Saturday, April 4, 2009

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

It's Saturday but it's rainy here in Connecticut and I'm at work so it might as well not be Saturday - or the weekend for that matter as I'll be at work tomorrow, too. That's one thing about working in a 24/7 job - weekends aren't really weekends but I've known that for many, many years and I'm good with it. Besides, having time off during the week gives me the chance to visit places when everyone else is at work and I can avoid crowds (and I really don't like crowds!).

Anyhow, enough blathering ... now that Spring is officially here (on the calendar anyway) what are your plans? Planting flowers? Sprucing up the yard? Painting the house? Spring cleaning of the garage? Or maybe just relaxing in the sun with a glass of iced tea?

Do you have any special plans or things you do each Spring?

I'm really looking forward to the weather being warm enough to pot up some flowers to put in the front of the house in containers this year. As I've mentioned before, I no longer have that lovely little porch that I had at my old house but there's still plenty of room for some pansies and petunias and maybe even a geranium or two. Of course, it needs to warm up first for me to do that but it's definitely on the list of must-do-Spring-things! How about you??


  1. Looking forward to planting some annuals and seeing what perennials survived the winter.

    I have things I need to do, but that list is long and boring, so I'll stick with the flowers.

    Welcome Spring!

  2. get ready to head north. that's about it...

    smiles, bee

  3. Well, at this very moment, I am waiting for the septic pump guy to arrive to pump out my tank. The flooding apparently has adversely affected my tank. Stuff is in my tub that shouldn't be there. Ever. ::sigh::

  4. today I am going to go to work for a bit to get reports done that the ODOT insists on being done for trucks... other than will be almost 70 degree's here this afternoon. Currently frost is all over the ground. Dad will come home from the hospital today, my mom is exhausted and that is that... I guess. Hope your day flys by

  5. Baseball. That means spring to me. As far as actibties, I am a rut kinda guy. Seasons only change what I wear...

  6. Planning to put my winter coat away and switch off and remove the electric blanket.

  7. Clearing out wardrobes and gardening - weather permitting. :)

  8. It's still a bit chilly, but we have blue sky and sunshine. And we're shivering a little because we just couldn't resist opening a window or two to get some of that spring freshness.

    We don't actually have any spring traditions. Maybe we should start one.

  9. Taking part in the Blue Corn project. If it actually grows, I'll show off the ears in the summer.

  10. hmmm...not really.

    Living a clement climate we don't experience the changes which motivate swapping out wardrobes and taking off storm windows. When the kids were little we did a Spring Cleaning mostly to sort through things that had outgrown and as a reason to clean out their rooms.

    Maybe planting of different things...but we grow year

    Although the new growth on the trees and beautiful flowers certainly are a blessing...

  11. sigh

    I'll have to once again start shaving my legs.

    spring usually begins with me in the shower with 4 (yes, I said 4) razors for about an hour.......

    ain't you glad you asked???

  12. Looking forward to flower/plant shopping as well. I think I'm going to go with pink and red geraniums this year for the deck and a slew of hanging green ferns. Maybe I should do that shopping today.....It's sooo warm here.

  13. My favorite part of spring is Easter. We always have a big celebration at my house and all of the kiddos hunt eggs. It's so much fun!

  14. Anonymous12:53 PM EDT

    I don't have a green thumb, but I love to visit the garden centers.

    I love the smell of petunias and geraniums. That means it's spring...


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