Friday, April 9, 2010

This Just In ...

While visiting my mom earlier this afternoon I read the following Twitter update on my iPhone from Amanda:
OH.  MY.  GOD.
Knowing that she had been anxiously waiting to get some word back on her application to the Montserrat College of Art, I had a sneaky feeling that the mail had come and she'd gotten a letter.  I thought that especially might be the case considering that I had spent a good deal of last night tossing and turning and wondering how on earth we were going to swing the financing once she got accepted.  There was no doubt in my mind that she would be accepted as how could she not?  The kid has talent even if she doesn't think so herself!

Placing a quick call to the kid I was greeted by a rather enthusiastic voice and the announcement that yes, she had been accepted and that she had also been awarded a $20,000 scholarship towards her four-year BFA degree based on her portfolio.  Granted, $5,000 a year is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to college costs these days (a bucket that seems to get larger and deeper every year) but it's a pretty good size drop and I'm very pleased that she received it.  Pleased and proud.

Arriving home from Mom's, I read the official acceptance letter:

Along with the Letter of Acceptance was a packet of information which includes the forms for sending in the deposit to hold her spot in the Fall 2010 class ($250) and the form to hold her a spot in housing ($275).  Ouch.  The college is holding an "Accepted Student Day" on Saturday the 17th that we'll be attending that will give us a lot more information on what to expect.  Having only been to the campus once in December, I'm looking forward to seeing it again at hopefully a warmer time!

While I am extremely proud of her and very happy for her, I am still totally stressed out about the whole financing thing as, to be honest, attending Montserrat is not going to cheap - not by a long shot - but it's the best place for Amanda to develop herself as the artist that she wants to be.  It's a small college with only 340 students that puts the emphasis on art and it's going to give her the training and the confidence that will carry her through the rest of her life following a passion that can become a wonderful career for her.  Most people don't get the chance to live out their dreams so it seems like not figuring out how she can go there would be a crime and depriving her of the chance of a lifetime.

So ... I'm going to start going to New York City on weekends and find a nice corner where I can set up a can for donations ... maybe enough people will take pity on me and throw a quarter or two in!  At that rate, I should have the first $525 I need in about 6 months!


  1. That is wonderful news, Linda! Though I understand the ambivalence. I've had friends whose kids got into MIT. Good News/Bad News. LOL! Well, that's what student loans are for. :)

  2. very good news indeed! check out pell grants and any state scholarships, also there is a LONG scholarship list of really obscure stuff she may qualify for, ex> chuck got a scholarship by being able to prove he was a direct descent of a confederate soldier. lots of stuff like that.

    good luck!

    smiles, bee

  3. I am so proud of Amanda (and you!), and know that it will all come together somehow or other. We'll be along for the ride.

    Big hugs...

  4. Congrats, Amanda! Not many get to live their dream.
    It's time to apply for some student loans. We all have them :o)

  5. congrats amanda and linda

  6. Congratulations!
    DO Not Panic, do not miss anymore sleep. This is easy stuff. Start here.

    This is a page of parent resources off their web site.

    I will recieve my BSN at the end of this month and have had two in college, so school web sites are familiar stuff.
    Once again, congratulations, hope this helps. Relax.

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! w00t! Congrats to her and you proud mama.

  8. Wow, that is awesome news! Amanda is sure to be famous someday with her talent. The joy of being accepted to the school you totally like!

    I really hope you get the money. You're totally right, even if it's gonna be costly, it's all gonna be worth it. I'm sure Amanda will never fail you.

  9. Grants, Grants, Grants! They have them for crazy stuff!

    Beverly is where SisterDear3 lives! I may have already told you that :0) I have a niece in her 3rd year at UMass Amherst who's been working at the Beverly Recreation Dept since high school to earn much-needed $$$. Amanda may want to apply for a summer or weekend job.

    Anyway, Congratulations, Amanda! I hear it's and AWESOME school!

  10. Many, many congratulations to Amanda. I know she has real talent and deserved to be admitted. You must be proud, Linda.

  11. Brava Amanda!!
    I'm thrilled for her
    and I understand your concerns but many of the comments above are right, there are tons of grants out there
    start researching

    if it does come to a corner in Manhattan I will join you
    I'll lean on my cane and look pitiful ;)

  12. Congratulations Amanda!

    There are a TON of scholarships available, Amanda's guidance counselor should have information on all the local ones she's eligible to apply get online and search for as many as possible.

    Have you done your FAFSA yet? Being a single income family, you may be eligible for money.

    Loans. Yes, loans suck but they will be a necessity. Shop around, see who offers the lowest rate.

    Work study, does the school have a work study program? Look into it. Also, Amanda maybe able to find an on campus (or off campus) job to at least give her pocket money for those extra expenses that aren't covered by tuition.

    Look into off campus housing. Usually cheaper than on campus.

  13. I read this on Facebook Friday but I wanted to say congratulations again to Amanda! She is a talented young lady.

    What a small school. That's wonderful. She will know everyone there in no time!

  14. Congratulations to Amanda...and to you as well! Your encouragement certainly is a key factor in Amanda working so hard to develop her talent and to enjoy it as much as she does.

    As to financing, apply for every grant you can find! Plus. education loans are all tax deductible and repayment is deferred as long as she continues to study.


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