Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lawnwork Explained

Having caught heck from a few folks yesterday when I mentioned that I was mowing the lawn before the next rains came in, I thought today would be a good time to do a post about the lawn and why it is that I mow it myself rather than having either of the two teenagers who reside with me do it.

This is my humble abode - Casa de Mouseski if you will - in all of its brick glory. My part of this palatial estate is the entire bottom floor with neighbors both upstairs (the Vietnamese smokers) and a lovely elderly lady named Elizabeth who lives in the small apartment over the garage at the back of the property.

As you can see, the yard is not exactly massive in proportion but my landlord knocks off a nice chunk of my monthly rent in return for mowing it and keeping it looking decent. When this past winter ended, most of the yard underneath the tree was dirt and small trees that were attempting to grow into a forest. It looked pretty bad to be honest!

Since I started taking care of the lawn I have put down new grass seed and also gotten rid of most of the weeds that had taken root. I've also picked up way too many cigarette butts but after putting them in a can and placing them on the upstairs neighbors' back steps last time I mowed, they seem to have gotten the hint that the yard is not their personal ashtray. Yay! Who says you need to speak the same language in order to communicate?!? At any rate, I take pride in the way the lawn currently looks kind of like those guys you see on commercials on TV about Scotts Turf-Builder and the like!

The crux of the matter is, I enjoy taking care of the lawn or else I wouldn't have agreed to do it when the landlady asked me. They have provided me with a very nice self-propelled lawnmower and anything else I may need for the job merely requires me buying it, mailing them the receipt, and deducting the amount from my rent check. Not a bad deal at all.

Yes, the girls are old enough to help out with the yard but truth be told, I'd really rather do it myself and I wouldn't have done it were I not feeling up to it yesterday. My doctor had told me I could resume normal activities after the weekend as long as I felt okay and I felt more than well enough to mow the small amount of grass we have out there. I had wanted to do it before my surgery but the weather we've been having this so-called Spring didn't give me a chance and with more rain predicted for most of this week (with the exception of Wednesday when I work a double) yesterday was the best time.

Trust me, I do know my limitations when it comes to physical abilities and if I forget them, my back is quick to remind me that I am no longer young and need to take it easy. I've mowed lawns since I was a teenager and because it's one of those things where you get immediate visible results for your efforts, I have always enjoyed it. There's nothing quite like a fresh mowed lawn! Granted, I don't enjoy mowing when it's hot and humid but that just means I let the grass grow a little more and wait for it to be nicer out.

Thank you to everyone for your concern, I really do appreciate your looking out for me and I promise to put the girls to work pulling weeds and such if need be - now that I don't enjoy!


  1. I'm glad you finally showed us your cute lawn. I enjoy yard work, but Mark is the one who mowes our lawn. Sam and I watch him from our swing and cheer him on :o)

  2. OK, it's not very big. I'll let you off the hook. It is very cute though! And SO green!

  3. Looks like you are doing an amazing job! The house and the yard are both so pretty. We have a massive amount of grass, completely undoable without a riding mower, which I love to use.

  4. Thank you so much. What a sweet place you live. It's amazing I like your sheep.. cute

  5. That sounds like a good 'deal' to me Linda and as long as you enjoy taking care of the lawn that's fine. I like how you dealt with the cigarette butts. LOL

  6. well, since you're feeling so good and enjoying it and all....when you get done I've got a bit of grass/weeds that need attention. I'll feed you well!


  7. It looks great, Linda!

  8. Okay, now that I know all this I feel better about you doing the lawn. I just thought it was a bit soon for you to be doing yard work. I also didn't know what your doctor has said either.

    The lawn does look wonderful. You are keeping your end of the bargain very nicely.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  9. If the girls do a good job weed pulling, they can do my house as well!

  10. Looks great Linda, just as long as you are not hurting youself. I always took care of the lawn when I could, those days are long gone by.........

  11. Wow it looks really nice, Duchess Linda. You done a good job. ;-)

    I like your angel and the sheep with your planter. Baaaaa...

  12. Well, the lawn is beautifully maintained, with the trimming details looking like a landscaper dis the work - but for $100 less! The mowing lines in the grass remind me of Fenway...Actually, you give this homestead a look that compliments this brick beauty so nicely!

    Good communicating skills with the upstairs dwellers!

  13. And the yard does indeed look beautiful.

  14. i think you did a wonderful job with the lawn!!!

    smiles, bee

  15. Anonymous9:56 PM EDT

    hubby's ex likes to mow the lawn. everytime I'm over at Glady's her hom is on the riding mower just having a ball.

    btw, the lawn looks fantastic. You're doing a fabulous job. Sorry about giving you heck. It's just that we love ya....

  16. This is a beautiful place!!! The yard looks nice.

    I ♥ to mow, but with three kids - being at the age they are I can't mow with them there. When hubby is home, HE wants to be outside mowing while I'm inside with the kiddos. Sooooo, I don't get to mow. Ah well.
    We do have a large yard, and we use a rider which is easy, but fun because like you said the satisfaction you get from seeing a beautifully landscaped yard. I don't like to weed eat or rake, though.

  17. I'll admitt that when I was married and living in North Windham, that was my favorite thing to do around the house. There might be something theraputic about yard work, and I cringe when driving around and seeing properties over-run with weeds, trees, and junk. It's something that homeowners take for granted, and something I miss doing! Hopefully soon enough I will have my own lawn to take care of, and be proud about... ;-D

  18. OH, I forgot! Your lawn looks great!!!

    P.S. I miss it so much, I've even started helping Rene with his lawn with clearing brush, planting new seed, and fertilizing! Guess I do have somewhat of a green thumb. HAHA

  19. not letting you off the hook...even if lawn moving is your most favorite thing EVER.

    I know the procedure you had done...I know the muscles involved in a self propelled lawn mower.

    tsk tsk tsk


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