Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Seriously? It's Been a Month Already?

My mother mentioned to me during a phone conversation yesterday that we have officially been in Spring for a full month now but I'm having a little trouble believing that as I think I could count on less than two hands the number of good days that we've had in that past month. The past three days have been rainy and borderline cold and enough to make a body think that it's still March and not anywhere close to the end of April.

I know I've been having trouble remembering things lately but I honestly can't remember a winter that has gone on as long as this one has nor can I remember ever being so cold all the time. Of course, that could be because I'm coming down with a chronic case of Old Fogeyism or my iron levels could be bottoming out again as it's been an awful long time since I've had an infusion.

Either way, I'm ready for some warmer weather so I guess it's a good thing I'll be heading out to Las Vegas next week. Of course, with my luck it'll be cold and rainy the whole time I'm there, too! What do you think? Should I pack a coat and gloves?

On a sad note - we are down one member of our household as Amanda found Tardis dead in his habitat last evening. So far Amanda hasn't said anything about getting a new snake and I'm rather hoping she doesn't as it's tough to lose a pet no matter what kind it is. This past Satuday I thought Evra had gone missing when I couldn't find him anywhere in his habitat but thankfully he had just done a really good job of blending in with the bamboo. For awhile there, though, I was really upset about it as I've come to be rather fond of the little green guy. Hopefully he doesn't decide to go the way of Tardis and he's still alive when I get back from my trip West. Fingers crossed on that one!


  1. The daffodils are lovely and bright! Surely they cheered you up a bit? It's been perfectly lovely here, and after all the flooding, I am truly grateful.

    My problem is, I know that HOT and HUMID will soon be here and that will last until October, so I am enjoying the crisp mornings and 70-80 degree days while I can!

  2. where are you staying next week. lala will be there too!

    smiles, bee

  3. There haven't been too many really nice days since spring's start, so I'm sure that's why it hasn't seemed that way!

    I'm sorry to hear about Tardis-I was always afraid my kitties would die when I had them. I felt morbid worrying about it, but I worried none the less.

  4. It sure has been long winter here, too. I hate it. The temps are going up in next couple of days though, should see mid seventies this weekend. Yipeeeee!
    Hubby is in Vegas from 5/4 to 5/6 :o)

  5. have fun in vagus, remember, what happens there stays there.

  6. Anonymous9:27 AM EDT

    Poor Tardis. Hope Evra is still there when you get back.

  7. so sorry about Tardis! love is love and it hurts to lose a loved one
    hugs to you and Amanda

    the tree photo is stunning!!

    Vegas Baby! get into some trouble for me ;)

  8. Weather......don't even get me started. We're experiencing a heat wave [yes I know!] 95 degrees and debate about the air conditioning in April.....still it's earth day today so I'm debating whether I'm feeling brave enough to zip over to the Imax studios and watch earth day and enjoy their air conditioning......but am I brave enough......or hot enough?

  9. It was 100 here yesterday. Tomorrow it's supposed to get back to normal temps. I hope so. Way too hot this early in the season.

    I'm so sorry about Tardis honey. Losing a pet is always so heart breaking.

    We are looking forward to your visit and a great meal at Cancun. I hope the weather is nice while you are here too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  10. Sorry about Tardis. Maybe Amanda should get a friend for Evra?

    It has been up to 100 degrees HERE for two days. We might get rain this weekend. Guess we were are going Saturday? Stockton! for the Asparagus Festival!!!

    Hope you are excited for Vegas...I echo Sandee's sentiment.

  11. One step forward and then, two or three backward is how the weather seems to have been acting around here. We have a nice day and then 2-3 that are grey or grey and slightly wet and sometimes grey and very wet -also quite chilly on those grey days too. They wreak havoc with my joints in my back and legs is my main issue there. Hopefully soon spring will really and truly arrive though.

  12. Oh poor Tardis. What can kill a snake in a habitat?? Just wondering.

    Love the tree picture, very very much!

  13. this spring hasn't exactly had a bright start.

  14. We've been lucky with the weather here this past week it's been gorgeous! Sorry to hear about Tardis.

  15. Sorry to read about Tardis. I was wondering about Evra, after you mentioned he was missing. Glad he's OK.

    I hear you about the crummy Spring we are having. This weekend is supposed to be in the 70s...we'll believe it when we see it, right?

  16. Anonymous8:59 PM EDT

    My mom told me tonight that we almost lost one of our canine members of the family. Fortunately a dose of antibiotics seemed to help him.

  17. I really feel for Amanda. Even a reptile is a companion!
    My wicked aunt gave me a baby alligator when I was 12. My dad did his very best, including a trip to the vet, to try and keep it well - even to the point of dangling raw hamburger in front of it!
    But, alas and alack...he didn't last too long.
    I think that's one of the reasons they finally banned exotic pets.
    Maybe in time, she'll feel like finding another one.

  18. LOL, I see you found my black and white tree shot! Of course your's looks much, much better than mine... Great photos as usual Linda. I need to start picking up the camera again, it's just been sitting in my middle console in the truck collecting dust. Hope you have a great, warm weekend!

  19. What a lovely post. I enjoyed reading. Keep posting.

  20. April showers and all that.

  21. Sorry to hear about Tardis.

    Love the daffodils!


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