Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Last of Las Vegas

Oh snap, son! While wondering when/if my 16-hour shift at work yesterday was ever gonna end and despairing that it actually would (some days that clock just doesn't seem to move at all!), I took a gander at the calendar and was rather shocked to see that today was going to be exactly one month since I took off for Vegas. A month! How on earth did that happen??

... and why had I still not gotten all the pictures I took edited?!? Perhaps the problem is because I have become an epic slacker ... or perhaps it's because I took way too many shots while I was out there and have been taking even more pictures since I got home! I'd prefer to think that it was the latter but I'm guessing it's really a combination of the two however, either way, I'm going to try to get the remainder of my Vegas pictures posted via slideshow so that I can then move to pictures from Santa Cruz and the Sierra Nevadas.

The nice thing about all this is that it gives me the chance to 'relive' my vacation and that's always a good thing, right? Right!

As for Las Vegas, the verdict is that I thought it was a'ight, dawg but I don't really think it's anyplace that I would be in a big hurry to go back to. Part of that is because I'm not a great visitor of casinos (were that the case, I live very close to the world's biggest and second biggest casinos in the world and could go anytime I wanted) but more than that is that whole "I don't like crowds" thing that I have going on.

Even though everyone says that Vegas is hurting right now due to the economic downswing, it seemed pretty darned crowded to me when we were walking elbow to elbow with way too many people on the Strip. I was sure I knew how a salmon must feel when fighting the waters to get upstream as people walking in each direction collided and attempted to get past each other seemingly in a hurry to get nowhere. Not my idea of a good time!

When I mentioned to Jen that I didn't really like Vegas she stated that I didn't like it anywhere but I corrected her and told her "no, I really like it in Lake Tahoe". She accepted that but seemed skeptical that there really was any place that made me happy. Maybe the NAED should hold a conference up at Tahoe sometime and I could show Jen just how happy I really can be! Perhaps I should write and suggest it!

At any rate, I've taken just a few of the 287 pictures I have of my time in Vegas and put them together in a small slideshow for your ewwing and aahing pleasure. You enjoy and I'll get back to editing some of those other pictures I have piled up in my Picasa folders so that hopefully it doesn't take me another whole month to get some of them posted!


  1. You like block island, Mexican food, Connecticut, fluff, Wild Music, Crazy people on the internet, you like driving U hauls across the united states... you like that crazy place called Stockton??????? you love light house... Your happy anywhere... It just depends on the shirt you have on, and which side of the bed you got up on.. That's all.... Lake Tahoe is the best... desolation wilderness for backpacking... we should be on a road trip to somewhere cool... :)

  2. another great slideshow.

    some places are just to visit. Vegas makes me is spectacular and interesting..just too much of it.

    but hey...if going to Vegas gets you to California....yeah Vegas!

  3. I never worry about posting all my photos. First of all I never could, there's too many. Of course, some aren't post-worthy! And I love going back through them and *poof* - a From the archives post is born!

    I love going almost everywhere the first time, but that doesn't mean I'd want to go back or that I'd ever want to live there.

  4. There's a Statue of Liberty and an Eiffel Tower in Vegas??? I never knew that! :0

  5. Love your alliteration: 'Various Views of Vegas'!

    Linda, You like ice cream shops and cemeteries, I know that ;-)

    That's two places. Oh! and Rhode Island beach houses.

  6. Thank you for my quick trip to LV :o) I used to love Vegas. I went every year. Not so much lately. It just got too expensive there. No more steak & eggs b-fast for $2.99 and that sucks. People spent so much money gambling there (me including ;o) so at least the food could stay cheap...

  7. great slide show! I agree--I hate to deal with those kinds of crowds too--it makes you wonder what Vegas is like when the economy is good.

  8. we went to vegas. once. hated it and never went back. there are too many places we love to redo something we don't... but that said, i do think everyone should go at least once...

    smiles, bee

  9. Anonymous11:32 AM EDT

    Never been to Vegas. NO desire to go. Only reason to go would be to see the big dam.

    Now Tahoe is another story. Been there. like that. Also have relatives near there...

  10. Been to Vegas once, almost went back a second time, but that got canceled. I'll probably never go back. What Katherine said sums it up for me too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  11. oh i liked that slide show. i want
    to go to Las vegas with my friends.

  12. Isn't it unbelievable how fast time is going by? I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, I haven't even see May go by and here we are approaching the end of the month!! I couldn't get over it when you mentioned it's been a month since you've been to Vegas, sure does seem like it was just last week! Loved seeing all the pictures...I can't imagine what they spend on electricity for all those casinos, between the lights and the slot machines! lol xoxo

  13. A 16 hour shift must be so sapping!

  14. It's a wonder your back hasn't given out completely - sixteen hour shifts! Good grief!
    I definitely detest L.V. I don't like crowds, either, especially ones pandering to greed, booze and all the other crud.
    I would much rather be at Lake Tahoe, sitting on a rock overlooking Emerald Cove.
    Given a choice and nature will win every single time!
    I love your posts, photos and you.

  15. I enjoy the neon on the older classic Vegas. The new things are beautiful, maybe even classy. But the neon showgirl well...this evokes the classic old West gambling dens!

  16. sigh.....

    I LOVE emerald cove...


  17. Sometimes places like Vegas need to be taken in smaller doses. I like to go there, and I enjoy it for a bit, but then I'm ready to go home.


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