Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I've Got a Question - You've Got an Answer

I guess I should thank Amanda for the inspiration for my question for this post as if it weren't for the conversation I was having with her on Monday, I never would have thought of using this particular question for a post. See? Teenagers can be useful for something!

Anyhow, while eating lunch we somehow got to talking about how well people knew us and she said something about how some of my friends knew that Lincoln was my favorite President. I said that I guessed that was a good thing and at least I had a favorite President whereas I bet she didn't have one at all. Of course, she's only almost-17 so I suppose she hasn't had a chance to experience a lot of Presidents yet or really given it any thought; plus they don't teach history like they used to so I rather doubt she knows too much about any of them other than the more recent ones we've had in office. Perhaps someday she'll have a favorite President, too.

Which, of course, brings me to the question of this post ...

Who's your favorite President or,
if you're not from the United States,
leader of your country?

Obviously President Abraham Lincoln is my all-time favorite as there is much to admire about the man who did his best to keep our country united as one while also enduring the personal tragedies in his own life all while maintaining a sense of dignity and humor. Sadly, they don't make Presidents like Lincoln anymore or even some of my other minor favorites like Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Reagan (yes, I said Reagan!).

So how about you? Who's your choice and - if you've got the time and inclination - why?


  1. The firt president I can remember that made an impression on me would have to be Bush senior. I recall the day that the first Gulf War started. I was 10 and had just returned from a Cub Scout campeout. I watched in awe as the events unfolded. He is my favorite because of the way he allowed the Generals to do what they needed to do and not play the political game that happened during Vietnam.

  2. The only Prime Minister that has ever caught my imagination is Winston Churchill, though I am too young to actually remember him being PM, but then the Government of the day was a coalition. I'm of the opinion that Party Politics doesn't work and Coalition Governments work for the good of the country. At the moment practically all our MPs are on the make and and right shower of sh**e! Please forgive my language.

  3. I'd have to agree with you that Lincoln is my favorite. Washington would be a very close second, though!

  4. I've never really given it much thought. I guess I could say JFK, mostly because I can remember my Dad telling the story of where he was on the day he JFK was assasinated. Personally, I wish Ben Franklin would have been the Pres, he's a good egg.

  5. That's a hard one. I do not know enough about that many of the US presidents to be able to answer this one. I always liked JFK though (from what I've seen or read on him ;o)
    My fave is first Czechoslovak president - Thomas Garique Masaryk. Get this - his wife was an American :o)

  6. Ronald Reagan, hands down, he had unique ability to inspire people and make you proud of your country. When he came on board the moral in the military service was as low as "whale shit" he made military service honorable again.

    I did like JFK, but his untimely death limited his chance to be great.

  7. Franklin Roosevelt, of course. He brought us out of the depression with new ideas...CCC camps that put some jobless to work all over the country......Social Security for the retiring older workers.....TVA, improving citizens' lives, are just three things. I am hopeful our new leader can lead in that way. He was a wealthy man who was a Democrat, when when others at his social level were Republicans.

  8. No question, Ronald Reagan is my favorite. I loved his love of God, country and family. I also loved his "hey now, wait just a minute... I'm not letting that slide" attitude.

  9. Ronald Reagan and Barb captured why. He just had it all together.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  10. JFK, I find the entire story fascinating and the family is very interesting. I'm baffled about why they found him so threatening that his life had to be ended.

  11. reagan of course!!! same reason as all of the above plus he gave us back our lives after the awful carter years. to me it was the worst to the best...

    smiles, bee

  12. Most are only going to remember those in their lifetime. I'd vote for Reagan as well.

  13. Anonymous4:17 PM EDT

    Jefferson and Kennedy

  14. hands down Teddy Roosevelt...my kids all know...and even the Teamster gave me a book about him for my birthday.

    He was a patriot. A good father and husband. A brave soldier. He appreciated the nations beauty and started the National park System.

    a great man...a great president...

  15. I'm with you concerning Abe. He made preserving the Union a priority, and did what he felt was appropriate (happily there was no PC in his day) to keep focused on winning the war. If a general was not effective, he fired them continuously until US Grant arrived.

    Lincoln didn't need speechwriters to compose the Gettysburg Address...he wrote it himself...

    He just seemed to have an intellect that modern politicians cannot ever seem to grasp. A great choice!

  16. I don't actually have a favorite President. I do have an admiration for Theodore Roosevelt because of the national park system.

  17. Unabashedly, Ronald Reagan! Most of the reasons why are covered above. Lincoln would be second. I'm reading a biography of Mary Todd Lincoln, who has been horribly maligned, according to this.
    World wise, I admire Winston Churchill. He, like Lincoln, had a less than stellar childhood. But what a man!

  18. Anonymous8:48 AM EDT

    Ronald Reagan hands down... but then you probably knew I'd say that.

  19. In my lifetime I'd say Kennedy
    I am a great admirer of Lincoln's intellect and leadership
    and I think FDR was a visionary

    Carter is by far my most favorite ex-President - I think he's a perfect example of how the office is not suited to all - he has done so much good work outside of it

    I have to say that, after Bush Jr, Reagan is my least favorite President
    Most of the beginning of the end of protecting our planet, of fair corporate practices and regulations, of true American dedication to equal rights can be traced to him
    Most of current economic woes started with him
    I will say he was a great speaker but that's because he was an actor


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