Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Visit to the Village of Yantic, Part Two

Continuing my walk through the village located next to the banks of the Yantic River - whereas the old Hale Mill is the biggest structure in the Village of Yantic and the post office is cute and easily accessible, the most important structure is that which belongs to the Yantic Volunteer Fire Company.

Captain Erastus Williams may have founded Yantic but it was his son, Winslow Tracy Williams, who really fine-tuned the village and that includes developing the Yantic Fire Company.

Established by an Act of the Connecticut General Assembly on July 14th, 1847, Yantic Fire Engine Company No. 1 has not closed for a single day in over 160 years.

The department has about 50 volunteer members - both men and women - who protect an area of approximately 9.5 square miles which includes the Village of Yantic as well as the rest of the area of Norwich that has been designated as Yantic's primary response area encompassing residential, business, commercial, and rural areas.

In keeping with the English air to the architecture in Yantic, the firehouse looks like it should be sitting in a European countryside rather than in a small Connecticut town.  In my humble opinion, it's the best looking firehouse in Norwich - of which there are seven in all.

In walking around the building, it's easy to see that the members of the Yantic Volunteer Fire Department are very proud of those who have served as there are quite a few memorials to be seen.

Located next to the fire department and just over the tracks is Fireman's Field where I'm sure the very active department holds any number of activities during seasonable months.

It was on the other side of this field that the pictures I've posted of the Yantic River were taken as the field abuts the banks of the Yantic.  I would be willing to bet that Fireman's Field was under water when the Yantic overran its banks during our last major rainstorm but I'd have to say that the grass is simply more the greener for it now.

I've got no doubt that Yantic is very proud of it's volunteer fire department and they should be as it takes a special group of men and women willing to dedicate their time and oftentimes risk their lives to protect others.

Come to think of it, I believe I currently live in the Yantic Fire Department's response area so I'd like to say a big thank you for all that you do though I sincerely hope I never need your services! No offense, of course!


  1. I've really been enjoying -and appreciating -the pics you've been posting of late of Yantic. (Oh let's face it, I always enjoy viewing your pictures just don't get around to commenting all the time on them!) But anyway, I have to say today that the first picture in this group -the water seen between the two tree trunks -just hits me as so pretty, so calm and serene -and makes me wish I could get that photo for my ex-mother-in-law to see as she would love that and would use it as a guide to paint a picture of it! She does really nice stuff like that!

  2. Interesting local history you've shared, as always.

    What a neat looking firehouse. Did you use a fish-eye lens for the photo of the doors?

    It's so nice to see all that green grass!

    The top photo of the Yantic River framed by the bare tree trunks is stunning.

  3. As ever you photos are superb Linda and you know love hearing about the area near where you live. :)

  4. Great history of the Yantic Fire Station, Linda.

  5. i agree about that first photo being so pretty and am enjoying the yantic lessons as well...

    smiles, bee

  6. I am enjoying the history lessons...and the photos. I think this is one of the prettiest fire stations I have ever seen!

    Big hugs...

  7. The perspective on that first picture is amazing. It looks like a tunnel.

  8. Anonymous7:29 PM EDT

    I loved the posts about Yantic. The Fire station/dept history was cool, as well as the info about the woolen mill.

    I can really see some growth in your photography as well... Great job, Linda!

  9. Back in the fifties 2 roads separated in Yantic, Rt 2 towards Hartford and Rt 32 towards Willimantic and on up into Mass. but through many towns along the way!! I road a bus when I was very young that started in a downtown bus stop in Norwich and through Yantic and then the roads went right and left at the mill, we went left to just before the Bozrah town line to my grammies house after we went to a movie at the Midtown or the Palace theater then a hot dog at Woolworths .. Very very happy times indeed!! So many adventures in that area include playing and fishing at the mills dam !!


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