Sunday, January 31, 2010

Three Sunday Shots

Just a few quick pictures from yesterday as it's off to work for 16 hours and no time to be on the computer. I'm a bit disappointed with a lot of the pictures because - believe it or not - the weather forecasters got it wrong and the blue skies that they had promised for the day fizzled out around 10:00 a.m. leaving me with some pretty lousy lighting.
Regardless, though, it was a nice little mini-break and Amanda had a wonderful time hanging out with her brain-twin Sami -
While I attempted to take some pictures at the Mount Holyoke College Campus- the place that most definitely looks like one would expect Hogwart's to look -
Then before leaving for the night, we stopped at a scenic overlook where I attempted to get a picture or two of the beautiful full moon that chose just that moment to go hide behind some clouds -
Sometimes it seems like the Photo Gods just like to sit back and laugh at we mere mortals!  Ah well, it just means I'm going to have to try again another day, right??
Anyhow, I'm off to work - everyone have a great Sunday and stay out of trouble!


  1. I suppose those girls had a fun time? Did they enjoy the movie?

    The college DOES remind me of Hogwarts. You've done a beautiful job photographing it!!

    I don't even attempt night time photos anymore. I have gotten a few good daytime ones, but I'm no night time photographer, for I haven't the patience, much less the skills!

  2. Both those pics are awesome.. the sky one reminds me of Halloween.. but the blue color is just amazing! Great Pic... Thanks for sharing have a great day at work. :)

  3. yup Harry potter ready to pop out.

  4. Anonymous10:03 AM EST

    Definitely Hogwarts-esque! I love the photo of the twins! It's so cute!

  5. that sky photo is amazing linda! it's taken me a while but i am catching up on your posts. they are beautiful! the girls are really cute too! glad you are having fun. stay warm!

    smiles, bee

  6. Oh wow, the sky shot looks like an eye! It's really cool.

  7. Each photo has a wow factor and also tells a good story. Thanks for sharing.

    Hopefully you'll have a dull time at work. Big hugs...

  8. Fantastic pics! You put us to shame!

  9. Amanda looks wonderful. Was she in costume for something or was she being wonderfully artistic with the jabot at her throat?

  10. There's nothing wrong with these photos! Wasn't that wolf moon something else? I tried to get a pic - I've got a 12x zoom on my little camera but it's still not good enough quality for nighttime. (Besides, I can't get the flash to turn off...she blushes from embarrassment).
    The college is awesome. I know we have some neat stuff on the west, but nothing with the age and character of your eastern buildings. Love it. And Amanda and Sami are just too cute!

  11. That's such a lovely area of MA, you really can't get a bad shot, just a different mood!

    The girls DO rather look alike, so I think it's more than brain twins!

  12. The sky shot is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Linda. :0

  13. I think those are great Linda! The dark skies make the college seem brooding and sinister. LOL! And those clouds are spectacular! You could superimpose the college onto the clouds and have a great Halloween image. :)

  14. The girls look so impish. Great photo.

    Ah yes, it does look like Hogwarts. ha ha. I actually read the first two books.

    Love the moon photo.


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