Friday, March 19, 2010

Should You Attend Photography School?

Do you enjoy taking pictures and are wondering if you can turn your passion for photography into a career? If so, you may even be asking yourself if you should attend a photography school to hone your skills and make yourself more marketable. If you are like most busy people these days, getting an online degree has probably crossed your mind as well.

If you already enjoy photography, then you probably also already possess the artistic eye, the required technical skills, and the ability to tell an entire story with just one photo. However, photography is a rapidly changing field, and it is necessary to have excellent business and marketing skills, and an ability to work within a multimedia environment. Attending photography school can provide training to give you an edge in this highly competitive field.

Because the field of photography is always evolving, photographers must consistently update their skills and equipment; therefore, a formal degree can prove to be very beneficial. A photography school will challenge students artistically and technically with courses in visual design and various technical skills. The invaluable insights gained and connections made in photography school can start you out in your career with a leg up on the competition.

Since many professional photographers work as freelancers, an online college can provide just the right mix of career training and independence. Not only will you have the freedom to explore concepts while improving your skills, but you can also do so at your own comfortable pace and have the time you need for work and family. Furthermore, courses such as marketing and business can prove to be essential to the success and growth of a freelance photography career.

The outlook for photography is very promising with projections that these jobs will grow by 10 percent through 2016. As the field continues to grow, a formal education will be an essential factor in landing those jobs.


  1. Me? No.

    You? Yes. You would enjoy this!

    Big hugs...

  2. Sounds promising. You definitely have the talent and passion for photography. Question you have the ambition to turn your hobby into a career?

    If so, then this might be one option.


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