Sunday, September 20, 2009

Critters Cuz I Can!

Cute bunnies!

A not-so-old goat ... and doesn't it look like he's smiling??

Oh, and before I forget! The picture in my Looking at the Sky on Friday post was taken on the scenic overlook on Route 50 in California just as you come around the bend and see Lake Tahoe lying before you. That site never fails to take my breath away and, as far as I'm concerned, is one of the most beautiful views in the world!

*Pictures taken at Saturday's Old Home Day in Canterbury


  1. Aha, no wonder that view looked familiar! These sure are cute critters.

  2. See I said you were making me homesick. Love the animals. It's a nice Awwww for Sunday.

  3. too cute.

    at first I thought you were going to do a piece about how back in the 1800's they made rabbit stew....


    I love Tahoe!

  4. Bunnies! I remember we had rabbits in one of my classrooms when I was in grade school. I think it would have been around 3rd grade.

    They never did anything but eat and poop. I did my turn taking them home on the weekend and realized that while they were cute and cuddly, they weren't much for pets. At least not for me.

  5. My brother used to breed bunnies. :)

  6. I absolutely love bunnies. They are adorable...from far away :)

    Brain Foggles

  7. I had the view right - just the wrong Hwy.
    My daughter had a huge rabbit named Ned. He used to chase our dogs around the backyard, and they didn't want to get caught! He had more personality than a lot of people I know!
    Love goats, too. I think I should have lived on a farm. I guess that's why I have a gazillion farm apps on FB!

  8. so which one of you had more fun with the petting zoo???

  9. Yay!! I knew the sky photo was taken in California.

    Cute critters. Bunnies always look so scared to me.

    Of course the goat is smiling for the photographer!


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