Friday, March 19, 2010

Looking at the Sky on Friday

Evening Sky at Clayville Pond
We've had some gorgeous weather here the past few days so I suspect it won't be long before all of the branches that are so nicely silhouetted against this evening sky will soon be covered underneath leaves of green, not to make an appearance until once again Mother Nature blushes in front of Old Man Winter before revealing her bare self.  Personally, I'm rather hoping she keeps those robes on for awhile and that Old Man Winter takes an extended vacation this year!

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  1. Those clouds look like a celestial lacy hand fan. Very pretty.

    Big hugs...

  2. Nice job, Linda (as always). Love those country settings @ sunset. One of these days, I'll have to "loan" you a pic of some sky over Texas - now THAT'S beautiful! ;-)

  3. Lovely evening sky shot, Duchess Linda of Norwich-Upon-Thames.

    Nice reflection. Is that the River Thames?

    I like how the clouds are fanning out, as Sandy said.

  4. all the pictures I needed at Emily's Bridge, I consulted the handy-dandy tourist map that the clerk had given me in Stowe.

    Australian Detox

  5. Don't fall off your chair, it's me finally hear visiting again! lol Please know that I have read all of your latest posts and have thoroughly enjoyed reading of your Vermont trip. Those covered bridges are just gorgeous, they've always held such a fascination for me.

    I've just finished making 30 Breakfast Burritos and some Eat More Bars to bring to my brother's place tomorrow and now need to finish packing and take a shower but first I wanted to stop in and visit a few of my favourite bloggers:-)

    Love the picture of your blue sky! We've also been getting gorgeous weather but it's supposed to turn cooler this weekend and maybe even have some snow...I hope not, I'm really loving the no snow deal in March! lol

    Have a great weekend my friend. xoxo

  6. So restful and pretty. I love how the the clouds seem to burst around the tree. Perfect perspective for this shot!

  7. A finev picture composition, Linda.

  8. "Mother Nature blushes in front of Old Man Winter before revealing her bare self"

    very nicely said!!!

    I am trying to play catch up, at worst I am skimming through to see your great pics!

    At best, I will find some time today to read all the posts. :P


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