Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Freezing Some Moments in Time (Literally!)

I think there's probably a distinct possibility that I suffer from S.A.D. - Seasonal Affective Disorder aka the Winter Blues or Winter Depression.  Some of the symptoms of S.A.D. may consist of: difficulty waking up in the morning (check!), tendency to oversleep as well as to overeat with especially a craving for carbohydrates which leads to weight gain (double chin check!). Other symptoms include a lack of energy (check!), difficulty concentrating on completing tasks (big check!), and withdrawal from friends, family, and social activities (well, little check on this one).  Hmm, now that I look at all that, I may suffer from S.A.D. all year round!

Well, okay, maybe I'm not really that bad but I do know that I get pretty depressed when it's cold and overcast all the time and don't want to leave the house unless I absolutely have to (i.e., work and groceries).  Not that I'm a great outdoor person either but there's something to be said about being able to grab my camera and head out looking for photo opportunities - something I really haven't had the inclination and/or chance to do in way too long.

With yesterday being bright and sunny and the temperature almost above freezing, I decided around 4 p.m. that I needed to stretch my legs so I bundled up and took the Nikon down to one of my favorite places - Indian Leap Falls and the railroad trestle where I've spent many an hour waiting futilely for a train to come by!   I figured the area around the falls should be pretty well frozen and it was with the cliffs across from the lower falls being covered in a frozen mist that made them resemble very large pieces of frozen cauliflower.

Had I really been adventurous I would have tried hiking over to the area across from the falls just near the top of that picture and gotten a shot facing the falls but I figured with my luck it would be too slippery and I'd slide to my frozen death in the cold waters of the Yantic River below.  Chances are good I'd have been a Popsicle floating down the Thames before Amanda realized I hadn't come home to make her dinner and sounded the alarm! See?  Sometimes common sense does prevail in my head!

I ended up spending close to an hour walking around the area while hoping that maybe the Train Gods would have pity on me and send a New England Central Railway train trundling down the tracks but alas, no such luck and finally my fingers - even encased in warm gloves - told me it was time to go home so that I could sneak up behind Amanda and place those rather frozen fingers on her nice warm face! Bwahahaha!

It was nice to get out of the house into the sunshine and fresh air for a little while and take a few pictures which I have put into a collage for you below.  Everything is of the frozen variety starting with the frozen Yantic River below the trestle in the left hand corner (which looks a lot like the picture I used on my Christmas cards this year!), the frozen embankment along the railroad tracks, the frozen water of the Lower Yantic Falls, a frozen view down into the falls, a frozen tree, more frozen cauliflower-likeness as a result of the frozen mist, a view to the frozen railroad trestle, a frozen flock of birds flying above, and in the middle - the frozen photographer!  I believe if you click on the collage you can view it in a bigger version should you desire over on my Flickr page.

It's supposed to get up near 40 or 45 later in the week so perhaps I'll have the chance to go out and take some more pictures somewhere which I'm sure will help to make me happy and less S.A.D.!


  1. lovely shots! but cold looking!!! we might get in the 60's today. i can't wait!

    smiles, bee

  2. Pretty, frozen art! This is the best way for me to see and enjoy it. Just sayin'. I don't like that much cold. Brrr...

    Sending warm hugs your way, honey...

  3. S.A.D. really does suck. I usually get hit pretty bad with it this time of year-though I'm forcing myself out more.

  4. All the shots are awesome Linda. Cold, okay freezing cold, but breathtakingly beautiful.

    I too suffer from the same ailment. You know what the fog is like here in the winter. Two months of fog can really make you feel down. I've gone above the fog line so many times just to see the sun and recharge the batteries. Haven't had that kind of fog in some years now. Must be that global warming thing.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  5. So many people suffer from SAD during the winter months, my mom included. I really have to keep an eye on her this time of year because she can get pretty depressed. I'm glad that you decided to go out that day because look at the beautiful pictures we get to see:-) We may not like the cold and snow but oh what gorgeous pictures it takes!!

    I think I heard Amanda scream from here when you put your cold hands on her warm face! lol

    It's cloudy here and we're supposed to get a few flurries but at least it's much milder than it's been. It's 27F right now and to us that's milder!!! hehe xoxo

  6. Some really awesome shots you got there, girl! I'd say that the frozen nose and toes and fingers too were well worth it for the beauty in those frozen scenes.

  7. I love the collage, Linda! That photo in the middle is especially cute. :) And the "cauliflower" ice is cool. I like the tree reaching up toward the sky; it's probably reaching for the warmth of the sun.

    Have you tried getting some daylight-balanced light bulbs for light therapy? It's worth a try. One friend in New Hampshire swears by it.

  8. The icicles and waterfall pictures are amazing. Naturally, the railroad tracks beckon me. Thank you.

  9. I love that Indian Leap. It's so beautiful!! And look at how cute you are with that scarf on your head!!!

    I think that we need to start planning your trip to visit. Plans force us to do things and I think laughs will make us both happy!!

  10. I'm sure it does get old having all that snow through the winter, with all the shoveling and careful driving. That's got to wear on you.

    I know the rain and gray days sometimes get to me as we get toward the end of February and into March.

  11. I hate this time of year. I wish I could just go sit in a closet from Halloween until Easter..I've been down in the dumps for awhile now. I am trying to blog again.

  12. Anonymous10:29 AM EST

    it does look like cauliflower! go out and get some vitamin D when the heat wave gets there...

  13. S.A.D. usually attacks me this time of year, this year the difference I think is the baby girl. Otherwise I'd be right there with you. I do miss taking pics, and was stoked to do some portraits last week. I miss the editing time too. You did great, though. I absolutely love the frozen forms. Ice is so amazing!

  14. You cracked me up with this post, Duchess. Really.

    Not about the seasonal affective disorder stuff, but your vision of a frozen death with your Popsicle self floating down the Yantic River, slip slidiing away and all.

    There's that trestle shot. The frozen waterfalls are quite pretty, cold, but pretty.

    You look happy in the photo. Not S.A.D.

  15. Beautiful shots, Linda! I especially love the one in the center. ;)

    Stay warm, my friend.


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