Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Tree Teases

Still just a few more teases of the Christmas tree has I've yet to be able to take a decent picture of the whole thing due to what I'm going to claim to be lighting issues! These three ornaments are three of my favorites on the tree as they are the kids' First Christmas ornaments.

This little pair of booties for Michael I actually made by hand and date back to 1981 - the year he was born.  His name and all that good stuff are embroidered on the backs. They don't quite qualify for antique status yet but they're getting there!

Amanda's pink rocking horse was given to me as a gift shortly before her first Christmas but darned if I can remember who it was from!  I want to say my cousin Amy but that could be wrong, my memory appears to get more and more like Swiss cheese every day!

Finally this one is Jamie's first ornament and I remember ordering it from a catalog but again - darned if I can remember which one! Hers is from 1993 as she was born only 13 months after Amanda.

On a side note, yesterday's shopping trip with my mother went well though I have to say the time flew by and it went from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the blink of an eye!  I've still got some more to do and now there's that whole "wrapping" thing that needs to be undertaken, too!  As a rule, though, I like to wrap presents so I'm not stressing about that.

I'm hosting (hostessing?) a party for some of my co-workers this Friday evening and my house is nowhere near acceptable guest standards so guess what I'll be doing off and on for the next few days when I'm not at work??  Not that I think the folks I work with in dispatch are going to care if the house is spotless but as an overly critical, somewhat anal Virgo you can darned well bet that I will!  Now, where's that furniture polish and mop and ... ??


  1. These ornaments are always the very best and most special. How cool. The tree is looking great. Awaiting the final picture.

    I'm another Virgo, so I know that your home will be spotless. I so know that. I'm looking forward to spending another annual Christmas gathering with you. I think this is my third? I can't remember.

    Well about that speech. As you see I wasn't asked for one and I'd already had that microphone in my hand several times before this.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  2. Ok Linda, you teaser you! When I get my tree up (umm not up yet) Yes! when I do get MY tree up, I'll tease you! You know what they say...payback's a..... ;D

    On a serious note, God don't they grow up too fast?

  3. I can't wait to pass on my ornaments to my kids and grandkids

  4. I love the sentimental ornaments best! I should follow suit and take some pics of mine to document for posterity! Once again, girl! You are my inspiration.

  5. Anonymous3:26 PM EST

    as a fellow anal Virgo, I know how that is... In all the years of living here, this is the first year I've felt really good about entertaining from my home. Sad part is that I used to do it often in the past...

    I've been cleaning like a mad-woman trying to get things "just so" for my company tomorrow.

  6. Your Christmas has quite some history in it.

  7. I love the sentimental ornaments from when our children were little. They are the best ones!

    Looking forward to seeing the tree soon...

    I like to wrap presents as well, and I'm not even a Virgo. But I am an Earth sign.

  8. These tree pictures are sort of like a strip tease in reverse, show a little here a little there.

    Would you like to borrow some of my Piscean ebb and flow? Don't worry just move around stuff and eventually you get the Grand Canyon. :-)

  9. Nice shots of the ornaments. You may have a hard time getting a really decent shot of the whole tree because of the lighting challenges. With the lights, it is difficult to capture detail in the ornaments because the small lights have such an effect on the auto exposure settings.

    The way to overcome that is to experiment with manual exposure settings and not rely on the camera. That's where the challenge comes in. :0)

  10. Such special treasured ornaments! My mom bought my boys ornaments every year from the time they were born until they were 25 years old. I gave Shawn his after he got married and then found out his wife refuses to put them on their tree. She has no sentimental feelings at all. I'm just hoping she didn't throw them away, I'm almost scared of asking him. Sigh. Corey's are still here so they go on the tree every year yet:-)

    I hope you get that perfect picture of your tree soon, we want to see it! lol Thank you for the compliment on mine and there's no such thing as yours not being as nice as mine, etc...don't ya know, ALL Christmas trees are special and beautiful:-) Yup, even Charlie Brown's tree! hehe

    How fun that you will be hosting a party for your co-workers!! Wish I could join in:-) xoxo

  11. Oh...I feel your pain about your house not being ready for your party! Mine is not until next Friday, but I think I may have jumped the gun here...moving in and having a party is crazy. Especially when you have to paint and hang things. *sigh*

  12. Those ornaments are so sweet especially the bootees which you made!

    I know how you feel about making sure the house is spotless before guests arrive, I'm just the same.

  13. I love ornaments with memories and history attached to them
    these are lovely

    I have an angel that my grandfather brought here from Russia
    and a few from when my son was a baby
    they mean the most

  14. My son is 15 and from his first Christmas I buy him a special ornament each year. I try to have it reflect something he was into that year. For example, there's a bear bowling the year he learned to bowl, a Spongebob the year he was obsessed with him and the list goes on an on. I have him hang those on the tree each year.


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