Sunday, September 6, 2009

Down By The Thames

Friday evening was gorgeous so I asked my friend Amy if she'd like to head down to Groton with me to try to take some pictures of the full moon. Ever since she took me to Eastern Point Beach to see the fireworks a couple of years ago, I just love that place for picture-taking. I know it's just the Thames River meeting up with the Long Island Sound but there's just something about it that I find really, really appealing plus there's the added bonus of New London Harbor Light just across the Thames River. Amanda could tell you how much I like lighthouses lately so that's a big plus in my book!

This first picture shows a ferry heading over to Long Island and a sailboat coming back towards New London with a beautiful sunset in the background.

The sunset isn't quite as pretty in this picture but you can see New London Harbor Light just on the other side of the Long Island Ferry; it had just become dark enough for the light to come on.

Meanwhile, looking out towards Long Island Sound, there were some beautiful pink clouds dancing in the blue skies.

A couple enjoys the evening sky from the rocks at Eastern Point. You've got to admit, a sky like that is pretty romantic, is it not??

As it got darker, the beacon from New London Harbor Light painted a swath of light on the darkening Thames River.

This shot was taken looking across towards Avery Point in Groton. This time it's the moon casting a glow on the water along with the many lights of Avery Point.

Finally, I may have mentioned before that I take horrible pictures of the moon. It's something I'm just not good at but I do like to try every once in awhile! Even though the moon is just a big ball of light in the night sky, I still rather like this picture. One of these days, I'll figure out how to do take good pictures of the moon - I hope!


  1. Linda your photography just gets better and better!

  2. Wow! These are all very romantic photos! I love the first and I went crazy over the rocks kissed with light. Linda, you really need to be "discovered"! And personally, I love that moon shot!

  3. I really like that moon picture...and really like the moon on the water....but my fav would be the lighthouse at night!

  4. linda these photos are amazing!!! i was thinking of you last night on the way home with the big huge ball of a moon in the sky, it was breathtaking, and i was wondering if you were going to photograph it!

    smiles, bee

  5. I thought it was the Thames in Britain, but that one looks much better!

  6. Linda, these are great shots. Really! I like them, especially the moon shot with the water/rocks in the foreground.

    Hubby was stationed there in the USCG and always referred to it as "Rotten Groten," but it doesn't look rotten at all!

    Hugs to ya...

  7. stop complaining your moon pics are better than most...mine just look like a white light.

  8. Those are a beautiful series of pictures. My favorite actually is one of the moon shots. The next to last with the pier. Very well done.

  9. My moon photos look like someone mooning someone! I'm happy that you got so much time to enjoy yourself this summer, doing what you enjoy. You deserve it.

  10. Linda, I do think you are way too hard on yourself about you sky/water/moon shots. These were all very good but my personal favorite was the third one down -with the bright blue sky and the clouds with a pinkish tinge to them. Very, very pretty!

  11. The thing with moon shots is that unless you know what you're doing with aperture and ISO and all that fun stuff, you end up just having a big reflective ball of light in the sky versus a moon with any sort of definition to it.

    Claire gave me a couple of links to look at that have some good suggestions so provided the Full Harvest Moon next month isn't hidden behind an array of clouds, I'm going to give some of them a try. Of course, I still won't have a zoom lens but am hoping that the moon will be large enough for me to capture at least a bit of detail.

    That said - thank you all for the compliments in regards to these pictures, your views and opinions mean a lot to me!

  12. BA-LO-KNEE!! This last picture is absolutely fantastic. I may not be any sort of photographer... but I LOVE this last picture. It is so end-of-summer New England!

  13. I back-tracked and got caught up. WOW! You really rock, girl! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite, they're all too good...
    I am kinda partial to the one with the light on the rocks. Gorgeous...
    Loved the post about Poe. He was one of my first "grown up" authors. I read everything I could get my hands on (including Tropic of Cancer at the ripe age of 12 - found out what a bidet was. My dad was horrified!). Anyway, one of my favorites was "Annabelle Lee." We had some album that set a lot of his stuff to music and that one was narrated beautifully. Sigh......
    Again, thanks for the tour!

  14. Beautiful, Linda!!! Absolutely gorgeous!


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