Saturday, March 27, 2010

Connecticut Overruns Its Banks in Massachusetts

Yesterday afternoon Amanda and I made the drive up to Amherst, Massachusetts where her friend Sami goes to college so that the girls could spend some time visiting as well as go see the new Jude Law movie, Repo Men. As long as you can avoid the rush hour traffic through both Hartford and Springfield, it's not that bad of a drive and even though the day had started out overcast and blah, it had cleared up considerably by the time we got to our destination - though it was a lot colder than I would have liked as we seem to have taken a couple steps backward in the temperature department.

The recent heavy rains here in the Northeast have been playing havoc with local rivers and flooding has been a definite problem in some areas. That was very evident when, on our way back towards Sami's campus, we passed a section of the Connecticut River that had flooded over quite a ways and turned trees that were once standing on dry ground into trees standing in the middle of what looked like a lake. Amanda suggested we stop so that I could take a few pictures as she thought it looked pretty cool.

With the sun just starting to set, I didn't have much for lighting but I think you can sort of get an idea what the flooding looks like - though picture above probably looks more like the sun setting behind a pond or something!

This one probably looks more like a pond or lake, too, though I was standing pretty much by the side of the road when I took it and you can see that the closer trees are standing in water.

Ah, there we go - that one finally has a slightly better angle where you can see that there are lots of trees standing in water that shouldn't be there!

I call this last picture "A Flooded Tangle" - which is actually how I feel sometimes!  Again, you can't see a whole lot per say but if you let your imagination look at it rather than your eyes then I think it's a better picture than it might be otherwise.

Luckily this flooding was only affecting the landscape and not anyone's homes but if we get more rain before the rivers get a chance to go down, that may not always be the case.  And I think there's rain in the forecast for sometime very soon.  Ut-oh.


  1. Whether they really show "flooding" or not, they are all supremely spooky in atmostphere. I really like the last one.

  2. Anonymous12:14 PM EDT

    Wonderful shots. I like the ghost-like feel of the last shot. Reminds me of my post-Katrina shot of many years ago (

    I'm afraid that all the winter precipitation will lead to some spring flooding. I just hope it's not too bad.

    It's sunny here, but hubby decided to sleep in. I feel a trip to Costco and Joann on the horizon.

  3. i know the flooding is awful but the shots are great!!!

    smiles, bee

  4. Great shots, but your title sure did throw me off. I kept wondering why I didn't hear any news yesterday about a local financial crisis.

  5. We certainly have taken a few steps in the wrong direction vis a vis temperature. Brrr...

    Nice photos, The last one is stunning.

  6. Beautiful shots. I have some friends who's cellars have been flooding from this weather.

  7. Thank goodness it's not affecting people. It does look foreboding though, not anything I'd want to face.

  8. Fabulously spooky photos Linda!

    Thankyou for your kind comment whilst I've been absent, I appreciate it. xx

  9. I agree with the others. The last is very ghostly.

  10. Amherst is such a pretty town, but I've never seen it looking like that!

    They must be fine on campus because my neice hasn't mentioned anything on facebook.

    I love the moon reflecting over the newly-formed pond, however temporary.

  11. Oh yes, it really does look like that`s a pond but as you say, when you see where the trees are, you realize it`s NOT a pond!! Gorgeous pictures, though:-) Hopefully the waters will recess before too much damage is done. We usually have floods around here in early April when the snow starts to melt but not having had any snow in March, it`s actually very dry here and a fire ban is already on!! xoxo


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