Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rushing Water and Stupid People

I guess it's no secret that we here in New England have been experiencing some epic flooding the past few days as a very slow storm system has spun overhead and dumped an awful lot of rain on our heads - rain that has nowhere to go in ground that is already as over-saturated as a sponge that can hold no more. Roads have been closed, schools have been closed, businesses have been closed, fire departments have been worn ragged pumping basements out, sandbags have been filled, the National Guard has been called in ... well, let's just say it's been an interesting couple of days. However, today the rains stopped and the sun tried to come out a little bit ...

... so I decided to put my boots on and take the Nikon out for a look-see at the Yantic River in the area closest to my home.

Just down the road a ways from where I live are the Falls Mills Condos - an apartment complex at the site of a former mill along the Yantic River. The complex is down river from Indian Leap, a place that I've written many times about here in the blog and which regular readers are more than familiar with. The picture below was taken from a spot behind the condos very close to the river and as you can see, the water was a bit high - to say the least!

From there I went back up towards Indian Leap itself - a spot I normally have all to myself but which had become quite the local attraction in the past few days -

These crowds were nothing compared to the hordes of people who were standing around down by the falls yesterday when I took a quick drive by and decided that the smart thing to do was to keep driving. Of course, there's a reason that all of the people were there as the water rushing over the falls was quite the sight to behold -

There was so much water running over the falls that you couldn't see the treacherous rocks that sit at the bottom of the falls but if you were smart, you'd know that getting too close wasn't a good idea as rushing water equals erosion which equals the possibility of land giving away below your feet. Some people, however, are apparently not smart ...

In addition to being incredibly stupid about taking her daughter to go stand close to the edge of the falls here, this brilliant mother later decided that it would be a good idea to take her daughter closer to the water over the bank that was very steep and slippery where they both could have slid to their deaths in the rushing water below -

And trust me, it would have definitely been their deaths down below as there is no way that anyone could survive a fall into the Yantic with the water churning like it is -

People have been known to die at Yantic Falls when the water is nowhere near like it was today but apparently that fool woman didn't seem to understand the concept of "accidents happen" - especially on rain-soaked land that could move beneath your feet at any moment. Not wanting to witness any more stupidity in motion, I decided to walk back up by my favorite railroad trestle and take some pictures there and of the Upper Falls.

Waters of the Yantic River almost reaching the bottom of the railroad trestle
Water rushes towards the railroad trestle spanning the Yantic River between the Upper and Lower Falls
The Upper Falls of the Yantic River
And oh look! Now there were stupid people walking on the railroad trestle, too! Sheesh! What on earth ever happened to common sense? Did it not occur to those guys that perhaps those train tracks they were walking on are part of an active line and if a train approached, they weren't going to have a lot of time to get off of the trestle?

At that point I'd had enough of watching people being idiots so I took one more shot of the water rushing over the lower falls from my nice safe vantage point on the sidewalk before heading home.

I also managed to get a couple short videos using my iPhone just to give you an idea of what it was like listening to all of that water rushing over the falls on its way to the Thames River and eventually the Long Island Sound.

Once we get past today we're supposed to be in for some good weather with sunny skies and warm temperatures so hopefully we'll be able to dry out a bit and the waters will recede some. Hopefully the forecasters are right and April will come in like a lamb as March is most definitely going out like a lion - a big, wet roaring lion at that!


  1. somewhere in Westchester a man moved the barricades and went into a road that was closed because of rushing water
    He had a giant SUV so I guess he thought he was king of the world
    well - the car stalled and then started floating
    He had to be rescued and by the time the fire dept got there he was hanging on to his roof
    So they have to risk their lives to rescue an idiot
    I hope he was fined big time

    Your photos are fantastic!!

  2. Where can we vote for idiot mother of the year? She certainly qualifies. I'm guessing the daughter was scared out of her mind. I would have been.

    Okay, now to the that's a lot of water. Powerful force too.

    Have a terrific day and stay dry. Big hug. :)

  3. As I was watching the stupid woman with her child, I kept thinking that if they slipped and fell that more lives would have to be risked to try to save theirs, especially if they somehow managed to grab onto a branch on their way down into the water and didn't drown outright. I just couldn't believe that someone would risk their child's life like that - along with the lives of potential rescuers - just to get a closer look at the water. Nothing for nothing but I could see it just fine from where I was which was a nice, safe distance away!

  4. Oh, and before I left the house to go take pictures, Amanda told me to stay off of the footbridge, too - which I was happy to see the city had taped off though there were fools who decided it didn't apply to them and where walking out on the bridge regardless.

  5. Yikes! Some people... as my friend Al would say, if they had a brain they'd take it out and play with it".

    I saw the videos on facebook! The roar of the rushing water should have given these dum dums a clue!

    Big hugs xo

  6. I thought we were all born with brains.

  7. i think those same stupid people come here to florida in a hurricane and go stand on the beach to see the waves. idiot!

    and man is that a lot of water! gosh.

    smiles, bee

  8. Anonymous10:01 PM EDT

    I've seen those falls in person... and yes, that *IS* a lot of water!

  9. That water has unbelievable force behind it and is absolutely dangerous...and beautiful. Only idiots would venture too close, and once again, we see idiots.

    Great photos. Big hugs...

  10. Oh those stupid, stupid people!

    I'm glad you stayed at a safe, sensible distance to get your awesome photos Linda. I watched the video too and the water sounds and looks even more fearsome!

  11. People like that really aggravate me.

  12. They truly are idiots. D-U-M. I wouldn't want to stick around and watch them either.

    Great photos, Duchess! Happy April!!

  13. Yikes, people do really stupid things, but to risk your daughter. Not cool.

    Great pictures, you can almost hear the rushing water. Such a great sound as long as you are at a safe distance. We've had a lot of rain too, and our streams and rivers are swollen, but luckily not flooding.

  14. Why do some people love talking chances wuith their lives

  15. Your photos are spectacular and yes there are people all over the world (believe me) that some how lose their senses at the strangest times and like to risk their, ant others lives.
    Enjoy your day.

  16. Wow! You have had quite the spring there, haven't you? What a mess! Great photos, though. And I loved the video of the rushing water (the other two weren't available). Sounded like a freight train! Thank goodness that idiot woman and her daughter did not slip into that.

  17. This is the Indian Leap Falls I remember as a kid circa 1958. I was about 7 years old.


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