Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Picture Story

Thanks to my friend Callie Ann in Oregon, I can now say that I have sold not just one but three of photographs! Granted, it's three prints of the same photograph but even so - woohoo!

Awhile back Callie Ann left a comment on the post I did about the old Broad Brook Dairy - Rusted Remains of Days Gone By in Preston - stating that she would like to buy a copy of the picture that I took of three rusted milk trucks as she thought the picture would like great on her grandson Jack Pepper's bedroom wall. I told her that I would be happy to have a copy made and sent to her and all she had to pay for was the cost of the copy and the shipping and handling.

Recently - thanks to Star - I found a great place for prints that uses this really cool metallic paper that makes pictures really pop and their prices are beyond reasonable. This isn't a paid post or anything like that but I can't say enough good things about and their service, their quality, or their prices and that's where I wanted to have Callie's print shipped from. Before I could place the order, though, she told me she wanted three 8x10's of the picture so that she could also give one to her grandfather who used to be a milkman and would appreciate the rusted relics in the photo.

I told her that the prints would cost $2.40 a piece and that shipping and handling for the whole order was going to be $3.00 but, because she's a sweetheart, Callie sent me a bit more than that via PayPal so I guess that I can now officially say that I have sold some of my photography and even made a profit on it! I sure hope that her grandfather and Jack Pepper like their pictures - I have no idea what Callie plans on doing with that third one.

While on the subject of my pictures, another friend from work who also happens to be a blogger, Rob, had a birthday last week and I gave him a framed 10x10 shot of a picture I took of the railroad trestle over the Yantic River. I had the square print made at and thought it added a unique perspective to the shot while the metallic paper almost give it a 3-D look. All in all, I was quite pleased with it.

Rob has been crossing a lot of bridges lately in his life - including his 21st birthday - so it seemed kind of appropriate to give him a bridge of his own to perhaps not cross but simply look at. He told me it looks great on the living room wall of his new home so after Callie gets her prints and hangs them up, I'll have stuff on the walls of three other homes other than my own! Well, actually four if you count the picture of the historic Green School in Canterbury I gave to my cousin (who is the President of the Historical Society in Canterbury) for her birthday. Hmm, I wonder if this qualifies me as a real photographer now??

Too bad I couldn't figure out how to make a good profit selling pictures; I'd much rather spend my spare time behind the lens of my Nikon than behind the microphone at the dispatch console but alas, I shall not be quitting my day job anytime soon! Besides, my crews would miss me - I hope!


  1. First off, I think you could make money as a photographer. I love them! Second... your url code in your link is wrong!

    I would LOVE to sell my business and become a photographer, too! A travel photographer, preferably. Maybe I won the lottery... Let me go check!

  2. It's going to be fun when they get here... just deciding the frame to get will be exciting.. I suppose something rustic like old barn wood would be perfect. Don't ya think.. and don't forget your getting a picture published on that map of Salem... Right.. thanks for taking pictures Linda.. There are so many that I want there is no way I can buy them all so I just come to your blog and stare and wish I had a Miss Nikon as Eyad calls her... Have a cruize by day at work..

  3. How awesome, Linda! I have to remember that company as I would like to make some prints for my friend's BD. Thanks for giving me a great idea for a gift :o)

  4. Congrats on the sale! I am absolutely hooked on the metallic paper. Yesterdays tweet was a free 11x14 so I ordered one of my sister in law with her son who got married on saturday, she is going to be thrilled with the portrait.

    Have you looked into setting up a store on etsy? I had some great success there before the economy tanked.

  5. You are very good at photography. I would think at some point you could indeed have a sideline of selling your wonderful prints. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  6. Oh how exciting for you, dear Linda:-) Your photography is exceptional and I have no doubt that these won't be the last you've sold. Keep at it and remember...good things happen to good people:-) xoxo

  7. great pics!! glad you found a developer you like.

    come see who won.

  8. This is a photo I would have taken.

  9. Congratulations on selling the picture three times. I would be very proud of doing that.

  10. This is great, Linda. But I have to tell you that my jealousy level is rising every time I read your blog!

  11. well that's totally tits...

    smiles, bee

  12. Congratulations! How does that song go? "This could be the start of something big"

  13. Anonymous12:36 PM EDT

    What a perfect gift for Rob! :-D)

    Congrats to you on your sales...

  14. I'm not surprised you sold some of your photos Linda, they're excellent! Congratulations m'dear. x

  15. Linda, we all knew you were a terrific photographer before you did! In fact, I doubt you realize yet how terrific you really are!!!

  16. That is so cool Linda!
    Yes, you are an amazing photographer.
    I saw something on Flickr about setting up your own shop, and I know that there are Etsy photographers out there, too!
    Hope you keep pursuing the dream.


  17. PS - I think it is WAY cool that Jack Pepper is gonna have one of your prints on his bedroom wall!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Your picture looks fantastic all framed like that!

  19. you do have the "camera brain" as david mcmanhon would say.

    I think you'll sell more with greater exposure...


  20. Methinks that you might've given me a new obsession...I am sure I could find a photo or two (heh heh heh) of my children to try out this service. :)

    Congrats on selling this photo. It really is a wonderful shot!


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