Thursday, October 8, 2009

Travel Plans

First and foremost, if you get a chance please meander on over to my friend Jeni's blog at Down River Drivel and wish the old seasoned gal a very happy 65th birthday. She had told me yesterday that she was going to more or less just ignore the day but I told her that birthdays were meant to be celebrated and not ignored. Jeni - and everyone else - can ignore them when they're dead and buried but if you're still on this side of the dirt - celebrate!!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, our upcoming road-trip this weekend is going to be a bit longer and cover a bigger expanse of places than past ones have as I'm trying to turn it into an actual vacation and not just a jaunt down to Baltimore and back. Amanda and I were supposed to be flying out to Southern California with our friend Amy and her mother at the end of the month to spend Halloween in Los Angeles but - without going into too many details - Amy and her somewhat famous rock star sister had a bit of a falling out and the trip was canceled. Amanda had really been looking forward to it and was understandably disappointed so we moved to Plan B which was Poe's funeral. Amy was originally going to go with us on this trip but couldn't get her time off from work adjusted so now it's just myself, Amanda, and Darci - again.

I'm actually taking four shifts off from work which gives me until next Thursday off so after we attend the funeral on Sunday afternoon, we're heading northwest to Pennsylvania and Gettysburg National Battlefield which is only a little over an hour from Baltimore. After we get settled into our hotel there, it's off to the Farnsworth House for one of Gettysburg's famous ghost walks on Sunday night and then we'll spend as much time as possible on Monday covering at least the highlights of the battlefield. Neither Amanda nor Darci have ever been to Gettysburg (and Darci is a history nut) but they're both looking forward to it. Plans also include meeting up with a blogging friend who is spending a few days at Gettysburg with her husband; we may actually meet up at the ghost walk if things work out right.

Monday evening after I've bored the girls to death with all things Civil War, we'll be driving over to Lancaster to put Darci on an Amtrak train back to Philadelphia as her father doesn't want her missing school on Tuesday and then Amanda and I will spend the night somewhere in Dutch Country. I haven't made definite plans on just where yet (though I'm leaning towards the Strasburg area) but I hope to have that nailed down by Friday afternoon. Tuesday will be spent touring as much of the Amish countryside as possible, including one of those delicious Pennsylvania Dutch Country restaurants, before heading north to the Wilkes-Barre area where plans call for meeting up with another blogger and her husband who live in the general area.

Tuesday night will be spent either in the Wilkes-Barre or Scranton area depending on where I decide we're going to hang our hats and then I'm hoping for a nice leisurely drive back to Connecticut either through the area of the Delaware Water Gap or further north depending on the weather and the amount of foliage. Of course I'd like to try to find the most scenic route if possible and if that involves staying off of the major roadways for awhile, I wouldn't mind that in the least as I'm sure I'll have spent more than enough time on major highways and could use the break! I'm hoping to be back in Norwich at a reasonable hour Wednesday evening so Amanda can go back to school and I can go back to work on Thursday - much to what will be, I'm sure, both of our disappointments!

Obviously Amanda is going to miss two days of school but I figure she was going to miss that if we went to California later in the month anyway and she's promised to get any assignments she's going to need from her teachers ahead of time. Come to think of it, I need to remind her of that!

In an effort to get somewhat more organized for our upcoming road-trip than I have been for the last couple, I'm going to try to spend tomorrow doing some packing so I'm not scrambling around wondering what I forgot at the last minute - again. Considering we plan on leaving Connecticut at the god-awful hour of 4:30 a.m. on Saturday, I really need to be ready to go ahead of time as "scrambling" isn't even my dictionary for that time of the morning - including when it comes to eggs! However, I figure that time should get us through New York City and well down the Jersey Turnpike before traffic becomes an issue - I hope!!

