Thursday, July 16, 2009

Return of the Plushies ... Sort Of!

Even though I haven't been doing much blogging myself lately, Amanda decided to do a post over on her blog Artcetera chronicling her adventures in doll-making. Those of you who have been following my blog for awhile now are probably quite familiar with the "Plushie Progress Posts" from the past - particularly when Amanda was working on making dolls of the boys in My Chemical Romance ...

or the pantless plushie of guitarist/vocalist Steve Righ from Mindless Self Indulgence ...

Steve Righ plushie by Amanda or even the version of LynZ, flexible bassist from the same band ...

In her current blog post "Death of a Dollmaker", Amanda reveals her latest two plushies ... excuse me ... dolls that she made based on Curtis and Erik - the two members of her current favorite band, Creature Feature. If you get a chance, go check out her post and her two latest creations then leave her a comment telling her that her mom wants a Doctor Who plushie ... er, doll! Considering she's got me hooked on the darned show, the least she can do is make me a doll! Oh, and no Daleks please!


  1. I do remember the posts pertaining to plushies!

    I shall go visit Amanda's blog.

  2. I thought Amanda had stopped making the dolls as you haven't mentioned them in a while. I'll pop over and put a good word in for your Dr. Who doll. :)

  3. I've already seen Amanda's blog...great dolls!

  4. I popped over, too. Boy, she's getting better and better! Ol' Ed is pretty impressive!
    Love the pics of the bovines in the graveyard. I've got a bovine tale, too. Have to remember to post...


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