Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Local Theft That Breaks My Heart

Some things in life I just find totally appalling as there are some things in life that I'd like to think are sacred and would be treated as such however, I guess I am forgetting that there are some people out there who have absolutely no respect whatsoever. A reminder of that fact was brought home to me the other day when I read the following story in the Norwich Bulletin:
Century Old Statute Missing from Yantic Cemetery
Norwich Bulletin
Posted Feb 23, 2010 @ 12:27 PM
Last update Feb 23, 2010 @ 04:55 PM
Norwich, Conn. —

A century-old historic bronze statue has disappeared from the Yantic Cemetery on Lafayette Street in Norwich.

Norwich police are investigating the likely theft of the life-sized statue that marked the grave of Sarah Osgood and was part of the Osgood family memorial - one often most photographed monuments in Norwich, said historian David Oat.

“This is quite a loss for us in the city of Norwich and anyone who values Norwich history,” Oat said. “I can’t tell you, it makes me sad to find out this had been taken - and from a cemetery.”

The value of the statute, a woman wearing a veil crouched over a gravestone, is unknown. Oat said the missing statue was discovered by a woman walking through the cemetery.

Anyone with information should contact the Norwich Police Department at (860) 886-5561.

Police are investigating "the likely theft of the life-sized statute"??  Excuse me, how about the obvious theft of the life-sized statute as there's no way it got up and walked away on its own or someone just removed it for a little while to clean it! "Likely theft" my left foot - enough with the politically correct b.s. of newspapers!  The statute is gone which means some asshat(s) took it without giving a damn about what it meant to people.

Regular readers of this blog will recall that I have spent a lot of time in the Yantic Cemetery (especially now that I live withing walking distance) so while reading that story I felt a sense of personal loss as I've taken many pictures of Sarah over the years and have always said that hers was my favorite monument in the Yantic Cemetery.  It was a beautiful tribute to someone who was obviously very well-loved.  To know that there were at least several dirtbags out there who thought it was okay to remove that statute from its place of honor in the cemetery just makes my blood boil.

The statute of the beautiful kneeling woman adorned the grave of Sarah Larned, wife of Charles Osgood, and was located towards the back of the cemetery so I'm sure that it was easy for several people to go unnoticed as they loaded her up and spirited her away.  No doubt this had to be a well-thought out plan as it wasn't like you could just pick the statute up and walk away with it.  Oh no, some morons carefully plotted this theft out and probably stole the statute so that they could sell it as I rather doubt they're going to display it in their front yard.

Honestly, this just makes me sick.

A few years ago there was an incident where vandals went though the Yantic Cemetery and broke over 100 of the gravestones located there.  A senseless act of destruction against the monuments of loved ones who had passed on. That act of mindless vandalism prompted the city to install floodlights at the cemetery so that local neighbors could report any sort of suspicious activity to the police and hopefully prevent the desecration of any more graves.  I believe that they have been successful in that but unless someone was walking through the cemetery at the time of this heinous theft, there's no way anyone would have seen it occur. 

And unless someone who knows firsthand about this horrible crime develops a conscience and calls police, I'm afraid that Sarah may be gone forever.  You honestly have no idea how sad this make me not just at the loss of a beautiful monument but at the realization - once again - that there are those out there who just don't give a damn about other people and how their actions affect them. 

Whoever you are and wherever you may be - I sincerely hope that the spirits of not just Sarah Larned and her husband Charles Osgood haunt your miserable lives for the rest of your living days but that the entire population of the Yantic Cemetery stalks your thieving asses and makes your lives a living hell.  As I doubt you'll ever get the jail time that you so richly deserve, I sincerely hope that karma does what the police can't. 


The above picture of Amanda and Sarah was taken in October of 2007 and will always be one of my favorites.


  1. *sigh* Sometimes people suck. That's all I have to say about that.

    Well, and also that I agree that I hope their spirits haunt the thief forever.

  2. Despicable. That's what they are. It's not like they could just pawn it either. Idiots.

  3. Oh I remember all those photos and stories you have told about this statue, in fact they were the thing that made me start paying more attention to the cemeteries and graves round here. When I finally went up to the graveyard and took those pictures recently, I had her in mind :(

    This is truly disgusting! Religious or not, you do not steal from the dead.

