Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Musings

Two teenagers plus two computers = no chance for me to get online much these days! My apologies to everyone for being a lousy blog visitor as of late but I'm lucky if I can get the time to even check Facebook! Something tells me we're going to have to work out a schedule of some sort for the summer.

So far the girls have managed to more or less get along and there has been no blood-letting or destruction of the house. Fingers are crossed that Amanda and Jamie have reached a new level of maturity and can put their differences aside. Miracle of miracles, they were actually holding a civil conversation in the car the other night on the way home from the movies.

I had a couple of free movie passes so this past Saturday evening we went and used them. Amanda, of course, had wanted to see Drag Me to Hell while Jamie and I opted for Night at the Museum II. Even though I liked the first one better, I thought the movie was good and Jamie seemed to enjoy it, too. As for Amanda, she came out gushing about how good her movie was as it contained elements of Bruce Campbell and was just the right kind of cheesy horror movie that she likes. What am I gonna do with that kid?

Speaking of movies, Jen and I watched the 2008 Masterpiece Theater edition of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre as part of Chick-Flick-Sunday yesterday and I must say that I truly enjoyed it. Having never read the book I wasn't sure if it was going to be as depressing as Wuthering Heights from the other Brontë sister, Emily, and thankfully it wasn't. It was an excellent tale of love and the hoops that people jump through to not only obtain but keep it and of course I was left with a tear or two in my eye at the end simply because I was so happy for Edward and Jane. Have I ever mentioned that I am a romantic sap and truly do enjoy a good love story?

While on the subject of Wuthering Heights, I did a blog post about the Ralph Fiennes version of that movie awhile back - Love and Torment with Ralph Fiennes - and even though I got some good comments on it, I was a bit bummed as I didn't think that most people "got" the post. As a matter of fact, I was seriously considering not writing any more posts where I laid bare my heart for people because I figured most people didn't want to read deep, meaningful posts and preferred lighter fluff n' stuff instead. For awhile there I was wondering why I even bothered to blog at all but then I got a comment from an anonymous reader that made me think that maybe, just maybe, sometimes the drivel I write reaches someone ...
"Your review and own story had me in tears for a long time ...found you randomly, but nothing in this Universe is random ... just got divorced because of the same reason. Thank you for sharing ... always nice to know when what you chose to share touches another soul deeply, isnt it? :-)"
I don't know about the rest of you but it's comments like the one above that make me want to continue blogging and share some of the things that mean a lot to me. I know that a lot of people say that they blog for themselves but truth be told, I like to think that sometimes my blog can be entertaining or amusing or even touching as I do blog for other people and not just myself. I'm never going to be a writer-writer - this blog is as close as I will ever come - but that's okay, especially when I do manage to write something that someone else appreciates.

While on the subject of comments, some of you may have noticed that I don't do the Law Enforcement Line of Duty Death posts anymore. I stopped doing them at the end of last year because, honestly, it was getting to be pretty depressing to have to do them so often and, again, I figured that most people weren't even reading them. I apparently was wrong on that one, too, as I received the following email from the mother of one of those fallen heroes:
I apologize for not seeing your blog early but just found it tonight but wanted to thank you so very much for writing about my son, Sgt. Michael C. Weigand and caring. It's been so very hard and the pain just doesn't seem to have an end. I miss him horribly! But again, thank you for caring!

Kim Weigand
Mom of Sgt. Michael C. Weigand
Wow. Thank you, Mrs. Weigand, for a son who chose to protect and serve his community and in doing so, made the ultimate sacrifice. May you someday find comfort in knowing that he made a difference in this world though I have no doubt you will always, always miss him.

Finally, one more cool thing for my blog ... awhile back I got an email from Emma Williams, Managing Editor of Schmap Guides informing me that one of my pictures of the Salem Witch Museum had been selected for inclusion in their newly released sixth edition of the Schmap Boston Guide. You can check it out by clicking here which will take you to the Schmap for the iPhone version or here which takes you to their Educational Outing page. Pretty cool, huh? I'll be putting the following widget on my sidebar, too, in case you ever decide you want to visit the Boston area!

It's really an honor to have one of my pictures chosen to be included in something that maybe other people will see!

So, anyway, this started out as what was supposed to be a short post and, as per usual, I have blathered on way longer than I intended to and now need to consider getting ready to go to work. I will try to get caught up on everyone else's blogs soon as I do have a day off tomorrow and while Amanda is still in school until next week, I think I may be able to get some computer time! I hope!


  1. wow what a great post! and i love the comments... wonderful.

    smiles, bee

  2. You should blog about what you want to blog about. The fallen heros was very sad. I didn't always read them because it's too close to home, having a sister who worries every time her husband leaves for work and all.

    Yay you for having them select your photo!

    I think your computer should be your computer and the girls should have to share. But that's just me! :-D

  3. I remember this computer time issue last year too. I know you will work it out somehow.

    What a nice thing to have the mother of Sgt. Michael C. Weigand contact you. Bless her.

