Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tired Tuesday Tidbits

Figured I had best pop in and say "Hey!" and let those of you who read know that I am still alive - though not necessarily kicking!  I am suffering from a complete and total lack of enthusiasm to do much of anything except play mindless games on Facebook and putter around the house not accomplishing a whole heck of a lot!

I did manage to edit the pictures that I took at our annual employee party the other night and I'd have to say that some of them came out pretty good while others ... eh, well, there are always others, right?!?  I'll try to find a decent one of myself to post here later on just to prove that I can, in fact, wear make-up every great once in awhile.  Truth be told I'm none too impressed with the pictures of me as it's evident that I have no chin (or is that too many chins?) but I guess it is what it is.  I wonder how much a chin implant costs?!?

Yesterday was Monsoon Monday here in Connecticut but I didn't really mind the wind and torrential rains as it was also semi-warm.  Today the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds and I'm hoping it stays out long enough for me to go out and try to take some pictures after my doctor's appointment this afternoon for my annual physical.  Of course it's scheduled for smack in the middle of the day but I'm hoping it won't take too long.

Quick update on Jamie as technically I'm not allowed to say anything (there are academy rules about public posting) - she is doing very well and is determined to succeed.  I'm very proud of her and think she'll do great - this is a wonderful opportunity for her to get her life headed in the right direction.  Mail at the academy is always appreciated so if anyone wants her address to drop her a postcard with some words of encouragement or something let me know and I'll be happy to send it to you.  For those of you who have already written to her - thank you again!  She and I both appreciate it!

I'm still trying to get a fire lit under Amanda's back end with her college application to Montserrat but the kid seems to have inherited the procrastination gene from her father's side of the family.  Hopefully she'll get inspired soon as I'm getting tired of nagging at her and she's getting tired of hearing it.  Unfortunately, not tired enough to do something!

Please send some good thoughts and prayers to Amanda's friend Darci down in New Jersey.  She's going through a family crisis right now that I'm not at liberty to elaborate on but I'm sure that they could use all the positivity possible.  It's something no family should ever go through and though I certainly hope that it resolves itself towards the best but it's not sounding too good right now.

Can you believe it's the last week of January already?  Where did the month go?  Not that I'm complaining, mind you, as truth be told I've got no problems with the winter months zooming by.  My electric bill for last month was pretty horrifying even with the infrared heater my mom gave me for Christmas.  You may have heard the scream of anguish I uttered after opening it!

Ah well, off to be poked and prodded for a bit and then maybe I can find something to take some pictures of.  If the sun stays out, this could be a nice day to climb back up Meetinghouse Rocks and try to get a picture of the sunset.  After all, I'm still sore from the first climb so why not go for a second?  I'll keep you posted!


  1. I think you have the winter gloom feeling. You did a post about the recently and I know it happens to me too. Spring is right around the corner and I's so waiting.

    Prayers for all you've listed here and you too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  2. Anonymous2:56 PM EST

    I saw your pics on FB... they looked really good and I think you clean up well. You looked pretty with the hair and makeup going on...

  3. Good thoughts to Darci. I'll have to look at the FB pics.

  4. Sounds as if you are up to your eyeballs in the various issues of family and friends. Hope all resolves itself for the better.

    Tell Amanda my artist son says she has an amazing amount of talent that must be developed and that I said shift it into gear kid!!! Now she has trans continental nagging.

  5. I'm sending positive thoughts to Amanda's friend Darci and her family.

    I saw some of the pix. You do clean up well, Duchess Linda ;-)

    Beautiful cloud photos here.

  6. Getting that physical over 'n done will brighten your day!

    Sending you and yours big hugs, honey...

  7. Send me her address please!!! I'd love to send her a note.

    Maybe you can email me a little update about her too. :)

  8. Awesome clouds! Hope everything was good at the Dr's office. As for your daughters, they will be fine, they have you for a Mom and that has to be a good thing.

  9. Can't wait to see the "make up" pictures. :)

    Glad Jamie's doing well. It's good to know that she's making great decisions in life this early!!!

    Hopefully Amanda will get on the stick quickly!

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to Darci and her family. Hope all is well very soon for them.

    EVERYONE'S electric bill around here was through the roof. Most folks had double. My sister and her husband are dealing with one TRIPLE what it was last month. It's just insane!

    I ♥ the sky photo, by the way. ;)

  10. So much going on. I think it can be emotionally exhausting. You deserve some down time.

  11. BEAUTIFUL photos!! Way to go Linda.


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