Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tesla Talks

Hey everyone - Tesla filling in here again!  So ... I found out that the last time I was allowed to do a guest post, the kid that lives in the house told the lady that buys me toys that it was lame.  Lame!  Can you believe that?  I got back at her, though, I bit her on the toe the other day when she was sleeping - eh, eh, I'll show her who's lame!
Remember when I posted last I mentioned that I might get a new toy?  Well, I waited for the lady to come home and as she unpacked the bags I waited patiently to see what she bought me cuz I know she bought something what with me being so durned cute and all!
Seriously now?  How can anyone resist that face or those beautiful eyes of mine?  They're almost hypnotic I tells ya ... "you will get me a new toy, you will get me a new toy, you will ..."  Well, you get the idea, right?  So anyway, all that patient waiting finally paid off when this little stuffed bird-shaped toy came out of the bag and get this - it tweets!  Just like a real bird!  Needless to say, I was crazy about the thing as soon as I set claws on it!
The problem is, it gets away from me sometimes and I have to chase the thing ...
Which is okay because it brings out my inner-hunter ... though sometimes it gets too close to my crinkly tube ...
 And then I have to go in after it ...
Hey birdie!  Are you in there?
Hmmm, maybe it flew under the portable heater when I wasn't looking ...
Ah there you are!  Under the dining room chair! (By the way, don't I look cute here all cuddled up under the chair??)
Truth be told, the darned thing makes me act a little goofy sometimes and I guess it's somewhat undignified to be rolling around on the floor playing with a chirpy birdie but what can I say? I'm still a kid, ya know, and kids gotta play!
By the way, it's not a good idea to try to take my chirpy birdie away from me - I don't care if you've heard all the chirping you can stand for one day!  Don't make me go kitten-claws on your knees cuz I will if you touch my birdie!  Just back away slowly and no one will get hurt!
I tell ya, it's like this one little toy has me under some spell and I feel compelled to play with it all of the time.  And that would be okay as the constant chirping really drives that kid up the wall but truth be told, the darned thing wears me out and then I just gotta take a nap!

Before I go, I have one thing I need to figure out here.  I really gotta pick out something different to call the lady who buys me toys but I don't know what.  I know some of the other cats out there have Moms but truth be told, the lady doesn't look like my mom as I've got four feet and she's only got two plus I'm all covered with fur and she's not - though her legs get kinda stubbly from time to time ... and she doesn't like cat nip at all whereas I'm pretty sure my real mom had a bit of an addiction problem and had to go to Catnip Rehab.  At least that's what some of the other cats at the shelter told me though I guess they could have just been being mean.  So, I'm in a bit of a quandary as to what to call her ... any of you folks have any suggestions?   I'll be happy to consider them all ... once I wake up ... maybe!

Till next time, peeps, may your litter boxes be clean and your food bowls be bountiful!


  1. Oh, Tesla, you are a handsome boy. You have me under your paw and don't even know it. I'm sure you can call that lady anything you want to. She's hooked on ya!


  2. What Sandy said. You've got 'the kid' down very well. Fits perfectly or is that purrfectly.

    What to call the lady. Well you could call her the toy lady. You seem to always be waiting for a toy.

    Have a purrfect day. Big hug to the toy lady. :)

  3. tesla she is F.L. (food lady)...

    smiles, auntie bee

  4. Hello there, you cute kitty. Okay, I know you are not exactly a kitty anymore but a grown cat LOL.

    I'm sorry, but I gotta be harsh, I don't like cats, I'm on your little birdie's side!

  5. I'm Mom or Momma, but in my cats mind, I just know I am really just the Food Lady most of the time!

  6. Dear Tesla,
    you're so lucky! you only live with 2 got your big person and your kid, who's still kinda big. I got these little people around here,...THREE OF THEM...and they chase me and play with my tail and feet and ears. I mean, you CANNOT believe!!!

    about the mom thing. gotta ask ya, who makes sure you got food? who cleans the potty? who takes care of you when you're sick? cuz THAT person is your mommie, no matter how strange they look. you may keep saying the lady and the kid if you want,...but denial ain't just a river in Egypt buddy.

    and about that bird. are you practicing biting it's head off? cuz youknow when you catch a real one you have to bite the head off, then bring the carcass to mommie so she'll tell you what a brave kittie you are!

    keep hunting!
    Mr Boots.

  7. Jeez, I'm in a pickle here. I am a dog person, but I like cats, too. And I have birds so I really don't like it when their itty bitty heads get ripped off their bodies. Hey, can't we all just get along??? Shades of Rodney King...
    Linda, that nap picture is hysterical! The arm thrown out over the side is so adorable!

  8. Telsa may become a star like Miss Daisy, she is very good a posing. fl would have been my choice but jeter has a fl.......

  9. Tesla you look adorable in all the photos. Why not call the lady Lindymom?

  10. Tesla, I can well believe you are able to entice the lady into getting you thaose fab toys!

  11. That series of shots are fantastic! I'm not a cat (as in pet) guy. I love big cats, watch NatGeo and animal planet. But you catured the cat's personality. Well done!

  12. Hi Tesla!
    Zoe here. My mom says I'm still a baby, too. My favorite toy is a rubber bone that squeeks. I could play with it for hours. All that squeeking must be getting on mom's nerves :)
    Big hugs from Ohio,
    Zoe (and big brother Sam)

  13. I'm pretty sure if Bella met Tesla, she'd fall in love. :)

  14. Tesla, I do believe you could become as famous as Garfield with your blog posts!! It's a good thing you did get a new toy that last time otherwise you might be calling that lady "B*tch"! lol Oh dear, I cringed in terror when I saw that picture of you protecting your birdie and telling us never to touch it, you really meant it, didn't you! As for that last picture? Makes me want to come back as a cat in my next life so that I could sleep like that!!!! hehe xoxo

  15. Great pictures! What a beautiful, playful cat!

  16. Tesla, just call her purr-fect.

    Linda, like Gracie I love that nap photo with the paw hanging there. How relaxed can a cat be?

    Fun series of photos and captions.


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