Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Favorite Picture from Washington DC

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that I would reveal today what my favorite picture was out of all the ones that I took and which appeared in the video montage of photos. Having taken well over 200 pictures there were a lot to choose from including this one -

I thought that the dark clouds approaching the Dome of the Capitol were pretty cool and gave it sort of a sense of foreboding. Then again, I really liked this one -

I think that having the people in front looking up definitely shows you just how huge the Capitol is - what a majestic and grand structure it is.

But, my very favorite and current desktop picture is this one -

This is the West Wing of the Capitol and I just love the darker clouds overhead as well as the architecture of the building. If you click on it, you can "feel" the picture much better in its bigger version. Even though I didn't really want anyone in the picture, after looking at it, I think that having the one lone Security Officer standing guard also adds to it. What do you think?


  1. "I thought that the dark clouds approaching the Dome of the Capitol were pretty cool and gave it sort of a sense of foreboding."

    Nah, just the his royal highness bringing the end of the world... I believe it's called change?

    Anyway, awesome pics as always!

  2. As I said yesterday, who could choose one favorite. But it is an impressive photo, lending weight to the notion that our country was founded and built upon a solid foundation.

    Wonder what that lone guard is thinking in his shorts? His body language says defensive, as it should be, but I also sense boredom.

  3. Anonymous8:29 AM EDT

    the picture of the west wing wouldn't be as impressive if it wasn't for that guard.

  4. I like the pictures and think that the people show the magnitude of the buildings. :)

  5. So many good pictures there, Linda.

  6. What does it for me are the dark blue skies in the back ground. Very nice job on those photos, Linda (as always!!!)

  7. i love that the guard is in the shot, makes it i think!

    smiles, bee

  8. All of them are terrific shots.

  9. I also like the pool of standing water on the ground that is reflecting back.. It's almost eerie!

  10. Yes people definitely help with scale and the lone security officer is quite poignant.

  11. I guess it's just me but I'd like to see our guards in more "official" looking uniforms. I get it - he's young, cute and in shorts. I'm not dead yet! I do like his inclusion in the photo!
    I really like the shots you made of Washington memorial peeking from one corner, too.
    Heck, they're all good!

  12. These two pictures take my breath away. I am certain I need to see these massive buildings in person.. Digging the sky in the last photo.

  13. You are sooo talented, my friend.

  14. your pictures take my breath away...



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