Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings ...

With a beautiful November day to enjoy yesterday (on my day off no less!) I thought I'd take some time to see if I could get some photographs of a train or two but alas, I may as well have stayed home and cleaned the dining room which desperately needs it! 

I've been trying to catch a train crossing over the railroad trestle pictured above but have had absolutely no luck so far. The trestle crosses the Yantic River in between the Upper and Lower Falls not too far from my house and even though it's quite photogenic in its own right, I keep thinking how great the trestle would look with an actual train going over it. Unfortunately though the New England Central Railway, which operates on those tracks, apparently has pretty erratic schedules so there's no telling when a train might go by.  After waiting there for well over an hour yesterday the only thing I was catching was cold so I finally decided to head south and see what I could find closer to the Groton/Mystic area.

After driving around some I found a railroad crossing in the Noank section of Groton that looked like it had some potential so I took up a position near the tracks and waited for a train or two to come by.  Amtrak is the primary operator on the tracks at that crossing and several Acelas blew by while I was there.  Obviously I was not having a good camera day as the best shot I got out of all of the ones I took was this one -

and even that one isn't all that great. Granted, the train was zooming past me at a pretty good rate of speed so getting a good picture was tricky but I'm sure a better photographer would have gotten a nice picture. At least I got a wave from the engineer and a cheery blast from the horn as they sped by so I guess the day wasn't a total loss.  I'm thinking of trying my luck at the trestle again today but we'll see as there really are other things I could be doing before going into work other than hanging out by the railroad tracks!

Speaking of things to do, I have a couple of suggestions for you today!  First off, you could pop over to Everything and Nothing and wish Akelamalu a very happy birthday as she's celebrating hers today over in jolly old England.  Akelamalu is a bloody brilliant writer who always likes to add an unexpected twist to her stories and she also goes on some of the most amazing journies through England that has me wanting to go over there even more than I did before - as if that were possible!

After you stop in and wish Akelamalu a happy birthday click on over to PEA's Corner and enter her Christmas Giveway 2009 by simply leaving her a comment saying "Hey!  Count me in!" - or something along those lines!   PEA, a real sweetheart from Canada, has put together a wonderful collection of snowmen including a soap/lotion dispenser, toothpick holder, candle, and other assorted snowman goodies that are sure to put a smile on your face and holiday happiness in your home.  "The more - the merrier!" for the contest PEA says and you don't even have to tell her that I sent you if you don't want to!

When you're done with those two things you're free to have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I love the old bridge photo

  2. Maybe you could try googleing the train schedule.

  3. The journey is always more fun than the destination, or something smart and eloquent like that. I'd say you did great. I haven't been out with the camera in awhile, with it getting so dark so fast, I doubt I will find much time these days. You are an inspiration!!!

  4. I think it's a beautiful picture, with or with out the train. Yesterday was a perfect day for pictures. Yes a bit cold, but nice and sunny. Today it's overcast. Almost feeling like snow.....
    Have a fun day off!

  5. I love the first photo - train or no train!

    I've been so busy painting and all that I haven't even taken my Canon out of the case. Pretty much all my photos lately have been on my iPhone. um... How do you spell LAZY? :-)

  6. Good morning Linda:-)

    I was going to say you should call the train station and find out their schedule for when a train crosses that railroad trestle but then I read where you said their schedule seems pretty erratic! lol I agree with you, getting a picture of a train actually on the trestle would be brilliant. In the area I live in we just have the regular old train tracks, no trestles or tunnels and quite often I get stuck having to wait for a train to go by before getting into town. I don't mind, though, as I've always found trains fascinating:-) Saying that, I've never traveled on a train...I know, I'm soooo deprived! hehe

    Thank you so much for announcing my Christmas Giveaway:-) I'll now mosey on over to Akelamalu's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday!

    Have a terrific day my friend. xoxo

  7. Freight trains don't really have regular schedules per say due to several reasons - one of them being safety and the other being the time it takes to sometimes load and unload cars so there's really no way I can call to find out a time a train will be through.

    One of my fellow dispatchers has been trying to keep track (no pun intended) of when one of the NECR trains passes our building so we have sort of a ballpark estimate as to when might be by that trestle but apparently that changes everyday. Of course!

    I think I'm just going to have to pack a lunch, bring a book, and camp out there one of these days in order to finally catch a train!

  8. I just showed some of your photography to my friend Harvey. He's a photographer and loves your work...

  9. Love the always. Will go visit your suggestions later. Got to do a bit of real work before lunch. What's wrong with that picture???

    Big hugs...

  10. What a fun day. I really love your first shot. Too bad that train didn't come for you though.

    I went over and sang Happy Birthday to Akelamalu and entered the contest at PEA's. I let both of them know you sent me.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  11. I don't know why but for some reason any time you post pictures of railroad lines, bridges and they involve bits and pieces of the Yantic River, they always seem so much more interesting and prettier too. What the heck would cause a fascination like that for a place I've never seen before?

  12. A great first picture, Linda!

  13. Love the railroad trestle photo. It look like it belongs in another time. :)

  14. i swear, you and lala and lisa! and photography!

    smiles, bee

  15. You know MWM and I are big train fans. We've been looking at a train journey across America - possibly 2011 - I'll keep you posted!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes honey and thanks to all your readers who popped over to see me too. xxxx

  16. Anonymous9:29 PM EST

    I like the trestle photo... I'll bet that amtrak train made lots of wind blowing by...

  17. hey there, trying to weed out my >200 google reader posts.

    have you tried calling the nearest station for those tracks and asking for a schedule? might save you a sneeze or two..


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