Thursday, March 12, 2009

Watching Someone Else Want to be a Millionaire

Good grief - I almost forgot! Last year on October 24th I drove down to New York City to attend a taping of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" (which you can read about here in case you missed the post!) and the airing of those two shows is today and tomorrow. This may be my big chance to be on National TV ... or not!

The shows were taped for Movie Week and it turned out that I was sitting right next to the family of one of the contestants - Jim - who played an excellent game and went home with a hefty amount of cash to follow (contestants don't get the money they win until the show actually airs). Whether or not my smiling face makes it on the television screen when they pan the camera over to Jim's family remains debatable but I'll be sure to DVR both days worth of shows just in case.

The Hotseat
Sigh ... there it is ... the "Hot Seat" .... just waiting for me to eventually pass the darned audition test and work my way up to the million dollars. Problem is, I've taken the thing three times now and flunked it all three times. Maybe fourth time is charm? You know I'll be trying again sometime this season and I think I might just attend another taping in the process - it really was a lot of fun!

Anyhow, go watch the show and let me know if you see me - I'm in the seats behind the contestant facing Meredith - the one who really, really, really wants to be a millionaire!


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM EDT

    I sat in on the Disney version of the show at MGM in Orlando some years back. It was lots of fun! I did not get picked, but had a blast anyway!

    Good luck on your next audition. I'd love for you to become a millionaire!

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM EDT

    Ummm... Mom forgot we are logged in. hehehe.

  3. Oh Cool, Did you tell us you did this before. I either forgot or you were keeping a secret.

    Oh I wish you knew if you were on.. Let us know what the DVR says.. I need to see when the show comes on out here in the North west.

    Didn't know you have tried out either.. I would bomb.. I freeze up on test.. Test Fright!

  4. its not fair you got to go to that show...

  5. I don't have television, but I hope you make the cut one of these days. That would solve a lot of problems for you to win a truckload of money. Yes, it would.

    Have a terrific day Linda. :)

  6. Okay on the Vegas thing Linda. I ready the original post in my reader. I'm sorry that someone has to do the snide remark thing. Is it the same bozo from last time? I'm guessing Mr. Anger Management is at it again?

    Speaking of those parents. How's their case progressing?

    I have a boating function that weekend, so if we can do something on Sunday or Monday evening that would be great for us. We are in if that's possible.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  7. Oh and it would be great to get together with everyone again just like before. Woo Hoo. It just hit me how cool this is that we may get to do this again. :)

  8. You should get to be a millionaire either in the hot seat or by trying out for the Deal or no Deal boards. I've decided it doesn't matter what you do on the tests. You either have to be beautiful or crazy to get past the inspectors.

  9. I can't watch it her but I hope you're successful when you try again. :)

  10. Sorry that we won't see the US version here.

  11. Let's see . . . do I want my face on TV sitting next to a winner? Or do I want to be a winner? :>) Fun though!

  12. i didn't know it was still on the air! i'll check and see if i can find it.

    sorry i missed the post below, i was so busy today and i am so late visiting!

    smiles, bee

  13. I didn't get to watch but did you see yourself. Many years ago, my late aunt from Oklahoma use to get tickets to game shows and such when she came to visit in California, we always went to see price is right and password. A lot of fun.

  14. With your brain power, I know you'd do great! I wanted to try out for some of those but I know I'd drool and forget my own name...

  15. I watched Jim today and I did not see you. Did you pick yourself out on the DVR? The trouble was they blurred out the people not in his family a bit and not knowing exactly where you was tough. Maybe I was looking at you and didn't even know it!


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