Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Vacation is Definitely Over

Yep, sad to say that when vacation is over - vacation is over. It was back to work for me yesterday afternoon and after being gone for almost two weeks, I sort of felt like a stranger in a strange land for the first ten minutes or so. Of course it all came back to me after just a short period of time but that first 911 call was a bit awkward at first! Not to sound like a heartless dispatcher but I gotta tell you, it's real easy not to miss other people's emergencies.

As for my trip home Thursday via Sacramento back to Vegas and then to Providence - even though both flights were packed and on the last leg I was crammed into a middle seat between two people who obviously knew each other but didn't mind having a stranger sitting smack in the middle of their conversation - it wasn't too bad because a scheduled 5-hour flight ended up being just a shade under 4-1/2 hours due to a good tail wind. I am still very impressed by Southwest's on-time, or better yet early, record!

In an effort to make the second flight go by a little quicker I decided to spring for a glass of Chardonnay in the hopes that perhaps it would put me to sleep for a little while. I figured it would be worth the five bucks to get a little shut-eye but I've got to say, that was probably the worst plastic cup of Chardonnay I have ever had in my life. Come to think of it, it may have been the only plastic cup of Chardonnay I've ever had in my life! I did nod off for about an hour so I guess it was worth choking it down but next time I think I'll order some cranberry juice and vodka as that's what the guy next to me had and he seemed to sleep almost the entire trip once he finished his drink and his conversation with his friend to my right. Of course, he had two drinks to my one so maybe that's part of the secret!

Upon arriving home I wasn't too dismayed by the state of the house as Amanda had done a reasonable job of keeping it about as clean as she usually does (not exactly to my standards but not too bad). I did, however, find a nice moldy batch of what used to be corn muffins sitting in a covered bowl on the counter. Apparently Amanda had completely forgotten that there were corn muffins in the bowl and never once opened it the entire time I was gone. When I opened the lid, this is what I saw ...

As you can see, they turned a lovely shade of blue & green and grew some nice fur, too. I bet they could have garnered some kid an A+ in a science project or provided penicillin for a third world country! For a kid who likes zombies and other monsters, Amanda got kind of squeamish when I had her look in the bowl and there was no way she was going to take them out to the trash so I ended up having to do it myself but I guess if that was the worst of it, I'm okay with that.

On a completely unrelated note, today is my oldest's birthday as he turns 28 years old. 28?!? Is that right?!? Oh snap, son, I really am old, aren't I?!?
Happy Birthday, Michael, hope it's a good one for you with a great year to follow! And speaking of birthdays, it's my curly-headed grandson's fourth birthday next month. Where does the time go??

Oh well, speaking of time, it's back to work for another 8 hours - like I said, when vacation ends, it really ends! Hope everyone has a great Saturday!


  1. Now that was some really interesting colors of the mold on those muffins! Wonder how that happened? Moldy stuff around here never turns a pretty blue shade like that -always a yucky green/gray with once in a while, a bit of yellowish fur.

  2. It's never fun being home (or back to work for that matter) after a nice vacation. I'm glad those muffins didn't zombify and haunt Amanda in her sleep! *LOL*

    Happy Birthday to that young'un of yours. ;)

  3. Those muffins look rather pretty!:0

    I can't believe you have a child 28 years old! You were a child bride right??

    It's a terrible shock when your kids' birthdays come around and you realise just how old you are isn't it? My eldest is 38 this year. :(

  4. I don't DO middle seats on a plane, ever. I'd have a claustrophobic panic attack in the middle. I prefer the window, and if a seat's not available, I choose another flight.

    Happy Birthday to Michael! That curly-headed grandson sure is a cutie pie!

    I actually love coming home after vacation. I always miss my own bed and my own routine. Weird, eh?

  5. Lovely shade of muffins! And a big Happy Happy to Michael!

  6. nice muffins...yum.

    listen are NOT OLD not by a long shot. And having a kid who is 28 is nothing.

    I'm gonna just keep living in my own little dream world about age...

  7. Actually, those muffins make an interesting photo! Welcome back!

  8. I like Katherine's idea of an age dream world. I'm in.

    Happy birthday to Michael! Your grandson is adorable.

    The muffins are...interesting.
    And royal blue!

  9. Well, I thought the worst part of returning from vacation was going back to work - then I saw those muffins!!!

  10. I have found things like that in my fridge.

  11. Linda, you're too easy. I hope you get a great big honkin' gift tomorrow (today) for being one of the best mom's on the planet!!!!!!!
    Happy Birthday, Michael!
    And don't worry, I'm not totally over the hill and my oldest will be 44 this year (HOLY CRAP! It's dawning on me, maybe I AM really over the hill!!! Good grief - 44???)
    Now I won't be able to sleep.

  12. Happy Mothers Day
    Glad your back

  13. Anonymous9:15 AM EDT

    Yeah, I don't think I'd be able to stomach those muffins either...


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