Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

The sun appears to have disappeared yet again here in Connecticut. *Sigh* At least we had three good days this time before it went away. Rumor has it that Friday will be our next nice day.

Anyone out there know how to say "Don't throw your cigarette butts on the lawn!" in Vietnamese? I took on the lawn care duties for my landlord (and in return get a nice discount on my rent) and the most frustrating part is all of the cigarette butts my upstairs neighbors throw into the yard. They don't speak English so I'm not sure how to get through to them that the lawn is not an ashtray. This morning I picked up all the butts, put them in a can, and left them on the stairs up to their apartment. Maybe they'll get the hint?

My youngest daughter will be winging her way north this coming Thursday to spend two whole months here this summer. Woohoo! Usually Jamie only gets to stay a month or so but I'm guessing because her father is still unemployed he figures it will be cheaper for him to have me feed her for a couple months. Either that or he's decided I won't be able to totally corrupt her in that amount of time. I'm really hoping for a good summer with her.

Of course, unless Amanda and Jamie can get along better than they usually do, it's going to be two months of Family Feud - The Home Version! I'm really hoping that's not the case but the possibility is distinct as they just can't seem to get along most of the time.

One of the guys that I work with is getting married next May and he asked if I would consider photographing the wedding for a nominal fee. I told him no, that I would photograph his wedding as my gift to he and his fiancée and they can use the nominal fee to pay for prints of the pictures instead. Not that I've ever photographed a wedding and have any idea what I'm doing but I've got till next Spring to work on my photography skills so they get one or two good shots at least. They are planning an outdoor ceremony with a handfasting so it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun and definitely not your traditional wedding.

Amanda's 17th birthday is coming up in a little over two weeks and I've yet to figure out what to do for it. She shares her birthday with my mother (who will be 75) so I was considering having everyone over for a small get-together but I just can't make up my mind. Maybe finger sandwiches and cake??

Tomorrow is my 6-year anniversary as a dispatcher with American Ambulance. I am debating on making a cake to take to work with me tomorrow to mark the occasion being that it seems only appropriate that I am working a 16-hour shift! Happy Anniversary to me!

Next Friday I'll be spending a good part of the day at the hospital for an out-patient surgical procedure. Not to go into gory details but it should hopefully take care of the anemia problem I've been having. According to my doctor I should be fine within a day or two which is why they do the procedure on Fridays to give people the weekend to recover. Of course, I don't have a normal weekend so am debating whether I should take the following Sunday off or not. At this point I am thinking of playing it by ear and see how I feel afterward.

Amanda will be having two of her wisdom teeth removed on June 23rd; the lower two have popped through and are crowding the others. The oral surgeon said it should only take about ten minutes to get them out so it should be a pretty simple procedure. Amanda isn't worried about the extraction but is pretty nervous about the IV for her anesthesia because it requires a needle. Considering she'll be taking a Xanax the night before and morning of the procedure, I don't think she'll be too nervous then but for now, that's the part that's stressing her out.

Guess I'll go rustle up some lunch now ... you folks have a great Tuesday wherever you may be!


  1. What a nice newsy post.

    Oh, and your upstairs neighbors may not speak English but I am sure they understand a lot.

  2. I loved this post... it's like we were chatting on the phone... Wonderful News on all counts.. The bucket for the butt's. LOL... will probably work... Have a great day off

  3. You lost me at cake. I've been craving cake. I need to make some cake!

    Siblings not getting along? Now who'd believe that? :-D

  4. According to Google Translator:

    Stop tossing your cigarette butts on the ground, please! = Ngưng tossing thuốc lá của bạn butts trên mặt đất, xin vui lòng!

    You're welcome! :-D

  5. Tell Amanda that she's lucky that she does not have to be my guinea pig for "needling" :o)

  6. I think everyone in connecticut is going to turn BIPOLAR if that freaking sun doesn't stay out for more than 2 days in a row. I say bring in a cake. any reason to eat cake I'm in. My two girls are fighting lately, maybe we can swap.