After we get home from this trip I'm going to try to stay put for a little while though I've also got plans in the works to attend the Annual Lantern Tour in Derby, Connecticut on October 24th with my friend the Princess Patti and her hubby Ralph - two wonderful bloggers and Nutmeggers I've had the pleasure of spending time with in the past; a trip to Fort Adams in Rhode Island with my cousin on the 23rd; and it also looks like Amanda and I will be heading to Salem, Massachusetts with Amy and Jason for Halloween. So ... maybe I'll stay home next weekend??


  1. Anonymous7:43 AM EDT

    be sure to give that blogger a great big hug from me!!!!!!!

  2. Sunday's Lisa and Mark's Anniversary - and my birthday!

    I'll bet Amanda's teachers won't mind - she'll be taking a living History lesson, after all!

  3. Oh I'm so jealous you get to meet Lisa!!!!! Give her a huge hug for me. :) And while you're at it, ask her to give YOU a big hug for me too. :)

    You're going to have such an awesome trip-can't wait for the pictures and the stories!

  4. It is wonderful that you are getting some extended time away from work to spend exactly as you want. We will await the pictures with great anticipation. Hope you catch a few ghosts doing ghostly things.

  5. I can't wait!! Hubby is a bit nervous, but I will convince him to join us. He does exist, I promise!!!

    Hugs abound, I am sure. And pictures, too!!!! :)

  6. Plan B sounds awesome Linda. Can't wait to hear all about it. :)

  7. The Annual Lantern Tour sounds like fun.

  8. Anonymous5:51 PM EDT

    Sounds like it's going to be a great trip! I'm envious. The area you are visiting is jam packed with historical sites and interesting places to see. It's too bad you don't have more time, being so close to D.C.

    Anyway, give a wave in my direction. You'll only be about six hours away.

  9. sounds like you have a good game plan...even if it isn't

    looking forward to seeing your photos.

  10. oh how fun!

    smiles, bee

  11. Now see Linda, if you'd planned your travel si as ti gi yo ti Garrusbyrg after leaving Gettysburg and then, going about 2 hours north-west of Harrisburg, you could be here and have a visit with me, meet Maya and Kurt, have dinner with us, etc! But perhaps another trip, huh? If you ever venture forth on Interstate 80 going west in PA -I am right smack-dab in the center of the state and live about 4 miles off the 133 mile interchange! Stop and see us or keep that in with future plans maybe!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes and for the plug on your blog about that too! I had a quite enjoyable day for sure -lots and lots of greetings on Blogger, on Facebook, e-mails, cards in snail mail and even a visit by my oldest girlfriend -my neighbor two doors down the street. And she came bearing a gift too - a beautiful hand candlestick holder carved from wood in a Swedish design, made by her husband! Really beautiful and I'll have to take a pic of it and post it here so all can see it!
    Thanks again Linda -enjoy Gettysburg to the max. It's a beautiful place and one that is obviously loaded to the gills with history!

  12. That is one of our "Bucket List" trips. I'd love to see some of the civil war sites. My bro and his family did and actually found some of our family plots from around that time! That was a huge surprise! We don't have family reunions because there are none of us left!
    Have a fantastic time and enjoy your "down-time," right....

  13. Enjoy it, Linda...900th post on my Journal.

  14. Oh me, oh my what a busy life you lead Duchess Linda!

    You have quite a packed itinerary ahead. Drive carefully and have lots of fun on your time off.


  15. Excellent! I hope the weather cooperates. October out west is generally perfect weather for outings.

  16. Sounds like it's going to be a great trip! I'm envious. The area you are visiting is jam packed with historical sites and interesting places to see. Thanks for sharing a good stufff.

  17. Everyone can pop over to my place to learn the Thriller zombie dance. We can all do it in unison for Halloween.

  18. Ooooh sounds like it`s going to be a fabulous trip! When you mentioned you might be meeting up with a blogging friend in Ghettysburg I thought of Patty right away and when I clicked on your link, it made me smile to see it was her:-) I know how much she loves that area. I absolutely love going on Ghost Walks!! Looking forward to hearing all about your trip and lots of pictures please:-) xoxo


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