Sunday, May 17, 2009

Words for Thought

Funny the things you can find in Las Vegas ...

On this day after Armed Forces Day here in the United States, please take some time to think about what both of these two people have said and don't forget to thank a veteran or active duty member of the military for the freedoms that you enjoy.


  1. You found some neat signs. Who would have thought they would be in Las Vegas?

    Through my job I've met many wonderful WWII and Korean War veterans, as well as as a few of the "young" vets from Vietnam and Gulf Wars. They all have my utmost respect.

    I'll be seeing some of them this week as they visit schoolchildren prior to Memorial Day. And then there are two parades next weekend..

  2. If only everyone would take those quotes to heart and act on them the world would be a better place don't you think?

  3. thank YOU for YOUR service linda!

    smiles, bee

  4. Anonymous11:44 AM EDT

    What Miss Bee said, Linda! Thank YOU! I thank the veterans in my life all the time. Where would we be without all our troops?

    Whodathunk Las Vegas would have signs like that!

  5. Las Vegas isn't the place I would expect to see those.

  6. Thank you for your service my dear!

  7. Thank you for your service, Linda! Folks like you helped to make this country what it is! :-)

  8. excellent post Linda, thank you and all that do their part.

  9. I wonder who wrote that one for Bush. So coherent. Ooops, did I say that out loud? :o)

  10. Why don't people realize that just because GW is not the best speaker in the world, he is NOT an idiot.
    Dang, people! Give it up!
    ~~~~~Now, for the important stuff:
    Thanks to you for your service - past and present!!!


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