Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Could It Be .. ???

My day off and the sun is shining??  Nah!  I must be seeing things as that never happens!  Hmmm ... nope ... that definitely looks like sunshine out there near the grass that needs cutting once again!  Guess I'm going to have to get out there and try to take advantage of the nice weather though I think the lawn mowing will need to wait a couple more days as I'm trying to grow some new grass in a few bare patches.  So far, it doesn't look like that's going so well though.  Sigh ...

Speaking of sighing ... I was looking at train fares on Amtrak again last night in preparation for my trip down to Florida and the darned things have really gone way up in price.  What the heck?  After doing some research I found that Amtrak apparently has what they call a 'tier system' or something like that where the prices go up depending on how many seats they've sold on a particular route.  The more seats they sell, the higher the price goes up so a ticket that I priced last week at $100 is now going for $175 this week - same exact times, same exact route, but definitely NOT the same exact price! 

Due to that I may have to change the plans I had to take the train down to Raleigh, meet up with Queen Mimi for dinner, and then continue down to Florida from there which totally stinks as I was really looking forward to seeing her again even if it was only going to be for a brief visit.  Right now I'm looking at possibly flying down to Jacksonville and still coming back on the train with Jamie but unless I can buy those return tickets pretty darned soon, the prices on those are sure to climb, too.  Matter of fact, the train that I was originally planning on taking back north has already increased by $37 for each person from what it was last week and will probably increase again before I can get the tickets reserved (payday isn't until next Thursday).  If this keeps up, we're going to end up flying back to Connecticut but I really wanted to do the train with Jamie as I thought it would be a lot more fun that way.  Thanks, Amtrak, for adding to my stress!

Speaking of stress, I'm sure that Miss Bee is undergoing her own sort of stress down in Florida right now as Sarge Charlie is in surgery for removal of part of his lung secondary to lung cancer.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers today for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.  I know they both totally appreciate the support!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some sunshine and a day off to enjoy.  Or try to at least!  Hope you do also!


  1. The travel season begins this holiday weekend, so I'm guessing we'll see summer prices again. I hope you can salvage your original plans.

    Sarge Charlie and Empress Bee are in my thoughts and prayers today. They are both so very precious.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  2. I'm glad you have sunshine, but that totally sucks about Amtrak. Is that any way to run a business??? Flying may be a better choice both ways.

    Today is an antsey day, waiting on news from Sarge and Bee. God is probably tired of hearing from all of us!

    Have fun today. Big hugs...

  3. A few years back I took the train to Indiana to visit my aunt and uncle. They specifically told me to take the train as there were some really great rates going...but when I went to book a one way ticket cost about as much as round trip airfare.

    I still went and took the train-but only because my parents bought my ticket as a birthday present.

  4. Amtrak isn't playing nice at all. The 2 times I planned to take the train up 'nawth, it was actually a lot MORE to go by train. So I didn't.

    I keep looking to see if Miss Bee's updated on Charlie's surgery. I'm still praying!

    Enjoy your day off! Big hugs xo

  5. sending good vibes to you and Miss Bee and Sarge Charlie.... enjoy the sun girlfriend!

  6. That's a weird way of pricing train tickets!

  7. AMTRAK is the pits as far as their thought process for ticket prices...they are so far in the red, you would think they would hold costs at a price that people can afford them

  8. Go get that ticket before it hits $300! :) I hope you enjoyed the weather, it was glorious here as well.


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