Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

It was one week ago today that Amanda had her two bottom wisdom teeth extracted so it's off to the oral surgeon for her follow-up appointment. She said that it's still a bit sore in places and hurts when she chews but for the most part I'd have to say she had a pretty easy recovery. Hopefully she'll soon find that with those two wisdom teeth out, she'll have less headaches and her jaw won't ache all the time.

I can't believe that it's the end of June already and I still haven't put my air-conditioners in! Truth be told I don't mind the cooler weather we've been having this summer as I'm not a big fan of hazy, hot, and humid - which is normally what we get here. That said, we could still have a few less rainy days - please!

Even though we had rain for 22 out of the 30 days of June, I was surprised to see that the water seemed to be down quite a bit over at Yantic Falls when I passed by there the other day. I guess the water levels go down in the summer regardless of how much rain you have.

Speaking of the Falls, I took a 911 call from one our of local ETOHs the other night who told me that he fell off Indian Leap and hurt his arm. Nothing for nothing but I've been up on Indian Leap and if you fell off of there - inebriated or not - you'd do a lot more than hurt your arm! The gentleman in question wasn't exactly very polite while requesting an ambulance either so the police joined us "just in case".

Just in case anyone was wondering, the wreaths that were in the pictures on my post from yesterday are on the doors of the First Congregational Church in Canterbury. I was there earlier in the month for a surprise party for my cousin and his wife who had just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and I snapped some pictures of the church while I was there. This isn't the "original" First Congregational Church of Canterbury as the first First Church was destroyed in a fire but it's definitely your quintessential New England Congregational Church!

I've been kicking around a few ideas of where to take the girls for a road-trip or two this summer and it was mentioned to me at work yesterday by one of my fellow dispatchers that I should check out the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in New York. A quick search of the internet showed it to be only about 2 hours from here just up the Hudson River a bit from New York City. Apparently the cemetery offers regular tours and is quite the place with graves from Revolutionary War heroes to New York millionaires including the Rockefellers and the Helmsleys. In addition to that, the town of Sleepy Hollow itself - home of the fictitious Ichabod Crane - looks pretty cool and a great place to take my Nikon the girls.

Speaking of the girls, I wonder if they could behave themselves on a road-trip or whether I'd end up dumping them by the side of the road with a sign attached that read "Free to Good Home"?!? Amanda seemed to think a trip to Sleepy Hollow would be cool so maybe she could get along with her sister long enough to actually get there.

Actually, not to jinx myself here, they've been getting along pretty good the last few days so I'm hoping that perhaps a corner has been turned - or at least a temporary truce called! I keep hoping that like all of the others who have told me that they" never got along with their sister but now they're great" the same will happen with Amanda and Jamie. Hope springs eternal in the heart of a mother!

Speaking of mothers, congratulations to my friend Kevin whose wife just gave birth to their second daughter on Sunday the 28th. Kevin reports mom and baby are doing fine and should be coming home either Wednesday or Thursday. In the meantime he's taken some time off of work to take care of his adorable oldest daughter and enjoy the new addition to their family.

Guess that about wraps up the tidbits for now; here's hoping everyone has a great Tuesday and last day of June!


  1. I have family who lives in Irvington, NY...it's a cute little place. I think you'd like it.

  2. Could you stand a road trip to Maine? Is that too far a drive? We love Bar Harbor and the Acadia National Park.

    Glad Amanda's feelign better, hope all goes well at her Dr. appt.

  3. Sleepy Hollow sounds right up your alley :o)

  4. I'm glad Amanda is doing fine after her oral surgery. Good for her.

    The road trip sounds like lots of fun. I'd love to go there too. Have fun.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  5. have fun with them, they will fly away before you know it...

    smiles, bee

  6. I love road trips

    I've been wanting to drive up to Canada, haven't done it in years

    glad amanda is feeling better

  7. Anonymous1:07 PM EDT

    ooooh, Sleepy Hollow... That'd be fun!

  8. Hope everything goes well at Amanda's follow up with the dental surgeon.

    A road trip sounds like fun. :)

    Is Jamie living with you now or just there for the summer?

  9. If Amanda and Jaime don't want to go to Sleepy Hollow with you, can I? Just sayin'.

  10. You do have two very different daughtera!

  11. Sleepy Hollow sounds really cool and the pictures are bound to be wonderful. As far as the girls are concerned, the only hope that I can give you is that my two operated on the "No one can hit my brother (sister) except me and fight they did. Now best friends for the past thirty years. It just takes space and time. You provide the experiences together and they regale each other for the rest of their lives with "remember when".

  12. Anonymous8:48 PM EDT

    If you do go to that cemetery let me know, maybe I'll try to meet you there or something. Sounds like a fun trip.

  13. Glad for Amanda! I hate the dentist...with a passion.
    I think a trip to Sleepy Hollow sounds delightful!
    I was playing catch up and read back through the posts I missed. I'm sorry I missed your b-day greetings. Thanks for that (and I got a lot more from you, too....).
    I love that recipe - sounds yummy. And the parable you chose for the tree was perfect.

  14. Glad Amanda is healing well. Good to be rid of those pesky wisdom teeth. I have one left that was never extracted. Dang.

    I agree with Ivanhoe. A trip to Sleepy Hollow and cemetery visiting seems like it's right up your alley, Duchess Linda.

    I hope you go. Already looking forward to the pix!
    Sorry I've been delinquent in visiting you. I don't get around much any more. Nothing personal, your Duchess-ness.


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