Monday, April 5, 2010

Take This Tune - The Obsessed Fan Version

This week Jamie of Duward Discussion gave us two musical prompts on Take This Tune and asked us "What do you have to say about stars and their obsessive fans?" 

Whenever I think about obsessed fans, I invariably think of one of the better adaptations of a Stephen King book-to-movie - Misery.  In the 1990 movie, Kathy Bates plays Annie Wilkes who is the self-proclaimed number one fan of novelist Paul Sheldon portrayed by James Caan.  When Paul crashes his car in a Colorado blizzard on his way home, it's Annie, a former nurse, who pulls him from the wreckage and takes him back to her remote home to help him recover assuring him that "I am your number one fan. There is nothing to worry about. You are going to be just fine. I am your number one fan."  What she doesn't tell him - but what he quickly figures out on his own - is that Annie is also a couple sammiches shy of a picnic.  That little personality flaw turns deadly as Annie learns that Paul is planning on killing off Misery Chastain, the title character in the Harlequin Romance-style novels that Paul writes, so that he can finally write a "serious novel".  Annie becomes enraged when she finds this out and that's when Paul starts to experience some true misery of his own complete with the twists and turns that only Stephen King would think of to make his life a living hell.

For those of you who are only familiar with Stephen King as a horror writer, Misery is more of a psychological thriller.  When the movie invariably was made I was afraid that it was going to fall short like most adaptations of Stephen King stories but director Rob Reiner, using a screenplay adapted by Academy Award-winning screenwriter William Goldman (A Bridge Too Far, The Princess Bride), gave moviegoers one of the best film versions of a Stephen King novel - ever!  Add on the fact that whoever cast Kathy Bates in the role of Annie couldn't have chosen better and it was one heck of a movie.  Kathy Bates did such an incredible performance and portrayal of the character that she won the Oscar in 1991 for Best Actress in a Leading Role.  Yep, she was that good and I'm sure that after watching the movie, the words "I am your number one fan" put a chill through the spines of many a celebrity!

Now how's that for obsessive??


  1. I so remember this one. Scary as heck.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  2. I am the number one fan of Kathy Bates and Misery is one of the films I think of in addition to Dolores Claiborne and Fried Green Tomatoes. Her Filmography reads like a "best films of the last three decades list".

    Well Done.

  3. I am SO NOT a Stephen King fan, but it's the horror/macabre genre I can't stand. Now you want to talk obsessed? My nephew Mike (the teacher) is obsessed by King, but most especially by his 'The Dark Tower' series. Totally nutso over it! Mike once talked me into reading it, assuring me it was not horror. I reader about one third of the first book and sent it back to him. Not my cup of tea!

  4. I first went to see this movie when it came out at the theater and I've watched it a few times on tv...I still feel sick to my stomach at the scene where she breaks his legs again. Ugh!! Made me think I don't ever want to be famous. lol Kathy Bates was the perfect choice for that role and it's no wonder she won the academy award for it. xoxo

  5. She was an obsessive nutcase for sure. Both roles were played so well. I remember it :o)

  6. Great choice! Kathy Bates is first class.

  7. I am not usually a Stephen King fan, but I might have to check this one out. Hope you had a happy Easter and a great weekend.

  8. I just finished (as in, today) King's memoir "On Writing" and he talks about Misery a lot throughout the book. I haven't read it (yet) but it's funny how all of a sudden it keep popping up randomly.

  9. I must agree with Barb..I don't do horror or psychological thrillers. I get really skeered.

    A song (not sure from which post) was playing over the dialogue as I watched the trailer.


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