  7. Photographing a wedding, huh? You're much braver than I am. I declined to photograph my daughter's wedding, but agreed to do candid shots at the reception. There are a lot of good websites that give tips for shooting weddings. Lighting is the big issue. In any event, have fun with it, and I'm sure you'll do fine.

  8. when will the cake be ready??? i mean nice post! i'd act out the cigarette butt thingy, but i'd bet they already know. the vietnamese i know are all pretty danged smart and understand way more than they let on...

    smiles, bee

  9. the can of butts ought to do the trick...keep doing it if not.

    I'm glad Jamie will be there for so long...maybe they were learn to get along...but then wouldn't be "normal"...smile.

    (I had to go look up Handfasting...way cool) I was asked to take wedding pics a couple times...you'll do fine. Take someone to be your helper.

    Nice that you will have both girls to help you after your outpat stuff.

    Congrats on the six years! Let them eat cake....

  10. Happy sixth anniversary. I think the cake is an excellent idea.

    Yikes on the procedure. If you need a couple of days off then that would include Sunday. Just saying.

    Wisdom teeth. I so remember that and not very fondly either.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  11. 1) TAKE SUNDAY OFF YOU NITWIT! (is that plain enough?)

    2) what the HECK is a handfasting?????

    3) wooo hooo so glad you get two months with her!

    4) draw a picture. a lawn resembling yours, cigarette butts with the big red circle/slash....then tape it to their front door. eye level.

  12. Callie is right! This post makes me feel like we're talking face-to-face, I just want lots more!

    Amanda, our Amanda, is afraid of needles??? That seems somewhat ironic to me.

    A gal I worked with had a "hand-fasting." Very interesting... I think asking you to do the photos was one smart move on their part.


  13. Hope the neighbors get the hint. I absolutely hate it when people do that. My mom comes to my house, smokes on the porch and leaves them in the yard, too. Its just so rude!

    Congrats on doing the wedding. You will do an amazing job. I am shooting my first on July 4th, trying to convince hubby I need a new lens 85mm, but he's not buying it. He says my 55-250 covers 85 so quit whining. Hahah, of course he says it nicely he would never be mean to me.

    So glad you can spend more time with Jamie. Can't wait for the pictures.

  14. Nice post, Linda! This reminds me of the kind of conversations we have once in awhile when we try to catch up @ work. (Note to self: make a trip to the "bubble" soon!). Sounds like you got a lot going on, but some of it could be fun! By the way, what's "Handfasting"?

  15. Anonymous2:06 PM EDT

    My little sis is going to have her sinuses scrapped on Friday. Later on in the summer she's going to get a nose job cuz she broke her nose a few years ago and according to the ENT specialist she saw, the fracture (which we had no clue about!) is messing up her sinuses and causing her to have chronic problems with infections and having to have the sinus scrapes.

    She's really excited about the nose job, she's always had kind of a big nose that we tease her about, plus she wants to become a plastic surgeon so it'll give her a bit of perspective on the craft.

    At least the nose job will be covered by insurance.

  16. This is like shooting the breeze. Maybe we could do a meme like this. Uh oh, did I say a bad word? Hope you feel better after the procedure (take Sunday off) and tell Amanda to focus on something like cake while she's getting her IV :)

  17. Anonymous8:24 AM EDT

    Please let me know how your stuff went at the hospital.

    Finger sandwiches? I'd tend to stick with tuna or chicken salad myself. Not everyone likes fingers. (I know, I know... it's lame as hell...)

  18. LOL at Lois' sandwich joke..

    You gave us a lot of news here. This was fun to read, Duchess Linda. I'm playing catch-up again.

    Happy anniversary, and more importantly I'm happy for you that Jamie will be there for two months this summer.

  19. My understanding of wedding photography is pretty basic. Shoot the flowers, the wedding party, and the CAKE. The rest is candids.

    Oh...and LOTS of pictures of the bride and groom.

    You'll do fine. You frame scenes so well.


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