Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Musings

Taking a short break from my visit to the Village of Yantic while I do some more research on the next post in the series ...

So ... this past weekend was not exactly nice weather here in New England with a cold rain falling for almost the entire day on Saturday - which, of course, was the day that Amanda and I went back up to Montserrat for Accepted Student Day.  The weather was much like it was when we went up in early December for Open House so I've yet to see Beverly with the sun shining!  One of these days maybe?

Our friend Paula, who is an art teacher at Grasso Tech in Groton, went along with us for the day and as an art instructor she seemed quite impressed with the college and it's 8 to 1 student-teacher ratio as well as it's curriculum and campus size.  It was nice to get a second opinion from someone who didn't have her heart set on attending there in the Fall!

Speaking of which, I had the chance to sit down with the Financial Aid Director and even though Amanda only qualified for a small amount in Stafford Loans, the picture she painted wasn't quite as bleak as it could have been.  Of course, Amanda is still going to need a co-signer for a loan to cover what her scholarship and the Stafford Loans don't cover but I'm hoping we'll be able to find one somewhere.  Unfortunately, I can't do it as my credit is horrible but hopefully there will be someone who doesn't think it's too risky to co-sign for her.

Oh, and it certainly won't be her father as his credit is just as bad as mine plus when I told him about her acceptance, he seemed less than thrilled with the idea of her going to college at all.  I'm a little disappointed at his reaction but then again ... it's about what I expected.

The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy for me work-wise due to a couple of our other dispatchers heading down to Florida for the national dispatch conference next week.  In addition to the 7 shifts I have scheduled for this week, next week I have 8 which includes three doubles on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  I suspect that by the time I make it to May 2nd, I shall be totally wiped out!

This coming Sunday is the opening reception for the CT+5 Art Exhibit in West Hartford and Amanda and I will be making the drive up so that I can not only see my entry hanging on the wall but to check out all of the others on display.  Ralph and Patti - two blogging friends from Connecticut - are planning on meeting us there and then we'll be doing lunch/dinner afterward.  West Hartford is a really lovely area so maybe the weather will grace us with a nice day then as opposed to the nasty weather we got this past weekend!

I got to speak very briefly with Jamie this past Saturday evening as she was on home-pass from the Academy.  I was hoping to get the chance to talk more with her but for some reason I only had the short opportunity to do so before I ended up spending most of the time talking to her stepmom about Jamie's prom and graduation plans. Needless to say I am pretty disappointed that we didn't get a longer conversation as there were lots of things I wanted to ask her about.  Ah well, hopefully she'll use one her five-minute phone passes to call me some Monday evening.

While looking through file folders for some stationary this morning to write Jamie a letter I came across some old photos that I forgot my mother gave to me so I scanned a couple of them just to prove that yes, I really was a blond once upon a time!  This first picture is of myself and my oldest brother Mark (who just turned 53 last Monday) and I'm guessing it has to have been taken about 1961 as I guess I look about three years old or so -

This second picture kind of made me laugh when I saw it as all I could think was that it appears that I was destined to be a 911 Dispatcher/Operator as there I am, already on the phone though looking none too happy about it! Either that or I really needed a nap!  Looks like my mom had recently cut my bangs, too, as they are very short and choppy - the way they always ended up when Mom took the scissors to them!

Sometimes it's hard to believe that I was ever that young or how quickly the years have gone since.  Time is a funny thing, isn't it?  Drags when you want it to fly and flies when you want it to drag.  Oh well, speaking of dragging and flying, I suspect I'd best drag my behind off to the shower so that I can fly off to work before too long!  Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday no matter whether you're flying or dragging in your part of the world!


  1. Flying and dragging. Yep, that about sums it up.

    Ralph and I are looking forward to Sunday!

  2. Forgot to say I love the old family photos. Cute.

  3. Aww, you were a really cute kid!

  4. I was a blonde when I was little too. You were a cutie pie too.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  5. i wonder where lots of my years went! flew by so fast! cute photos. well except for the haircut! ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  6. Wonderful old photos.
    Amanda! I am soooo proud of her.
    And you too!

  7. I am keeping my fingers crossed that you get someone to co-sign for Amanda's loan.

    Oh I just love the photos you've posted - you were so sweet and SO blonde!

  8. Anonymous2:23 PM EDT

    wow, look at those cute little cherub cheeks...

    Hope you hear from Jamie soon! Oh, and all us bloggy folks are thrilled about Amanda's college acceptance.

  9. We were all that young once!

  10. Time does fly by all too fast. What cute photos! Big smiles for sure.

    Big hugs...

  11. You look exactly the same as you did when you were little! Only without the blonde hair! How cute!!!!

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  13. My hair use to be much lighter with lots more red highlights. My maternal grandmother was a readhead, but all I got were the highlights! Story of my life! hahaahha!

    Your scans remind me that I really want to get back to scanning some more of my old family photos and my Hair Date posts. Such fun looking back at where we were!

  14. Your photos made me smile! I love your expression with the phone. That is so adorable!
    Ive been back-tracking through your Yantic photos. What a neat little place! It's hard to imagine that this is the same Yantic River that was in the news a few weeks ago.
    Hubman and I went exploring last week and my camera died. Not the battery - the whole stinking camera. I whipped out my handy-dandy cell phone and took a couple of neat photos but - I don't know how to get them off of the phone. Talk about years going by too fast, I'm feeling all of my
    "foggieness" in all it's glory!

  15. as someone told me a couple weeks ago...the days are long but the years are short!


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