  4. That's awful in that such a beautiful statue has been STOLEN...because that is what happened. It didn't walk away, as some boneheaded newspapers think it was only a 'likely theft'. Hope it is recovered quickly.

  5. oh my! how awful! to rob a cemetery is the lowest of the low. she is probably in some dirtbag's back yard garden. grrrrr.

    smiles, bee

  6. There needs to be an even hotter spot in Hell where those who steal from churches and cemeteries spend their eternity. And for those who harm children,old people,and animals.

    I sure hope the statue gets found and returned and the thieves are caught and punished. Urrrggghhh...

  7. Sorry to hear about Sarah's OBVIOUS THEFT ("likely" my big 'ol Irish a**!) I know how much that statue meant to you, and I remember seeing the pictures & blogs you've shared w/us! I sincerely hope that I'm not on duty when (yes "WHEN") those wingnuts get caught - 'cuz I don't want to have to render EMS care after the beat-down you KNOW they'll get (and richly deserve!) Some people just plain 'ol suck!!

  8. I'm sorry for the loss of the statue.

    But in defense of the writer of the article, "likely theft" is an accurate way to describe the event. Although remote, there's always the possibility that the statue was moved for some other purpose, and whoever moved it forgot to make a report.

    I realize that explanation is unlikely, and that the statue probably was stolen. But I think the paper is just trying to be responsible in its reporting and language. Journalists should be in the business of reporting, not making judgments with the adjectives they select.

  9. Linda, I'm sure you know that I love cemetery statuary and photograph it all the time. Oh I hope they find the statue!

  10. How very sad. Maybe if there is enough publicity, it will be found when they try to sell it. I hope so. Such a beautiful statue.

  11. that is so sad.
    she was the highlight of visiting that cemetery.
    since she has so much copper in her, i hold little hope that she will turn up in one piece.

  12. I thought the same thing Mo did. Copper is so valuable now. My apologies to Travis, and I understand liability issues, but sometimes people need to hear the obvious and not pussy foot-around. I wonder who would have to facilities to melt that down? It would have to be someone with a black heart, that's for certain. It seems as though, in our present culture, nothing is valuable, let alone sacred.

  13. Anonymous9:18 PM EST

    That theft is despicable...

    I can guess that justice in the afterlife will be much greater than earthly justice.

    I hope they find it.

  14. How can someone do this. I know your like me and feel that a cemetary is a beautiful and scared place. I hope the ghost of Sarah haunts the creeps that did this.

  15. I'm reading this Sunday night and must agree with all the others before me. What a despicable thing to do. I hope that karma will get the low lifes, since our justice system will not give them much more than a slap on the wrist.

    That phrase "likely theft" stopped me in my tracks. Obviously it was stolen.
    But maybe in defense of the reporter, the cops used the word "likely" when they were telling him about the incident.
    Although he didn't put it in quotes, so I dunno. I had to defend a fellow journalist, that's all.

    I'm not into political correctness, as you know.

  16. Some people are just despicable! I hope whoever took it never has a minute's peace and wish them all the bad luck in the world!

  17. well damn

    hopefully some clever detective will find the angel.

    maybe it was a high school prank and she'll be found in some principle's office!

    sadly it could be some sort of "thomas crown affair" snatch and she will be sequestered away in someone's private collection...

  18. I will never understand how anyone can go into a cemetery and actually steal a statue or even do damage. Do they not have any conscience at all?! My eyes filled with tears when I read this post. A few years ago the cemetery where my dad is buried was vandalized and many statues, as well as headstones were broken or toppled over. I hurried up over there as soon as I learned about it and was devastated by the destruction. Thankfully my dad and baby's grave was untouched but so many others had been ruined...finding a little cherub statue with her wings broken off brought me to my knees crying while I was holding the pieces. The police finally apprehended who had done it...two 16 year old boys who were bored one night and decided to go have some "fun" in the cemetery. Ugh! I do hope with all my heart that Sarah can be found again and put back where she belongs. xoxo


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