Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings ...

Ah, February in Connecticut ... or more appropriately ... Ugh!  February in Connecticut!  Any plans I might have had for yesterday (and there originally were some) had to be rescheduled when the weather decided that I'd really rather spend my day off in the house except for the short foray outside to clean the snow off my car or snap a quick picture from the front steps.  Oh well, I guess it's to be expected this time of year. 
One good thing about being confined to the house, though, was that I got to play with the new toy that my son and his wife got me for Christmas (albeit a little after Christmas as we had to wait for contract renewal and all).  This is my new cell phone - one of them there fancy-dancy iPhone thingamajiggies!  It's been a bit of a challenge learning even the basics on the thing but having a teenager in the house helps as Amanda is much more tech-savvy than I.  She also got an iPhone and has downloaded such fun apps as a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, Rotary Telephone Dial, and a drawing application of some sort.  

I was able to figure out how to download and use the applications for Facebook and Twitter and then found a few other things like The Weather Channel, a free Wi-Fi locator, a compass, a thermometer, the Travelocity site, Southwest Airlines - you know - useful stuff!   However, there are more apps out there than Carter has pills so I've got no doubt that I'll be finding more and more as time goes on.  I like the free ones - free is good even if I have to put up with the occasional ad or two.  Now as long as I can figure out how to make a phone call on the thing, I'll be good to go!  Of course, I may have to download an application to figure out how to do that ... or at least watch the on-line instructional video or something!  Ah, technology, it keeps us on our toes!
Now then, while I'm showing off new things, I wanted to show you the lovely gift that I received from one of my blog readers and friends on Facebook the other day. Isn't this the prettiest scarf you've ever seen? The gal who sent it - Sheila - used to live in Norwich and now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She began reading my blog through the Norwich Bulletin and has sent me emails and such telling me about different parts of the city that I might want to check out and do posts on.  I had a Facebook message from her the other day telling me that she was sending a surprise out to me and it arrived at work last Friday.  I was handed the box first thing Sunday morning and this is what I found inside.  The picture probably doesn't really do it justice but as you can see, it fits just fine!
Thank you again, Sheila, and I really LOVE the colors! Feel free to send me a surprise any time!

And finally an update on Tesla - he's doing a LOT better and even though he still hacks a little bit every once in awhile he's got a lot more energy and his appetite has vastly improved.  His disdain for the camera, though, hasn't!

Oh, and as for the other patient?  She's doing much better, too, and can happily go back to school tomorrow now that her short Winter Break is over ... or maybe not so happily! 


  1. I puffy heart my iPhone! Once you use it once it's easy peasy.

    I tried to do something on my old Blackjack so my mother could use it. Hers is dying and I thought it might save her some money if I could teach her to use it. I kept trying tp touch the screen and make it DO something... You really can't go back! hahahaha

    Oh, and the Blackjack is too much phone for her. She needs a basic phone with her contacts, whereas I can't LIVE without my iPhone now!

    Glad Tesla and Amanda are doing better! And Your scarf is lovely!

  2. I can just about answer a call and text on my phone, so anything more technical would be wasted on me! LOL

  3. As I told you Cameron absolutely loves his iPhone. Don't think I'll be getting one anytime soon. I don't even use my phone that much.

    Tesla's doing better? that's good to read. Funny how his expression here reminds me of previous photos of Amanda when she gives you one of those faces. haha

    They must be two peas in a pod. I mean that in the best way of course. :-)

  4. Have fun with your new phone. I've not had a phone since I retired. Not going to have one either. Can you tell how I was attached to phones (3 of them), pagers and numerous voice-mails. No more I tell ya.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  5. I hear once you go Iphone you'll never go back, but I probably will never know. Glad everyone is starting to feel better. Recognize this strange face? I'm back to the blogging world again.

  6. Lovely scarf, Linda! I'll bet it's warmer than an egg under a chicken in a coop w/a tin roof in the! As for spring - it's coming...slowly, but it IS coming!

  7. great phone! I'm useless with those things

    I'm glad Tesla and Amanda are both feeling better

  8. I'm so jealous that you have an Iphone! I'm hoping that maybe I'll be working by my birthday so I can upgrade my phone to something a bit fancier.

  9. A teenage expert is essential in mastering complex gadgets.

  10. APPS!

    I must be old school I guess, and just go to the web sites with my phones browser. ALTHOUGH - today I saw a new app that streams all of your social media, mail, chat, everything into one super feed. I almost bit on that one, then realized I prefer the old fasioned way (( again )) ha ha haaaa!

  11. I use up the battery on my new iPhone all the time! I love it so much it's now attached to me. When I was at the Disney conference I took the power cord with me, hoping to find a place to charge it. Isn't it a blast to use?

  12. Modern technology gets more and more complicated as the years go cell phone only makes and receives calls...period! lol Pretty soon, though, you won't even be able to buy one that is that simple, they'll all be like the one you got. Pretty bad when we'll soon need a course on how to use our cell phones! hehe

    Love the scarf your friend sent you, it's gorgeous and will certainly keep you warm as you go out in that cold air to take pictures for us to see:-) xoxo

  13. Now if you ever get tired of that scarf, just pass it on to me! It is beautiful!

    Glad both patients are doing better.

    Big hugs...

  14. What cool gifts! You look smashing in your new digs.


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