Monday, January 18, 2010

Take This Tune - The Heartbreak Version

This week over at Jamie's meme Take This Tune, contributing author Fairweather from Fairweather's Red Mud Inn asked us to rip open our chests and pull out our favorite heartbreak song. As I tend to relate music to events in my life - including having had my heart grape-stomped on a few too many times - there is a veritable treasure trove of heartbreak songs from which to choose including ones from various and assorted artists like The BeeGees, Meat Loaf, Nickelback, Reba McEntire, and too many others to name. However, in an attempt to keep this post short, I'm only going to pick one song - for now!

Hit the play button and listen while I try to explain what it is about this song that pulls rather strongly at my heartstrings.

"One Believer" is from country singer Steve Wariner's 1993 album "Drive" and - like so many of Steve's songs - it drives your way right into your heart and parks there while blaring the stereo over and over until you know the lyrics almost as well as you know your name.  The man, in addition to having a golden voice, is one of the finest guitar players in the world and is one of only four people who have been given the "Certified Guitar Player" (CGP) award by Chet Atkins. No mean feat! 

Steve has released 18 studio albums - most of which reside in my CD collection - and has charted more than fifty singles on the Billboard country singles charts including ten Number One hits. Even though I like the Number Ones, some of my favorite stuff by Steve are songs like "One Believer" as the guy really knows how to sing about love lost, heartbreak, despair, and the difficulty in moving on after having once found love and then lost it. There are times when I swear that he wrote songs like "There For Awhile", "When Will I Let Go", and "Some Fools Never Learn" just for me.

As for this song, just read the lyrics and you can see wherein the heartbreak lies:

- Steve Wariner Lyrics

And as for me, I'm still one believer ... I just try not to think about that very much these days. That doesn't mean I've forgotten. I haven't.


  1. This song certainly does tug at the heartstrings.

    Thanks for introducing me to Steve Wariner, Linda.

    That was cool that you posted the lyrics too.

  2. Great heartbreak song with a lot of truth to it. Another player to add to my "Guitar Gods" playlist for the IPOD.

  3. oh how sweet and sad. I think we all have that certain someone we never forget. I think I will join the heartbreak meme this week..Thanks

  4. Just never got into country music. Too depressing. This one is depressing. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  5. Well, yes it is depressing but I believe that most heartbreak songs are depressing regardless of what genre they are. Unless maybe it's bluegrass - they manage to put in a happy little banjo thing no matter how depressing the topic is!

  6. I've always enjoyed Steve Wariner's voice and agree that he is a talented musician. I think what I like most about him is that his vocal ability and musicianship can turn a really sappy lyric into something a little more special.

    That takes talent.

  7. I do like SW very much, but had missed this song. Glad I didn't hear it a few years ago when my son got his heart stomped b/c it is too fitting for his situation! Thanks for sharing it. Sending big hugs...

  8. Anonymous5:41 PM EST

    Country music gets right to the point, no frilly stuff.

    I like Steve Wariner. He's cute, too. hehehe.

  9. Anonymous3:09 PM EST

    I love how you phrased it - "rip open our chests." Great way to put it. Thanks for sharing the BeeGees. And I love how you added the scrolling lyrics.

  10. Yes sometimes we can be in the mood for heartbreak songs - seems to hit a chord or a nerve.

  11. my life has a soundtrack too
    songs can just pop right into my head when I remember something or someone
    or when I go through it again

  12. Steve Wariner is one of my favorite country artists. His voice is so unique and recognizable. Great song choice!! :)


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