Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Saturday Mix

First and foremost - Houston, we have buds!  Of course, I probably could have told you that just by the scratchy throat and watery eyes I've been developing lately but that's okay, I'll take the allergies over the blasted cold any day!

Second, I got a package in the mail the other day from the Deep South ...

It contained a gorgeous handmade scarf by a really sweet lady but unfortunately I can't seem to take a picture of it that does it justice but hopefully this will give you a bit of an idea of how pretty it is. 

Thank you so much, Sandy - it's one of my very favorite colors, too!  And thanks to Amanda for being my hand model!

Speaking of things in the mail, I got a package from eBay the other day containing something that may help me when it comes to being able to find those darned elusive trains that I'm always trying to take pictures of ...

Now I just have to program it and then figure out what I'm supposed to be listening to!  With any luck, though, it will save me some wasted time sitting by the tracks waiting on a train that's nowhere close to coming by.  Plus I can monitor how busy it is at work when I'm not working and be glad that I'm not there instead!

While on the subject of pictures, with the encouragement of some dear blogging friends I took a chance awhile back and submitted a couple pictures for the upcoming CT+5 Exhibition at the West Hartford Art League. It's a regional exhibit open to artists in CT plus the five New England states and is juried by Nancy Gladwell, Associate Professor, Chair of Painting Department, Lyme Academy College. In other words, if Professor Gladwell didn't like your stuff, you didn't get chosen for the show.  The list of chosen entrants was posted this past Thursday and I was quite thrilled to find that my entry, Linear Moment, was chosen for inclusion in the exhibit!

I took this picture last July when Jamie and I did our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City and always rather liked the lines on it.  Apparently Professor Gladwell did, too!  I'll be taking the picture up to West Hartford this coming Thursday evening and the show will run from April 25th to May 30th with the opening reception on Sunday, the 25th.  I'm going to have to see what I can do about getting the time off to be there as even though I don't expect to win any awards, even being chosen is pretty darned cool in my book!  Besides, I've got to take a picture of the picture, right??

Finally, I've decided that Tesla is not going to be one of those more photographic cats that you see on other blogs as he's taken to running whenever I come near him with the camera!

I did manage to capture him sitting by the laundry room window earlier this morning but no sooner did I take the picture then he fled to the living room!  Oh well, maybe he'll slow down some as he gets older!

Everyone have a great Saturday - I'm going to try to do something with this beautiful weather we're having other than sitting at the computer!


  1. He may run, but what a great shot. I love coming by and catching up on your photos. And of course I enjoy the blog, too...

  2. It was a very strange feeling to be scrolling down your blog and see my OWN handwriting! Yikes! I'm so glad you like the scarf. I cut it extra long by accident, but decided not to shorten it as you might want it long to wrap more or to wear looser. Or maybe you are 6'2" and need it LONG:-)

    Great idea on the handheld for train tracking. That makes sense.

    Congrats on the exhibit inclusion. You definitely need to go take a photo of your photo. Good luck...and Happy Easter!

    Big hugs...

  3. I love your photo and congrats on the exhibit!

  4. Awesome photo! Congratulations on being included in the show! I hope you win!

    Awesome scarf from Miss Sandy! Lucky gal!

    My cats are so use to seeing me with the camera they just grin and bear it! They really have no choice anyway! hahahaha!


  6. how lovely the scarf is!!! sandy is such a doll. and your photos are wonderful, as always. happy easter even if you are working linda.

    smiles, bee

  7. That scarf is really pretty.
    I got little crazy by all the music playing here. Your both music posts played at the same time and I got mad that I could not figure out what song it was. And then I stopped one of them, silly me :)
    Happy Easter, Linda!

  8. What a beautiful scarf. I always gravitate towards that style, but am not a scarf person.

    Congrats on the exhibit, that is quite an honor and you deserve it. Love that picture. So professional!

  9. I"ve been a stranger for a few days but I am back.

    Congrats on being chosen for the photo exhibit. That is a great shot and I'm glad the Professor liked it.

    Nice black and white portrait of Tesla.

    What a lovely scarf Sandy sent you. ;-)

    I'll be back later to finish my catching up. S'posed to be working at the moment.

  10. Congratulations on your photo being chosen for an exhibit at the West Hartford Art League! That's fantastic! It's an incredible shot. Nice shot of the cat, too. Too bad Tesla is afraid of your camera, though. LOL!


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