Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Uninspired Post

Ever have one of those days when you just feel totally uninspired?  I've got no doubt you know exactly what I'm talking about and I've also got no doubt that I am most definitely having one of those days - or should I say another one of those days as I wasn't exactly inspired yesterday either.  I'm thinking that the major rains we've been having are partially responsible and losing that hour of sleep the other day always throws me for a total loop no matter how late I may sleep in the next day and try to get it back.  I'm honestly beginning to think that Indiana, Hawaii, and Arizona have the right idea by not observing that whole mess-with-the-clocks thing that the rest of us do!

Anyhow, all that said, I thought I'd take yet another break from recounting my travels in Vermont to just throw some random pictures out for you.  We'll get back to covered bridges soon!

The other day I went out and took some random railroad track pictures, two of which I used in yesterday's post.  After climbing sliding down a rather steep embankment near some tracks I found myself looking at some urban art in a very non-urban location as this isn't even close to any houses!

If you look closely, you can see that there is art underneath the art so I've got to wonder if this is a popular place for graffiti?  I'll have to go back sometime and check to see if the artwork has changed but I'm going to find another way to get down there as I almost found myself sprawled on the railroad tracks on my way down that embankment!  Grace thy name is not Linda!

I climbed down an even steeper embankment near a different set of railroad tracks behind the Yantic Cemetery to hang out for awhile in the vain hopes that a train would come by and while killing time I spotted what I guess you could call artwork by Mother Nature -

Those twisted branches almost look like large anaconda snakes wrapped around small trees waiting for some unsuspecting prey to come along!  Chances are good that when there's foliage one would never notice this sort of thing but with the leaves down, it's pretty cool to look at.  I wonder how long it took those trees to grow like that?

Giving up on a train, I climbed back up to the cemetery where a statue caught my eye against the blue sky -

Again, I think this would look totally different with leaves on the tree but I rather like this bare look.  Another form of art perhaps?

And finally, though it has absolutely nothing at all to do with artwork of any sort, I thought I'd share a couple pictures of Tesla that I took while Amanda was playing with him and the new toy I got for him the other day -

As you can see, he's quite the determined hunter!  
And a successful one at that! 
Here's wishing all of you a successful Tuesday and may you catch whatever it is you may be chasing, too - inspired or not!


  1. Anonymous2:45 AM EDT

    I totally dig the top two photos. I guess it's my mood, or my style, but they speak to me. Just the way they are.


    And yes, I often feel uninspired.

    Have you checked out deviantart(dot)com and of course flikr?

  2. The photo of the statue is stunning, Duchess Linda. She almost looks like a duchess from this angle, with the flowing robes and all!

    I like that the tree branches are bare..it adds to the cemetery feel.

    I hope you have an inspiring Tuesday! I will try to do the same.

  3. Your shots are awesome Linda. You're a natural.

    Tesla is a cutie pie. I ♥ cats.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  4. Each shot is beautiful in its own right. I enjoy beauty in all things and critters. Tesla is a cutie.

    No blog yesterday, as it was an uninspired day for me, especially with dilated eyes! That majorly sucked.

    Big hugs...

  5. Those branches are very cool looking.

  6. Well your artistic eye certainly caught some great shots Linda! :)

  7. Tesla is quite the hunter, the eyes affixed on the prize. Not to catch for dinner, but like hunters everywhere, the thrill of the hunt is intoxicating - says his eyes, anyway...

  8. Anonymous8:05 PM EDT

    You can take Indiana off of your list. The majority of the state now observes Daylight Savings.

  9. What a cute kitty!

    And I love that shot of the gnarled tree.

  10. What's wrong with me??? I LOVE it when the clocks leap forward and give us extra daylight time. I don't understand why so many people dislike it....
    Personally, I don't like "Urban Art." To me it's just a desecration of public buildings, and I get so tired of paying tax dollars to cover it up. Off soapbox.
    I think the trees and the cemetery and awesome and I like the imagery of the bright blue sky, the bare branches and the stained statue. It's a great shot. And of course, Tesla is a beauty! I love her little rabbit back feet! So cute...

  11. I agree with the daylight savings thing. I dearly despise it. It takes me weeks to get back in time, so to speak.

    Love the photo of the statue! And Tesla, of course. He sure has made himself to Home, hasn't he?'

    Big hugs xo

  12. I admire the fact that even if you did not feel inspired to start out with, you still pulled it together well. Your photos are all good, I agree, Mother nature is quite the artist. Green leaves are beautiful, but sometimes the picture is better without them.

  13. I also wanted to say, What a cute kitty you have!

  14. I love to see the pictures you have taken on the very fine day. Your post is good and teaches that there is always some new things to observe rather than getting bored. Keep going..


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