Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Scribblings

One of the good things about modern technology these days is that it's much easier to keep in touch with people then it ever used to be. When Jamie went back to Florida two weeks ago she took with her a new cell phone that hopefully won't be taken away from her if/when she manages to get herself into trouble. The last time I tried giving her a cell phone, her dad was constantly taking it away and it was very frustrating that the phone had become an instrument of discipline instead of a way to keep in touch with me. Now that she seems to get in trouble less than she did before, I am hoping that the phone can be used for what it was meant to be - a way for us to keep in contact.

One way for her to do that is to send me pictures of the drawings that she has been working on. She sent me several yesterday and asked if I would use them on my blog. Being that I had absolutely no idea what to do for a Sunday post, I figured they'd be perfect and put them together into the following collage:

The quality isn't perfect as it's cell phone to cell phone to email and no doubt the quality suffers in the translation but still, they are much better than I could ever do as I have no talent whatsoever when it comes to drawing things - unless maybe it's drawing money out of the bank or drawing out a sentence or drawing on other people's talents to give me a blog post!

Happy Sunday everyone! And for those that this post popped up for yesterday, I have NO idea why it did that as it was set to publish on Sunday. Blogger problems?? Either way - have a great Sunday - which is TODAY!


  1. wow, they both can draw! such talent...

    smiles, bee

  2. Yes I've found the cell phone photo thing not quite up to scratch but the technology is still impressive! [as are the drawings]

  3. WAIT!!
    what day is it???

    Did I miss a day? I thought it was saturday....

    I"m so confused.

  4. shercyramos6:23 AM EDT

    You just made my sunday. The drawings are cute. Even with some imperfections in the technology, we can still see the talent. The collage is also cute, it looks like a comic.

  5. Well obviously Jamie has inhereted the artistic gene as well - those are excellent! :)

    I hope she gets to keep the phone. x

  6. Anonymous11:49 AM EDT

    I like this Blog

  7. Though your daughters are different, they both have artistic talent.

  8. Nice talent! My stick figures a pathetic...


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