Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday - Along the Shetucket River

Here it is - not only Friday again but the last Friday in April. How on earth did that happen?!?

This last weekend in April is going to be one extremely busy weekend for me as not only am I working today, Saturday, and Sunday but I've got to make some attempt to get myself ready to fly out to Las Vegas extremely early Tuesday morning after working until 11:00 Monday night. I already feel the sleep deprivation setting in! I certainly hope that Jen isn't expecting lively conversation as we fly out for the National Academies of Emergency Dispatch Navigator Conference as I get the sneaky feeling I'll be sleeping shortly after we're airborne - or at least that's my hope!

Meanwhile, before things get too crazy, Fridays here in the Blogosphere are special as it gives us a chance to take a look at the skies along with the hostess of this meme, Tisha of Crazy Working Mom.

For this week's photo I chose one that I took a couple of Thursdays ago from the banks of the Shetucket River. The building underneath the blue skies and puffy clouds is the former Ponemah Mill in Taftville, Connecticut. Established in 1866 with workers who were predominantly of Irish descent, at one time the mill was purported to have the largest weave-shed under one roof and was the site of a strike in April of 1875 that helped to usher unions into the country - however, that's a story for another day!

The mill operated for over 100 years and is still home to several small businesses. Before the economy took a major nosedive, there were plans to turn the old mill buildings into luxury condos while maintaining the historic elements of the structure but I'm afraid that project has gone by the wayside. It's a shame, really, as it's quite the impressive building but it's starting to fall apart from age and neglect like so many great old buildings do.

Ah well, I should see about doing some pre-packing for my trip before heading into work this afternoon - which the weatherman has promised is going to be a beautiful one! Wherever you are on this last Friday in April, I hope your skies are blue and the only clouds above you are of the cottony type. If not, I'll be you can find some over at Tisha's blog if you follow the linkies!


  1. It is amazing that we live close, but I've seldom seen or even heard of a lot of the places you photgraph. Always great!

  2. Judging by just looking outside this a.m. (at 7:45) it appears to be the beginning of a really beautiful day -lots and lots of bright sunshine right now. However, it's been like that a day or two before this week but the temps didn't show any heat! Heck, yesterday some little places fairly near here even had a dusting of snow early yesterday morning. Now that is just plain disgusting for late April, don't 'cha think?
    Peace. And good luck with the pre-packing!

  3. Whats pre-packing?
    Last minute Lyn doesn't do any stinking pre-packing.

  4. Gorgeous photo and I was interested in the history you shared about the building. That's one cool edifice..

    I haven't posted a sky shot yet. I hope to do so this afternoon.

    Enjoy the nice weather coming our way. :-)

  5. Spectacular as always... I love it when you go for walks with your camera!

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  7. Way cool Linda. Your photography along with your wonderful history is always delightful.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Cancun, along with Cyndi and Katherine.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  8. I love learning about places you photograph...

    I better bone up on my tour guide historical

    you are gonna be on the go for a while!

  9. That's a lovely photo Linda. I hope you manage to get some sleep on the plane on Tuesday. :)

  10. I always love how you frame your shots and this is no exception! Gorgeous. It is such a shame so many building are left to decay, when so many are in need.

    I never pack until right before I go to bed the night before my flight. It usually takes me 10 minutes. I'm a no muss, no fuss kinda gal.

  11. The Fridays are indeed going by way too quickly.

  12. Pre-packing? What's that?!

    Great getting history along with the view. Have fun on your trip!

  13. The lighting obscures some of the details of the old mill. But the lack of detail lets our imagination run wild - this could be a castle or other royally grand structure. And the river can be a moat...Lost Wages will be fun!

  14. A wonderful building. If there is anyway you can squeeze it in, go see "Love" at the Mirage. Put dollar in slot machine and come home a millionaire. You deserve it.

  15. another winner!

    try not to work too hard

  16. I love this shot! The water looks so peaceful and calm.

    Maybe you can sleep on the plane. I hope you get some rest AND play!

  17. Nicely framed. You really enhanced the persepctive on that shot.

  18. Okay...I've always love the area you live in and now I want to be there in person to see that building. How beautiful! I love your picture. The colors are amazing.

    Have a fun and safe trip.

    I played too! Come on over. :)

  19. What a lovely photo of a beautiful spot!
    Hugs and blessings,

  20. I'm so envious of your locale! I keep thinking that I need to keep my eyes open and look for more interesting spots here in town. But I won't find anything in comparison!
    This shot reminds me of somewhere in Europe - kind of what Ralph said.
    I hope you have a wonderful time while you're out here. Maybe one of these times I'll be able to meet up with you. Be safe...

  21. What I love most about this shot is the history that you give surrounding it. :)

    Great job, Linda. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh, and if you don't play next week, I'll forgive ya...especially if you hit jackpot. But, I would expect a pay off. *grin*

  22. You always take such beautiful pictures and I just love this one as well. Our sky was clean when I got up this morning but now it's clouded over and rain is expected. At least it's a bit warmer out!

    Ooooh you'll be going to Las Vegas? I know you said it's for a conference but hopefully you'll have time to "try to get lucky"! hehe xoxo

  23. Awesome photo and sky! Hey how is the fishing there? Have a great time on your trip! :D


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