Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kitchen Mathematics

For those in the mathematics world, pi equals 3.14159265 and is a mathematical constant whose value is the ratio of any circle's circumference to its diameter in Euclidean space - the same value as the ratio of a circle's area to the square of its radius.

Yea ... okay ... in my world pi(e) equals ...

... whose value is made up of some of the following ingredients ...

... which forms a circle whose diameter equals some mouth-watering Thanksgiving deliciousness!

I'll be spending most of today in the kitchen working on the mathematics of pie as I bake up several apple pies with crumb topping, a pumpkin pie, and experiment with an apple-cranberry pie recipe that a certain blogger emailed me about a week or so ago.  While I'm in there I may throw in a batch of brownies just for good measure!

Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday in your whatever part of the world you're in!


  1. I want to hear more about that apple cranberry pie :) Sounds yummy. My grandmother makes a Strawberry Rhubarb pie that we all love. So combos now sound delish.

  2. Your pi(e) and my pi(e) are the same. I love it. Lois is a good cook. I can just tell. I'll be over later for a little taste of each.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug.

  3. linda this looks delish! what is in that can that says one pie? never seen that before... i am making two pumpkin pies tomorrow. i can hardly wait!

    smiles, bee

  4. I'll go for the food pie rather than the mathmatical one!

  5. Edible pie is the only one I know...and like! Yummm, I'll be right over, so save me some.

    Big hugs...as I drool...

  6. Yummy, yum, yum!! I like this kind of pie MUCH better!! :)

    I hope that you and Amanda have a wonderful Thanksgiving...do you have to work? I hope not. But if you do, I hope that you get some time to relax. I love you!

  7. My mom made a couple of winning pumpkin pies this year. In fact, we've got a couple pieces here! We're waiting and waiting so we can savor the taste one more time.

  8. Great post. LOL! That's what pi equals in my world, too. :) They all sound yummy, by the way.

  9. MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...PIE!


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