Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Whirlwind Wednesday

I've had a couple of busy days here lately and I get the distinct feeling it's going to stay that way for a little longer so my apologies for not having had the chance to visit all of my blog buddies; I promise to try to play catch-up soon.  I may not get a chance to read all of your latest postings but I'll do my best as soon as I have the chance to become one with my Google Reader again!

I've got one more post from my walk through Yantic Village as soon as I can get those pictures edited but in the meantime here are a couple of quick iPhone shots of the lilacs in the backyard which popped out this week. I noticed them on my way to work yesterday and figured I had best take a picture asap as like so many things of spring, they don't stick around for long!

Hope everyone is well and happy and enjoying spring in whatever part of the world you call home!


  1. Very nice shots Linda. You are right though...spring doesn't last very long at all. It's raining here and will be again tomorrow. Then we are supposed to get back to spring. It's cold, but I'm still wearing shorts. Stubborn I am.

    Have a terrific day and don't work too hard. Big hug. :)

  2. I miss lilacs. They do not grow down here. Gorgeous!

  3. How pretty! I do like lilacs...and most anything that blooms! Spring is too short, in my humble opinion. We've had a cold front and I am back in fleece yesterday and today, dang it.

    Have a great hump day. Big hugs...

  4. Hello dear Linda:-)

    I'm back from my getaway and trying to become one with my Google Reader, as you mentioned! lol My lilac tree is just starting to bud so won't see any blooms for another couple of weeks yet. Love yours, it's gorgeous. I've just read all your posts about your visit to the Village of Yantic and oh how I would have loved to have been there, such beautiful sights you got to see. I'm especially partial to the old granite bridge, love anything like that!!

    You were such a cutie as a little girl...still are:-) xoxo

  5. beautiful! gotta' love that iphone!!!

    smiles, bee

  6. Lovely lilacs, Linda.

    My days have been hectic this week as well, and a meeting tonight I was not expecting to cover.

  7. Anonymous2:34 PM EDT

    Lilacs bring back some wonderful memories of springtime and my mom. We had several large bushes in the backyard and mom clipped several pieces and we put them in vases. It filled the house with such wonderfully green, floral scents...

  8. My mom has a lilac bush in our backyard so she's been enjoying cutting off bunches to bring inside.

  9. I love lilacs. You took these with an iphone? That's a great result :)

  10. Those are so beautiful! It gets almost cold enough here but the summer heat is just too much. I have seen a few lilac bushes in town but they're very rare.
    We were in the 80's last week, the high yesterday was 57 which broke the record for the high on that date. Back up to 85 this weekend, then back down and more rain (YIPPEEEE!) next week. This town is so hot and dry most of the year that I just sit in the window and watch the rain. Our annual rainfall is only 6 inches+. So every precious inch is truly a joy.

  11. The lilacs in my garden haven't opened yet but when they do the smell will be heavenly - I can't wait. :)

  12. Lilacs are my absolute favorites! I had some growing outside my bedroom window and their wonderful scent would fill the room--and then some. Thanks for bringing back some memories for me. :)


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