Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Norwich Sunrise

It's really too bad that I'm not a morning person as there are sometimes some very lovely sunrises here in the Rose City. Unless I need to be up for work though, I sleep right through them!

Speaking of being up for work, I'm such a dope that I almost forgot that I signed up to work overtime this coming Saturday to cover for another dispatcher who will be on vacation. Good thing my memory isn't shot completely or I would have been getting a call really early Saturday morning asking where I was!

Also this Saturday, I'm hoping to get together with a blogging friend and her blogging husband at a local eatery for some really good clam chowder in a bread bowl. We had planned on going a couple Saturdays ago but she was recovering from a nasty cold/flu and I wasn't feeling so hot myself.

My ortho doctor's office called yesterday to let me know when the MRI on my back is scheduled for but of course it's when I have to work so I'll be calling them today to get that changed to a different time. Who goes for an MRI on a Friday evening anyway?

I believe I am going to try to extend the time that I will be out in California in May by a couple extra days. I'm currently only going to be there from Saturday afternoon to early Tuesday morning but that doesn't seem like enough time to visit the people I want to visit, see the places I want to see, and eat all the Mexican food I want to eat. After all, Lord only knows if/when I will get back out there again.

I was debating whether or not I should cancel my mini-break to Block Island I have scheduled for June what with the trip to California now happening. Selfishly I don't really want to as I was really looking forward to a few days alone in a bed & breakfast on a beautiful island but I guess it's something I should think about.

I'm pretty sure that Winter did not get the memo that it's time to go now that Spring has arrived being that yesterday felt more like a late January day than a late March day. Granted, there was a beautiful blue sky but the wind was blowing like a banshee and it was cold! When I left work at 11:00 p.m. the sign at Walgreen's read 26 degrees. Brrrr!

Today is going to be a putter around the house and try to get some organizing done kind of day but maybe I'll take the time to bake a pie or a cake; it's been awhile since I've baked anything but a dessert sounds good!

Amanda has been working on a couple new plushie dolls but they're quite different from the ones she has made previously. I'll have to post some pictures soon to let you see.

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday and that it's more Spring-like wherever you may be! If you've got any spare warm weather floating around, feel free to send it my way!


  1. I hope you don't cancel your vacation to Block Island, it sounds so lovely. Of course, as a working girl myself, I understand prioritizing the precious bits of time off we get.

    I love sunrises and saw an unusual one this morning. The sky was dark and gloomy with lots of clouds. What was interesting was... oops, that's for Friday's Looking at the Sky post!

    What kind of cake are you baking? mmm...

  2. Don't cancel your weekend getaway. You need lots of breaks. Your job is one of the most stressful ones :o)
    I'm all for baking - hope there'll be pictures of it so I can drool over them ;o)

  3. Oh I wish I could come down to California when you are here. Who knows, I will try to meet up with all you in Stockton.

    Sounds like you may have a sweet little day in store for yourself. I hope this comment finds you still in your robe having a relaxing morning.

    I want to bake also today. I purchased some new Baking Powder so hopefully I won't make lead sinker muffins again.

    I hope you are able to keep your Block Island get away. Sounds wonderful.. I want to see you rent one of those little motor bikes and drive all over the Island.

    Love ya have a great day,

  4. Don't feel bad about missing the sunrises cause you sleep through them. You know by now that my crazy sleep patterns often have me still awake when the sun comes up and yet, I'm usually either on the computer reading blogs or embroidering so I miss the sunrise then too! Go figure, huh?
    I've got to agree with the comment about keeping the long weekend at Block Island though. Get some good breaks in from work WHENEVER you can! It's important to relax and give your system a good break.

  5. Don't cancel!!!

    I want to see the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hello Linda! Nice post today...kinda informal, "I-wasn't-expecting-company-but-come-in-for-coffee/tea-anyway-and-we'll-chat" Something enjoyable to read w/my morning coffee.

    Unfortunately, I have to disagree w/your fellow bloggers, and say go ahead & cancel the Block Island trip. Reason being, you'll need to start saving $$$$, and also your vacation time. You'll have to see R.H. for a total of hours you have left. Believe me, this sucks, but "Mrs. Bulldog" & I are old hands @ planning the big trips & and sacrificing the smaller ones, and it has worked out so much better. You'll be thanking yourself when you're able to spend those extra days in California.

    By the way, a compromise would be a day trip to BI, and maybe a day trip somewhere else nice a couple of weeks later on another day off...just a thought. Anyway, have a great day!

  7. That reminds me that I ought to start preparing for our annual pilgrimage to England = eek! Spring has definitely sprung around here, as have the seeds so I really ought to be out in the garden but instead I'm going to have to nip up to the studio to see how many bowls survived the kiln, do the laundry and cook for 8. Dang I need a break.

  8. keep the mini-break to Block Island as a possibility. A work conference and then extended time in California will be fun and wonderful...but totally exhausting. A single working mom gets little opportunity to real alone time. You can't really do it at home...there is always something else to do. Those couple of days could be very healing and beneficial. And NEEDED.

  9. and...AND...the photographic possibilitiles would be beneficial to your portfolio.


  10. Don't cancel Block Island. That is your time to refresh the human being batteries and you deserve the attention.

    Looking forward to the new plushies.

  11. go for the gusto, great photo

  12. I love the photograph. Awesome.

    I too say keep the Block Island getaway right where it is. What the heck. You don't take that many vacations.

    Have a great day puttering around. It's been windy here to, but it always is this time of year. Big hug. :)

  13. i love that photo. i can see the sunrise from my bed. the other morning it was so beautiful. i thought to myself, self, if you got up and got the camera you could photograph that, then my other self turned over and went back to sleep...

    smiles, bee

  14. the concensus is not to cancel and you should always listen to us ;)

    love the photo, it's beautiful!

    it is cold and windy here - I don't really mind, as long as there is no snow I like cold temps -

  15. Anonymous3:07 PM EDT

    That is a beautiful sky...but I'm reminded of the old rhyme:
    "Red sky in morning..." etc., etc. And you're right about the weather. We're getting ready for five or six days of rain here in NC with temperatures in the 50s. I know, I know, I don't have anything to complain about, but that many days with no sun is depressing.

  16. You have so much to look forward to tripwise, it would be such a shame if you had to cancel any of it.

  17. Anonymous3:21 PM EDT

    If you can swing it, I'd keep the getaway. But them I like to travel and love beaches!

  18. We all need breaks from the norm.

  19. I hope it works out where you can make the Block Island trip. After working the killer hours you do, I think you deserve all the breaks you can get - but I understand Bulldog's take on it, too. Unfortunately, I've always been the grasshopper and not the ant (think Aesop's fables).
    I don't see a lot of sunrises, either and when I see photos like this, I realize I should go to bed earlier.
    We had a real cool spell here, too, but not the rain they promised.

  20. Maybe you'll get to take both breaks, and still extend the California trip by a few days. That would be ideal.

  21. sunrises are nice....as they mean I'm on my way HOME!!!



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