    Yay on the inclusion of one of your photographs in the Schmap Boston Guide. Linda rocks.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  4. Please remember Linda, If your blog touches one person and makes them happy or touches their heart, then every word you write is well worth it. Sometimes it's true I will blow through a post that I read on someones blog, which is a shame but you know how it is.. Hit and miss in our lives, but when we actually do slow down and read it is well worth it. So cheer up!!! I am thrilled about the photo being published.How exciting.. another thing.. I seriously want to buy the milk truck picture and I need to know where to purchase it from. I would rather you get all the proceeds than someone else that figured out how to make a sight on the net and give you .20 cents for your work.. blah blah blah.. I am at work so I am getting paid to respond.. LOL bad callie... oh no that is Sallie.... Just tell Jamie whenever your at work or asleep then she can use the computer the rest of the time it's yours.. he he he... Have a good evening at work. Remember to always blog whenever you want. :)

  5. Anonymous5:51 PM EDT

    I've never read or seen the movie adaption of Jane Eyre...but my mother LOVES the book. I grew up hearing about how wonderful the book is. I bought my mom a new (used) copy a few years ago at the library book fair but I don't know if she ever bothered to reread it.

  6. Congratulations on having one of your pictures chosen for such a visible use! That's fantastic.

    As for the girls getting along, maybe this is a sign of things to come. We'll hope so.

  7. I told you!! your photos are publishable girl, they are!!

    glad the girls are getting along but they need to leave one PC for you and they share the other :)

    I know my comment looks like I didn't read/get the whole post but I did/do, I just have nothing better to say

  8. It has to be nice for the three of you to be together - I am sure that whatever differences might against, the affection all three of you have takes care of those...

    Writing is a mixture of skill and art. Your writings are good, not mundane. Every writer has their own style and all writers, including bloggers, have a unique way with the Queen's English. And we readers know the different styles of good writers...

    Honestly, I hope to offer something to those who take the time to read my writings. Truly, we write for ourselves first - but we all like to know we are being read, and if we make a difference at all to someone else - I am happy to do so!

  9. I always enjoy your posts even if they are sappy or just pictures. I try to stop by often to read your blog.
    Don't stop cause obviously I'm not the only one who feels that way.

  10. be interesting to see why folks blog.
    I think everyone has their own reasons.

    I don't write for comments per se, but I write for the relationships that are formed by the leaving of comments back and forth...if that makes any sense.

    which brings me back to say that as a friend I've MISSED you and your frequent thought provoking comments. (and emails) and hope you'll get back to reading/commenting regularly again!

  11. You just never know who is reading and how they are being affected...until they speak up. That was a really special comment from Mrs Weigand.

    Ma'am, should you return and read again, please know that your son has my gratitude for his service and his sacrifice.

    And Linda...congrats on the photo!

  12. hey girl, did you want to be entered in my giveaway or not? you comment ONLY has 2 words so technically it doesn't count as an entry.....

    course I have been known to break a rule or two now and again.....

  13. Ah yes, having to share the computer...I remember when my two boys were still living at home and we only had one computer...with all 3 of us addicted to the computer, it was quite the war zone around here! lol So help it if you had to go pee, when you got back, someone else was sitting in the computer chair!!!

    How wonderful that you got such wonderful comments regarding some of your posts AND having one of your pictures chosen to be in the Schmap Guide!!! As you say, we blog for ourselves but we also really appreciate the feedback we get:-) xoxo

  14. Yay for our famous photographer! :o)

    Yes, your posts can be lenghthy, but I always finish reading them and always comment (even if I obviously did not get one or two ;o) I would miss you!

  15. Amanda's fuilm tastes are a little different from yours and Jamie's! I would have guessed she would opt for.

  16. Great post Linda. The two comments you mention show that blogging can be important as well as fun. :)

  17. Wow! Fame for photography!

    As for the computer time, you know it's strictly regulated around here - after completing chores and homework and then for 30 minutes from 5:30.......doubt it that would work for teenagers though. However if there's no blood letting you're winning really.

  18. wow - that's so much great stuff in one post!
    I'm so happy and proud to call you my friend.
    love ya,

  19. Congrats on your photo! It is well deserved as your photography skills amaze me.

  20. Well, doggone it! Super news about your photo being selected!!! I'm SO thrilled for you.
    Linda, your posts always leave me wanting more. You have a very unique gift - you make me feel as if we're sitting at our favorite Mexican restaurant chowing down and gabbing (something I hope to do one day!). I've said this before, but I come away with something new I hadn't known before, or seen something I hadn't seen before. You would've been such a great teacher!!!
    Glad to hear the girls haven't gone for the jugular and hope their friendship continues to grow.
    Now, I'm gonna go check out that map~

  21. Congrats on the Scmap! They are great tools. I had a pic from the Phila flower show in their Philadelphia 2007 scmap.

    I miss the line of duty death posts, and sadly I could give you details of one from this week. Two PA State Police Troopers were shot, one fatally during a shootout aftera pursuit of a father who kidnapped his son near Nazareth. The fatally wounded officer was from a town very near where I work, his name was Sgt. Joshua Miller. He had three daughters and a beautiful wife, his services are tonight from the Pittston Area football stadium because they expect a huge turnout and rightfully so.

  22. Congrats on being published! That's awesome. :)

    I'm proud that you got that e-mail from Ms Weigand. Those posts do mean a lot to all of us and I am proud of you for them.


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