Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tesla Talks

Hey, internet peeps, Tesla here ... the lady who writes this blog says I can't have my own blog as she barely has time to keep up with this one as well as visit all the others she has in whatever that thing called a Google Reader is blah, blah, blah but I think I've talked her into letting me do a post once in awhile.  We came to that understanding this morning when I had decided she'd been in bed more than long enough and it was time for me to go in and wake her up.  Nothing like a nose in the face to start the day I always say!

Anyhow, it's her day off so I sent her off to the store to go get some decent people-food so that I can stop listening to the kid that lives here whine about the fact that there's nothing to eat in the house.  Oh wahh!  There's plenty of kibble and the occasional can of Fancy Feast so I don't know what she's carping about all the time - not that I plan on sharing with her, mind you, as I never see her offering me even a smidgen of whatever she's eating but listening to her constant complaints is enough to drive a cat crazy!

Of course, I also figure that when the lady gets back from the store she'll have a new toy for me as she always seems to bring one home in the hopes that I'll play with it rather than all the other neat stuff around the house I've been finding to get into.  The kid hasn't learned how to put her stuff away yet and boy howdy, she's got some fun things to bat around the floor!

Until the lady gets back, though, I guess I'll just settle into her bed and have myself a nice cat nap.

Oh, and don't worry, I'll tell her to go by and visit all of you when she gets home ... I think she's a couple days behind as that thing she calls "work" keeps getting in the way.  Of course, "work" is what makes all my new toys possible so I guess it's an okay thing. Now if you'll excuse me, I have new toys to dream of and some energy to renew so I can get into more trouble cute antics!  Later, peeps!

Update:  The lady came back from the store mumbling something about "it doesn't look like almost $170 worth of stuff, no wonder I have to work all the time!" but the good news is she bought a new toy - a bird-like thing that tweets when I swat at it and seems to smell of catnip.  I'm afraid I've been making a fool of myself with the thing ever since but what can I say?  I do love new toys!  And even better - the constant tweeting is driving the kid crazy!  Woot!


  1. You've got me chuckling here at work :D

  2. What a fine post this is too. I'll say you could do a guest post now and then. We would really know what the kid and that complaining women are really up to. Bwahahahahaha.

    Have a purrfect day. Big hug to the complaining woman. :)

  3. Well, Tesla, thank goodness you're around to let us know what's been going on in the household! hehe You're looking very well rested and well fed so it's no wonder you don't have anything to complain about...except for that whining kid! lol Hope you enjoy your new toy when you get it!! xoxo

  4. Hey, handsome! It is nice to hear from you. We would love to hear your side of life, any time!

    Tell your mom to expect a pkg from me in a few days.


  5. Tesla I just knew you would want to get in on this "blogging" thing and I'm glad you did. You sure do know how to turn a phrase.

    I hope you were nice to the lady who spent all that money on you!

    But let her sleep on her day off, OK?

    I agree with PEA, you look well rested and content. Nothing like a happy cat, I tell ya.

  6. Looks like mommy did a great job getting you a toy. I'm sure she's got the idea you like noisy toys. I wonder if she will after a bit. :)

  7. Tesla, you look very content.

    Linda is very generous in letting you use the blog, so be good to her.

  8. Tesla, ask Momma for a pink mousie. That is Gracie's favorite. Although Whitey's is the orinch mousie... Better get both, just to be safe.

  9. Tesla, you ought to meet our kitty Linus (in a neutral territory, of course). He has the same thoughts about people food, although he did accept a few of my Bran Flakes this morning. He feels that his kibbles ought to be fine for us, too. At least Mommie buys Linus toys, too...isn't it fun when our pets get us to conform to their ways??

  10. this sounds like a great option to me. another blog is so time consuming. you can be a guest poster honey!

    smiles, bee

  11. I'm kind of curious as to what Kira the Wonderdog would say if I ever gave her free rein on my blog...

  12. Anonymous11:29 PM EDT

    I second what Sandee says... Plus it's fun to get a new perspective every now and then.

    Maybe I need to get a nip mousie for me...

  13. Hello Tesla, nice to meet you :D

  14. psst Tes, I've found that butting my head into the middle of their back makes a GRRRRREAT way to wake them up. they'll do almost anything for you then!

    And why are you wasting all that alone time sleeping? You silly kitten. Take it from your eldercat here, use your time wisely! you must find a reflecter thing and practice making HUNGRY FACES. Then, when the humans are eating you must get in their lap and look up at them with your best hungry face and the most pitiful meow you can muster. This is how you entice them to share their food with you. And trust me, it's much better than what they normally give us.

    Now, homework is practice your hungry face and your pitiful meow. I'll be stopping by to check on your progress.

    Mr Ima Mess Boots.

  15. Isadora was reading this and she thinks she's in love with Tesla


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