Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday Things

Where did the warm weather go? It was definitely nice while it lasted but alas, it's back to November in New England and the colder weather has returned - quite possibly to stay until May at this point!  Should it wish to make a return appearance, though, I would have no complaints at all!

Amanda is finally going back to school today and feeling a bit better.  Her new doctor diagnosed her with bronchitis on Tuesday which is what I was leaning towards when she started complaining of her chest hurting when she coughed.  Thankfully it's not the flu but I guess we'll be living with the threat of that over our heads all winter.

I got my seasonal flu shot at work yesterday - a nice perk that we get courtesy of the company I work for. H1N1 shots are limited to road personnel due to the limited availability but that's okay as I know that they're the ones that are constantly exposed to any number of things and are the ones in the most need.  I'm just thankful to be able to get the regular flu shot every year.

I made meatloaf and mashed potatoes before going to work yesterday and I must say that it was quite delicious!  This time of year just screams "comfort food!" and that's exactly what I've been fixing lately.  I know that technically it was Prince Spaghetti Day but hopefully Miss Bee will forgive me!

Speaking of Miss Bee, if you get a chance today please send up a special prayer and positive thoughts for her husband Sarge Charlie who is battling non-hodgkins lymphoma and is in the middle of his chemo week when he feels the most run-down and ill.  He's putting up a magnificent fight and the tumor has really shrunk so even though he's got his bad weeks, they are worth it as the chemo does its job against the cancer. Go Sarge!

Finally, we may be having an addition to our household soon in the form of this fella here -

"Rufus", as Amanda has named him, is one of the neighborhood strays that Elizabeth, the adorable elderly woman that lives in the apartment behind us, has been feeding for the past couple of months.  When I was out raking leaves the other day, Elizabeth came out and was talking to me about how concerned she was that he had no home for the winter.  While Elizabeth and I talked, Rufus played in the leaves that I was raking and did a wonderful job of acting quite cute.  I got the distinct feeling that Elizabeth was trying to talk me into taking him as she told me that she'd had him taken to the vet where he got all of his shots and was neutered but I wasn't too sure.  I sometimes have allergy problems with cats but it doesn't appear that Rufus is the type that sheds all over the place so he might be okay.

I didn't commit to anything but once I mentioned the situation to Amanda she was all over the idea of adopting Rufus like a hobo on a ham sandwich!  She's been wanting a cat for quite some time and pulled out her best wheedling ... "he'll keep me company while you're at work", "a cat is better than a mousetrap", and the age-old, "I'll feed him and empty the litter box - honest!"  Uh-huh, where have I heard that one before?  Still, I'm not without a heart and the idea of the poor guy having to spend the cold winter outside plays to the soft side that I try not to let too many people know I have!

Currently Amanda is in the process of getting Rufus used to her and Elizabeth has turned over the daily feeding to us (she even stopped by Tuesday evening with a bag of his favorite cat food!).  Hopefully once he trusts Amanda he'll decide that our house isn't a bad place to live - in which case I guess I need to go buy that litter box Amanda has promised to keep clean!   I'll keep you posted!


  1. Ahhh, Rufus is a cutie. THat's not the same one that follows Amanda to school?

    I am allergic, too. But still love them to pieces. I had two in my lifetime so far and they were the best. Midnight and Pepper.

  2. That Elizabeth is one sharp cookie! Hooray for her...and hooray for you taking sweet Rufus in. Yes, I'm a sucker, too. Puurrry hugs...

  3. It's so cold...where's my writers?

  4. Like a hobo on a ham sandwich huh? Bwahahahahaha. That cracked me up. I think Rufus will be a very nice addition to the family. You know he'll run the household right? He will.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  5. It's turned cold here too Linda. Brrrrr!

    I think Rufus has endeared himself to you - you're hooked! LOL

  6. If Rufus enough, he'll be well behaved for the next few days.

  7. Anonymous5:19 PM EST

    Rufus is a cutie pie! One word to secure his stay -- zyrtec (reg & generic)... It's the bomb.

    I hear ya about the litter box

  8. thanks honey and i wouldn't mind if flat rufus flew south! ha ha ha he could even have a cat blog but you'd have to do that!

    smiles, bee

  9. Yay for Rufus!! I hope it all works out. Be sure to tell Amanda to keep the mice away from him! :)

    H1N1 is running rampant on campus. I didn't even think about this when I took the job (not that I would have declined it) but there are tons of people going down with it...

  10. I hope it works out for you and Rufus. He's quite the handsome gentleman.

  11. Rufus has a very distinguished tail! Maybe, if he's an indoor cat, he wont be bringing in pollen and junk in his coat, and you won't be bothered. Also, remember the Netti pot!
    Now I can get rid of the craving for meatloaf and mashers. That's one of our comfort favorites!
    Stay warm (we actually boughtleg warmers - they help!).

  12. hmm should I break out my meatloaf recipie?

    nah, high today is 75, low 62...think I'll hold off a bit.

  13. I laughed out loud at that "hobo on a ham sandwich" line, too. LOLOLOL!

    You won't be sorry if you take the poor guy in. Of course, this is from someone who brought a stray dog home on a plane once.

  14. I vote let Rufus stay. He is a pretty baby. Amanda is right he will be a lot of company.

  15. Ralph told me Rufus could be Linus' twin brother.

    OMG he is! His photo is only loading half-way down for me. But I can see that he certainly looks like our sweet furry guy.

    =^. .^=

    I hope you kept him.

    I haven't been visiting this week, Duchess Linda; please forgive me.


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