and AIG, plus the Prez on TV and cellephones too? Wow! You really did let fly didn't you? Oh, I forgot about American Idol too. Well, I never watch AI, so no comment on that at all. Cellphones are great at times but also, very annoying, especially when riding with my older daughter on a 3 1/2 hour trip (one way) and her fiance has to call her like every 10-15 minutes on the cellphone and drive ME nuts! Octomom -that whole thing is obscene and well, so is the AIG thing too come to think of it. I must be the only person who wasn't offended by the President being on Leno last night because I actually understood some of the answers given about the AIG thing for a change -compared to the answers often provided by the "News" these days. And yes, if someone wants to think of him being on the show and is talking to his constituents there, I agree that he is doing that. However, I wasn't aware prior to reading that comment that my IQ level was that low when I voted for Obama. Learn something new every day don't we?

  22. bit cranky without your coffee huh???

    I'm right with you on all accounts except the silly TV show that I didn't read about because I don't watch ;)

    And speaking of SITTING PRESIDENTS....did you hear that Special Olympics comment?

    Don't get me started.


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