Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking at the Sky on Friday

I've come to the conclusion that I am just no good at doing memes on a regular basis but I can certainly try to do one every once in awhile, right? Please tell me that I can be at least organized enough to do a meme every once in awhile or I'm going to have to give over my astrological sign to someone else as certainly no one has ever heard of a totally disorganized Virgo!

It's been a long time since I've participated in my friend Tisha's wonderful Looking at the Sky on Friday meme but I've certainly seen quite a few gorgeous skies on other people's blogs - like the beautiful pastel skies I saw at Ralph's blog today - and I was reminded that I had taken a picture this past Fourth of July while on the way home from my mom's house in Canterbury back to Norwich for the annual Fourth of July Fireworks Show that I had wanted to use for this meme. As a matter of fact, I distinctly remember thinking "this would be great for Tisha's meme!" when I pulled into a gravel pit to take the shot!

That little itty bitty white spot in the middle of the picture is the moon, which you could probably see better if you click on the picture and biggify it! I don't own a zoom lens yet so unless I've managed to talk Kevin into letting me borrow his, I have to do what I can with my regular 18-55mm lens. Needless to say, it makes the moon look as far away as it really is! Trust me, this scene was a lot prettier in person as the camera didn't do the color contrasts justice, especially with the evening skies melting into the clouds, but I thought it was still rather pretty.

In addition to that picture, I also forgot that I had fireworks pictures from that same night to show you - see how absent-minded I'm getting?!? Again, no fancy lens - just my regular old one so they aren't spectacular but they're definitely fireworks!

So there you have it, one Looking at the Sky in the evening and a bunch of Looking at the Sky when it was lit up with fireworks! No matter what sky you're looking at today I hope it's a good one and don't forget to go by Tisha's to see what other skies there are in the Blogosphere!


  1. Anonymous6:14 AM EDT

    What'dya mean? I *AM* a totally disorganized Virgo!!!!!!

  2. I don't do memes anymore either. I love your moon over that gorgeous sky!

  3. Love it! And the fireworks came out amazing. I keep forgetting to post mine from the July 4th wedding, too. But the same family is planning a BIGGER display for their labor day picnik, might wait for those. Have a great weekend!!!

  4. I don't mind doing memes when I've nothing else to write about.

    That's an amazing sky Linda and putting the fireworks photos together on a slide show is a touch of genious as it makes it look just like a firework display!

  5. Love your moon shot in that beautiful sky and am delighted you decided to share in Tisha's meme today. Your fireworks photos are amazing ... and love the way you've shared them in a slide show. I've got to learn how to do that one of these days ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. No need to apologize about the lack of the zoom - the broader view is what makes the picture shine. The vastness of the pink sunset we see, nut the moon sitting solitary over the vista just reminds us that darkness will take over the view shortly. The smaller moon in this shot belies the abrupt changes that night will bring...

  7. I don't do memes, but enjoy looking at sunsets, sunrises, and all sights beautiful in nature! This is the best way to see fireworks...they are quiet:-) Hugs...

  8. hey linda i knew that was the moon right off! and i love your fireworks shots...

    have a great day my friend...

    smiles, bee

  9. I used to take shots to fit the memes I was in, then I realized I was making blogging into one more deadline and chore

    so now I take photos when and where I see and feel them
    and when I want to post for a particular project I do
    and sometimes I don't ;)

    keep the fun and get rid of the rest

    love your photo - the clouds are magnificent!!

  10. Love your moon photo, it really has perspective and depth. Fabulous fireworks shots as well.

    From one disorganized Virgo to another, you do the best you can and the rest will have to take care of itself.

  11. Another totally disorganized Virgo here -- Glad to meet you. &:O) Love this photo --- the colors are beautiful, but I know what you mean -- it's hard to capture it as beautiful as it really is. Especially the moon! I think I read somewhere that it's impossible to get a pic of the big harvest moon because the size we see it is an optical illusion. I wonder...

  12. The only meme I've stuck with is Awww...Mondays. I did Tisha's once, but Friday is such a bad day for me. I'm leaving shortly for the boat. See what I mean. I do ♥ Tisha to pieces.

    Love the photographs as always. I also think your fireworks are awesome too.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. ;)

  13. The picture of the sky is great even without the un-biggify-ness! And I love the fireworks.

    I've noticed that as I get older, I get more unorganized and I am a Virgo! I have always been an extremely organized Virgo with a touch of OCD. Now I'm just frazzled, forgetful and a little spacey. LOL.

  14. Absolutely love the moon shot. There is a nice eerie quality that appeals. Great fireworks too. As to astrological signs: Pices with a gemini moon and a Leo ascendant - a personality for all occasions sort of siamese quadruplets.

  15. That is a terrific picture.

  16. Both are awesome! If that's w/o the other lens, you're really gonna be awesome!


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