Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Assorted Stockton Stuff

The sun finally decided to shine here in California on Tuesday and with Cyndi still under the weather with her very own case of the flu, I was more or less left to my own devices. Experience has taught me that when left to my own devices, I generally tend to go out and spend some time with my Nikon and yesterday was no exception to that.

After getting together for lunch with my old roommate Scott who is an award-winning (I just love being able to say that about him!) sports reporter for The Stockton Record, which is the local newspaper, and having a wonderful time catching up on new things and laughing over old ones I drove over to the Stockton Rural Cemetery to do something I do every time I'm here - visit the grave of Sgt. Timothy White.

Timmy was one of the police officers I used to work with at the Stockton Police Department who was tragically killed in the line of duty in January of 1990. I wasn't living in Stockton when Timmy died but his memory has stayed with me all of these years and a trip to Stockton would not be complete without a stop by his grave. He wasn't just a great cop, he was a friend to me during a time when I really needed one and I will never forget him.

Stockton Cemetery

Some of you are probably aware of the fact that I enjoy taking pictures in cemeteries around Connecticut and Stockton is apparently no exception as I was compelled to head back to the car and pull my camera out yesterday after trying to find a small stone to place on top of Timmy's grave. The leaving of a stone is an act of remembrance to show that the person whose grave it is has not been forgotten but unfortunately, there were no small stones to be found anywhere around so I hope Timmy doesn't mind I left a rather large rock on his grave! Hopefully it's the thought that counts!

Stockton Skies

The trees in the Stockton Rural Cemetery always captivate me and yesterday was certainly no exception - especially with the beautiful blue skies above - so after leaving Timmy's grave, I took some pictures that would probably be perfect for Tisha's Looking at the Sky on Friday meme! Not to worry, I have plenty more in store for that not just from here but from my time in Santa Cruz with Katherine. As a matter of fact, I've got about 450 pictures from my time spent down there and as soon as I get them sorted out, you can expect an epic Santa Cruz post! Just as a tease, here's a picture for ya that I'm sure Sandee will like!

Following my time at the cemetery I went by and spent the rest of the afternoon and some of the evening visiting Grandma Edith, my former grandmother-in-law from my first marriage who still tells everyone that I'm her granddaughter. She turned 86 in March and even though she's doing okay, I definitely worry about her living alone as she is starting to get very, very forgetful. She asked me the same questions probably about six times over while I was there and each time it was like the answer was brand new to her. She's a true sweetheart and has always made me feel like one of her own rather than the woman who used to be married to her grandson. Considering my own grandparents are long gone, she's the only one I've got left now and she's very dear to my heart.

From Grandma Edith's, I decided to take a drive around Stockton to revisit some old haunts and see if I still knew where things are. The city has grown by leaps and bounds since I left in 1987 and I've only gotten back here a handful of times since then but I'm rather proud of the fact that I still remember where most things are. Must be from my former dispatching days when I knew just about every single street and neighborhood in Stockton.

Stockton Roses

I pulled over at one point to take some pictures of some beautiful roses that caught my eye; their color was just gorgeous and even though these pictures don't really do them justice I figured I would share them anyway! Just across the street from where I was taking the pictures of the roses, I saw this scene that I rather liked ...

Stockton Skies

Yet behind me, this is what the sky looked like ...

Blue Moon Over Trees

Even though the moon looks like it was extremely far away in that picture, it really wasn't and because of that I was finally able to capture a shot of the moon that I really like -

Blue Moon Over Stockton

Woohoo! I almost did a happy dance I was so pleased with that picture!

All in all, in spite of that fact that I haven't been able to spend any time with Cyndi, it's been a nice trip though I am really hoping we can do something together today. If not, it seems to me she's going to have to come to the East Coast to make it up to me! Sounds fair, right??


  1. My eyes popped when I saw your Moon shot! Woo Hoo!

    I'll bet if you zoomed just a bit more, you would have gotten a yellowish moon in the darkness, too.

    And those roses are magnificent! It's a shame the photos can't capture fragrance as well, but I can imagine that they were very sweet and fragrant!

    Hope the rest of plans are according to plan, but if not, I know you'll put the time to good use and fins something marvelous to shoot!

  2. WOW! Beautiful photos as ususal. May I admire you? ;-)

    I'm glad, you've had so much fun with Katherine, Sandee and Zane! I already read you were meeting (again) on FB, but the kids were around and I had no time to write a comment.

    Today the kids are at my parents' home b/c the moving crew is here and we can finally leave the "House from Hell" - and I can visit my blog buddies. Sadly this will be the last time for ages b/c there will be no internet for weeks in the new home. :,(

    Take care - looking forward to visit you with a loud "WOO-HOO" when I'll be back online.

  3. Ooooh... and I'd love to have your beautiful moon pic as desktop picture... pretty please? ;-)

  4. Oh Linda, the boats on the water are just amazing. And that huge moon - awesome :o)
    Have a safe trip home!

  5. wonderful shots, especially that moon! wow...

    smiles, bee

  6. I'm sorry that Cyndi is still under the weather. I hope she's better today.

    You did have a great day however. I loved the tribute to Timmy. What a great thing to do. I'm sure the two of you had a great conversation as well.

    Enjoy the weather. It's finally looking like California weather. Big hug. :)

  7. Congratulations on the moon shot Linda. That is nice and I like the fact that you got a day shot. Thats Different. Our little camera classes are helping out.

  8. Superlative pictures. I love the cemetary.

  9. You got some great shots Linda.:)

    I read somewhere recently about the tradition of leaving a small stone to say you've visited a grave - I like the idea. I'm going to do just that when I go to see my grandchildren at the little church on the hill on their birthdays.

  10. Love all those great shots! The tradition of leaving a small stone on a grave is a new one to me, and it brought a lump in my throat. That is a neat idea to file away.

    Sure wish I had been there with you guys having fun!

  11. Moon shot is fabulous and the Roses are soooo beautiful!!!

  12. You and your Nikon make a great couple.

  13. The sailboat pic is my favorite now of all the pictures you've taken...and the moon is just WOW.

    Sorry Cyndi was sick the whole time. That's unfortunate. But glad you got to spend time with Sandee and Katherine and their guys. Can't wait to see more pictures of your adventures. (tad green with jealousy here...)

  14. The picture of the moon is perfect.

    would you care for exchange link with photoblog from Phils?

    Please comment me in your reply


  15. You did it!!! You got a moon-shot!
    I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite out of these. The roses are gorgeous and I love the cemetery pictures. But you knew I would!
    Your story about Timmy really got to me. I didn't know that about the stone, either, but I know understand something that's puzzled our family. When my son's wacko girlfriend visits my son-in-law's grave, she always leaves rocks. Not just one single stone...but I believe that's the clue. We just attributed it to years of substance abuse. Gee, do I have to apologize? Naw....



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