Friday, June 12, 2009

Going Under the Knife Laser

Just enough time for a quick post before my "responsible driver" arrives to take me the two blocks or so over to the William W. Backus Hospital where I will spend probably most of the morning undergoing a little bit of outpatient surgery. Not that I'm sure if you can call what I'm having done surgery or not but hey ... it's all semantics, right?

Not to go into too much personal detail here (or skeeve anyone out!) but I am basically having the lining of my uterus burned away via a laser instrument that looks like the netting on a Coleman lantern! The procedure is called an endometrial ablation and it will, hopefully, take care of some issues I've been having for quite a long time - or at least long enough for me to enter the wonderful world of menopause. Oh joy.

Unlike my dispatch partner, Jen, who likes to happily tell pretty much anyone who walked into the dispatch center that she has a "pristine" uterus, I don't. Matter of fact, I probably have a fairly antique uterus at this point that has pretty much done what it's needed to do and could probably have simply been put out to pasture had I chosen to go the route of a full hysterectomy instead. However that would have required a lot more time off of work than I have available so I'm going this route instead.

My doctor tells me that the procedure is fairly simple and that for most people recovery is only a few days at the most which is why he performs them on Fridays so that people can use the weekend to recuperate. Of course, I don't have what one could call a normal weekend (naturally!) and would normally return to work on Sunday but for those who encouraged me (or was that yelled at me?) to take off Sunday, you will be happy to know that I have done so.

With any luck, I can spend some of the recovery time in bed with my laptop so perhaps I'll finally get a chance to catch up on my blogging but if not and you don't hear from me for a couple days (other than perhaps a status update on Facebook), I'll be taking it easy - once my responsible driver brings me back home later! Oh, and a big thank you to my friend Rhonda for coming all the way down here from Canterbury to take me the less than two blocks to the hospital - what a responsible gal and good friend!


  1. Good luck (is that the wrong word to use?) on your procedure. As hospitals go, Backus is a good one. I worked there for the last 8 years of my working life. Take care of yourself and follow orders!

  2. I realize surgery is a rough way to get a few days off, but try to enjoy your free time!!

  3. P.S.: While you're recuperating, if you have any black and white photos, there is a challenge on "Musings From the Texas Hill Country". Post on the 20th.

  4. oh good, glad to hear you're taking Sunday off...I'd hate to strain my voice yelling again!!


    I meant to tell you, you know that low low back pain we'd discussed??
    haven't had it since surgery. NOT ONCE.

    life is good.

    now, be a good girl and take it easy this weekend. and blog....LOTS. :-)

  5. Owie. Sorry you've been having issues. I hope all goes without a hitch and that your recovery time is short. Mostly, I hope it produces 'optimal results'!

    Dare I say it? I'm done! At least for the last 6 months... Keeping my fingers crossed on that!

  6. Take it easy and have the girls take care of you.

  7. Not sure how I feel about the use of 'antique uterus' but I hope it goes scorchingly well :)

  8. wishing you a speedy recovery my friend...

    smiles, bee

  9. I'm glad you took the weekend off!
    Hope Jamie caters to your every whim, post-surgery!
    And I'll be looking for your uterus on the next Antiques Roadshow!

    *HUGS* & LOVE


  10. Wellness soon my friend and wishing you good luck .. just take it easy , my fingers crossed for you !!

    ♥ HUGS ♥

  11. Look after yourself, Linda. Get well soon.

  12. Anonymous2:42 PM EDT

    Hon, I'm right there with you... Please take care and keep us posted.

    Sending extra special hugs, thoughts, and prayers.

  13. Hi Linda,

    I hope your outpatient procedure went well and was painless for you.

  14. Are you okay, are you home yet, are you sleeping.. wondering, wondering... love ya Cal

  15. I hope by the time you read this comment you will be feeling great, Surgery is always scary. I was really lucky with menopause. I haven't had a cycle in almost four years and I am 55 Yippie.
    Even the hot flashes are pretty much gone. I hope this speeds it all up for you and you will be free of all "those" worries

  16. Best of luck with the procedure!

  17. You are going to be a happy camper after this is done. It's worth the bit of pain you'll have with the procedure, I promise. I read that you had it and are well. Rest up now and feel better soon.

  18. Anonymous4:15 PM EDT

    you could probably sell the dead tissue to jen.....


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