Saturday, June 20, 2009

Amanda's Birthday Wrap-Up

If I were Amanda, I'd have to say that I had a pretty darned good 17th birthday even though it took 2 days to do it! After all, she got a Tardis cake (even if it looked like it had accordioned upon crash landing!), a Doctor Who t-shirt complete with David Tennant as the doctor, the DVD series of Doctor Who Seasons 1-4 (though they are coming via slow boat from China and haven't gotten here yet), a Tardis cookie jar which is on pre-order, and a party complete with a whole lot of balloons!

The balloons were a gift from our friend Amy (she of Amy & Jason fame) who really knows how to make a kid happy on her birthday - even though Amanda looks more scared of the balloon than happy in this picture!

As I had failed miserably in the celebration of her 16th birthday last year, I decided that this year I'd do better and invited folks over to the new humble abode for sandwiches, chips, watermelon, and the famed Tardis cake. Guests included my favorite Aunt Eleanor and cousin Amy, my mother and youngest brother John, Amy minus Jason who had a nasty sinus headache, and my son Mike along with his wife Laura and the two grandsons - Christopher and Mathew.

Everyone seemed to have a good time visiting and Amanda even managed to smile quite a bit. I actually left the camera on the dresser and didn't take any pictures (which my mother thought was rather amazing!) but I figured I'd forgo the role of photographer and just enjoy the evening. After all, I've posted more than enough pictures of the famed Tardis cake which - once we peeled off the blue fondant - was quite tasty!

Amanda got some very nice gifts for her birthday including every teen's favorite - cash! - and a very special present which came from Jason & Amy ...

Meet Demise - the newest member of the household! Amanda had been talking about wanting to get a hamster as she didn't seem to have much luck with reptiles (she insists that Evra is my lizard being that I feed him and talk to him) so Amy (who loves all pets!) had asked me if it was okay to get her a hamster and all the trimmings for her birthday. Being the easy-touch that I apparently am, I acquiesced knowing that at least I wasn't going to have to feed a hamster frozen baby mice if Amanda happened to go somewhere.

Earlier in the afternoon before the party, Jason & Amy stopped by loaded down with a cage with accessories, food, bedding, exercise ball, and a fancy bear hamster that had Amanda grinning from ear-to-ear even before she took her out of her box.

The idea originally was to put the cage in Amanda's room where Tardis' habitat used to be but considering she spends more time in the dining room on the computer than in her room it was decided to put it on the shelf next to the computer so Amanda would be able to watch her more often.

Various names were tried out and discarded before I suggested "Demise" based on one of Amanda's favorite Creature Feature songs. She ran it past her friends online who all agreed it was a great name and so it became that Miss Delirium met her Demise! Of course, I'm beginning to think she should have named her "Sheezsokewt" as I think Amanda must have said that a good 30 times shortly after Demise arrived!

Like I said, were I Amanda I'd have to say I had a pretty darned good 17th birthday and I'm thinking that maybe I've managed to redeem myself from last year's epic fail!


  1. Happy Birthdat Amanda.

  2. How cool.
    Demise for a pet's name, I have to admit made me Laugh Out Loud.
    Hope she lives a long and happy life, to spite the name!
    And it sounds like a heckuva birthday to me!!!!
    But you didn't say - how did the cake go over, in the EATING of it?
    Hugs to you, super-cool mom!

  3. yeah you made up for last year....not that it was an EPIC failure...

    sounds like a great start to her senior year!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday, Amanda!! My son #1 and I really enjoyed watching the cake production. Great job... Son #1 is also a big WHO fan.

  5. Gothic baloons and she met her demise ... now that's a birthday!!! Happy Birthday Amanda

  6. 'Demise' is SO Amanda! Although I rather like 'Sheezsokewt'! It sounds like a great day was enjoyed by all!

    I can't believe you had a family gathering and didnt take any photos!

  7. Better keep Demise away from the long slithery reptiles...You throw the best parties, and the black balloons actually enhance the celebration of Amanda's seventeenth!

  8. I don't recall this alleged failure of a 16th party, but if you did need redemption I'd say you got it with this one.

    Well done!

  9. You could pronounce the name "De-meese" to avoid confusion with death and such.

    It sounds like your 17-year old had a wonderful birthday celebration.
    Happy Birthday again to Amanda!

  10. Why didn't you warn me there was a "critter" in this post? AcccKKKK!!!!


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