Thursday, April 23, 2009

AFI Artwork Redux

Probably because she was bored out of her mind Amanda, for some reason, was searching through my blog archives a couple weeks ago. She came across a drawing that she did based on the song Love Like Winter by AFI and when the song got stuck in her head, she decided she wanted to do an updated version.

Some of you may remember the following artwork that was part of my Manic Monday post on February 18th, 2008 in which Manic Monday host Morgen had given us the word two as our word of the week. I took that opportunity to write about AFI (A Fire Inside) and Blaqk Audio, a side project two members of the band undertook during their spare time. Both of these groups became part of my regular listening repertoire as a result of hearing their music through Amanda and liking it.

AFI - Love Like Winter

In the post I titled Amanda's drawing wrong and called it Love Like Winter but it's actually titled Warn Your Warmth to Turn Away which are the opening lyrics to the song Love Like Winter. The drawing depicts Davey Havok, lead singer of the group, dressed similarly to how he appears in the video. This picture was drawn using colored pencil and Sharpies.

The updated version which Amanda has again titled Warn Your Warmth to Turn Away, also features Davey Havoc in a setting similar to where the video was shot. This time Amanda did a line drawing with black Sharpie, applied a blue wash to the entire picture, and then used watercolors to complete the picture. You can click on the title link above if you'd like to look at a bigger version.

Now not that I have any idea what it is to be an artist but I think it's kind of cool when, as an artist, you can take an older version of a drawing or painting or whatever other medium you work in and update it to reflect a newer style or vision of that same piece of artwork. Granted, I would hate to see Amanda do that with all of her drawings as I think she's done some darned fine ones that stand very well just as they are (prejudiced mother that I am!) but it is rather interesting to see how she's progressed in her artistic style and how she tweaks things.

It's too bad Davey Havok doesn't read my blog, I'd love to know what his take on it is and which picture he likes better but unless he, too, is bored out of his mind someday and finds he ends up Goggling himself to kill some time, I doubt he'll ever pop by. Still - one can wish, right?!?
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  1. Ya never know, Linda! He may pop by someday.

    I love that last drawing. Beautiful!

  2. patti is right, you never know. remember last summer when the author of my favorite book emailed me and we had lunch? he found it by googling himself and my blog came up!

    smiles, bee

  3. wow, she has come a long way, good things will happen to her someday.

  4. Her art has really progressed-she was always talented, but my how she's grown!

    Amazing, as always, Amanda!

  5. Wow, she has come a very long way. The updated work is very impressive. All the rough edges are gone and it's spot on. Excellent.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  6. She has grown as an artist. The revised drawing is much better! Maybe you should post it to his FaceBook page! He probably also has a MySpace page.

  7. Amanda has a great skill. the last pic is really good.

  8. The first drawing is damn good but the second one is superb!

  9. the secon one is incredible, and I really like the first one too

    now I'm thinking the 2 of you need a show - photos and drawings - a mom/daughter duo

  10. That girl has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body! She's amazing, Linda. I am not at all bias. This is truth!!!

  11. Linda, you're not just a prejudiced mom! Amanda is extremely talented!
    I really appreciate the new depth in this latest drawing - the colors are rich and I just love the trench coat!!!
    Go get 'em, Amanda!
    And you think you're not talented? Ha! Your photos prove otherwise!!!!!!

  12. I like this drawing, quite neat!

  13. Comparing the two, she's definitely evolving as an artist. I wish her lots of luck - she's got the talent :o)

  14. Wow...she has talent! My stick figures are pathetic, but I can appreciate good stuff when I see it. Honest!

  15. The blue wash is amazing. She just oozes with talent. These should be selling in a teen clothing store on the wall above the cash register.
    I can see it. Really!

  16. Simply Amazing!!!!! I love it!!!


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